'Wayward Pines' S1E2: Do Not Discuss Your Life Before

★ ★ ★ ★

The second episode of the series served as a far better introduction to the town and how the system in within it functions as the pilot was oversaturated with flashbacks that took focus away from Wayward Pines. Safe to say, I think we now also have a fear of landline phones.

This episode laid out the rules that the citizens of Wayward Pines must follow:

Wayward Pines S1E2

  • Do not try to leave.
  • Do not discuss the past.
  • Do not discuss your life before.
  • Always answer the phone if it rings.
  • Work hard, be happy, and enjoy your life in Wayward Pines!

While the phone rule was not fully demonstrated, the power it held when it was shown at the end of the episode was a quite horrifying scene. Killing off Juliette Lewis’ character was surprising but necessary if Ethan were to survive. Now, it’s small wonder that Evans ditched her and it’s still unknown how she managed to survive for all this time. But Beverly’s bringing up of the past was enough to have the entire town capture and kill her.

However, it’s Kate’s alliance to Wayward Pines that was the most shocking turn of events the series as offered so far. With the amount of information she has given Burke, even telling him that he would find Evans’ wife in that not-so-light-brown house, you would have thought she was on his side. But the clues were there. Evan ended up escaping on his own after all. Evan’s body is the oddest conundrum so far. If Wayward Pines is so keen on keeping its image pristine and having everything seem as normal as possible, why was it that his body was left there?

Thankfully, this time around, Wayward Pines focused more on the town than the real world. The flashbacks and jumps to his family and coworkers are still the least interesting portion of the show, but they do yield good endings. Theresa and her son are heading out in search of Ethan themselves. Whether Ethan hallucinated them in the hospital or if it was actually them, their involvement in the series will hopefully be healthy. (THEORY: All of the scenes with Theresa and her son are actually flashbacks leading up to the present and Ethan has been there longer than we think.)

A stronger episode than the pilot, "Do Not Discuss Your Life Before" offers a glance at what’s to become of Theresa and her son, Ethan’s psychosis, and the bleakness of living in Wayward Pines.


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