5 Reasons We Love Watching: Reign

Believe it or not, Reign is more than just a showcase for pretty dresses; it's also a completely historically inaccurate look at young Mary, Queen of Scots' life in France. However, at its core, it's kind of the platonic ideal of a CW show: a dangerous love triangle in which SO MUCH happens each episode but with a storyline that is essentially static from week-to-week. If that doesn't sound enticing (and really, it's what you want, deep down in our soul; don't lie), here are five more reasons to watch Reign, Thursdays at 9:00 on The CW—and each is fit for a queen.

5. The dresses, while completely off-the-mark in terms of accuracy, are what you dreamed about wearing to prom:

4. Frances and Bash, when not fighting over women and titles, are basically adorable together:

3. Queen Catherine is a steely-hearted bitch, but we kind of love her (and not just because actress Megan Follows was Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables):

2. The alcohol consumption just leads to more problems and more problems equals MORE DRAMAAAAAA:

1. Uh, Mary's THE QUEEN (something she'll remind you of constantly), so you'd better pay attention to what she has to say:


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