'Wayward Pines' S1E9: A Reckoning

★ ★ ★ ½

Geez, Pilcher. Overreact much? With someone like him in charge, it’s no wonder the First Generation is turning into a bunch of sex-crazed spree killers. Ethan was finally able to get the truth out about what lies beyond the walls (hint, it’s a lot of nothing and a lot of teeth) just before Pilcher threw a temper tantrum and sentenced everyone to death.

"A Reckoning" started with, get this, a Reckoning. Kate faced an angry mob of townspeople with a knife to throat, but it’s all okay! It’s a fake out. It was a rather disappointing way to kick off the penultimate episode since we all knew that she was going to live through that experience. The Reckoning may not have killed Kate, but it did kill most of the suspense in that shooting scene halfway through the episode. The death of Kate’s co-conspirators was still shocking enough to make up for that.

On that note, it’s a terrible shame that we were just introduced to Jason, an overly passionate First Generation kid, so late into the series. A radical counterpart to Ben and Amy, Jason could have served to be a minor antagonist for Ben to deal with. It wasn’t noticeable, until now, that the teenage perspective of life within Wayward Pines was practically nonexistent on the show. The only times that any viewpoint of theirs was used to move the plot forward or to explain the show mythology in more depth. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Ben’s storyline, but a little more exploration would have helped ease Jason’s introduction.

WaywardPines S1

Evil Nurse Pam isn’t too evil anymore. After Pilcher decided to ice one of their own, Pam had a welcome change of heart and told Theresa to check out Plot 33. While still aligned with her brother, she probably now sees the logic behind Ethan’s desire to bring the truth to light. It’s nice to see that even someone as cold-hearted as Pam realized just how crazy the town’s situation has gotten. While Pam may be having a hard time on being on her brother’s side, Megan Fisher remains to be a die-hard Pilcher fan. Right up to that slap. Thanks Theresa! Stay awesome. Hope Davis does a tremendous job playing the town hypnotherapist and, if the show weren’t ending next week, it would have been interesting to see how the repercussions of creating someone like Jason would have on her and her reputation in town.

Plot 33 turned out to be, for some reason, a video archive of all of Adam’s logs as an explorer of the outside world. San Francisco (and the SideReel headquarters) are long gone. It’s a little odd that Pilcher would keep any of this in the middle of town, but it was a perfect way to inform several townspeople about the truth. With the Abbies able to climb the fence, everyone’s going to find out the truth in the worst way possible.


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