ABC: Fall Reviews

By: Tim Holland

666 PARK AVENUE, home of the lavish Drake apartments, is a hell of a place to live. Literally. It’s run by a sinister Terry O’Quinn who loves to make Faustian bargains with its residents. Now he has his sights set on the building’s new managers, a wide-eyed couple who are slowly realizing the horror that is the Drake. 666 is somewhat spooky and intriguing, but it needs to up the ante a bit in the scare department. Still, check in for a visit. This horror show could turn into a scary good place. Premieres September 30 at 10pm.

THE NEIGHBORS, a sitcom about a family who move into a neighborhood populated exclusively by aliens, plays like an overextended Saturday Night Live sketch that contains a few genuine laughs and solid comic performances, namely from Jami Gertz and Lenny Venito as the all-too-human neighbors, but quickly runs out of comic steam. That the script was written by Dan Fogelman, who wrote Crazy, Stupid, Love and Tangled makes this misfire doubly disappointing. My advice: avoid these neighbors like they were…, well, aliens. Previews September 26 at 9:30pm before settling into its regular time slot October 3.

You don’t have to love country music to love NASHVILLE, a soapy but superb drama set in Music City. Connie Britton stars as a country legend whose career is on the decline, and Hayden Panettiere costars as a sexy siren who will do anything to achieve stardom. Of course, the two despise each other but just may have to work together to realize their dreams. Add to the mix a devious, filthy rich dad, a ne’er-do-well husband, and a former flame, set it all to a country beat, and Nashville becomes a must-see destination. Premieres October 10 at 10pm.

Reba McEntire returns to TV in MALIBU COUNTRY, a conventional sitcom about a once-promising country singer who gave up her career to raise a family. Now divorced and living in Malibu with her two kids and her wise-cracking mama, played by Lily Tomlin, Reba is determined to resurrect her career. Unfortunately, this lame comedy isn’t likely to resurrect McEntire’s TV career, at least for very long. She and Tomlin do what they can with the dumbed-down script, but even their considerable talents can’t save this dreary mess. As Reba sang a few years ago: consider me gone. Premieres November 2 at 8:30pm.

LAST RESORT is an involving action-adventure yarn about the crew aboard a U.S. nuclear submarine who become rogue enemies of the U.S. when they refuse to fire nuclear missiles at Pakistan. The sub docks near an exotic island where the crew takes refuge and tries to figure out if they will ever be able to return home. Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman lead the top-notch ensemble cast. If you love action and intrigue then definitely check into Last Resort. Premieres September 27 at 8pm. 


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