5 Reasons We Love Watching: 'UnREAL'

"Did you see that incredible new show on Lifetime?" is not something people said — until UnREAL. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, Lifetime programming head Liz Gateley said, "UnREAL is that rare series that redefines a network." It's one of the few examples of an entertainment exec's seemingly hyperbolic statement being legit. The series, which was renewed for a third go–round ahead of this season's premiere, has won a Peabody and Critics' Choice Awards, earned its lead actresses serious Emmy buzz, and captured the cynical hearts of countless TV critics. It has not, however, attracted a huge audience. But viewers should give this darkly funny satire a chance. Here are five reasons to check out UnREAL, airing now on Lifetime.

5. Terrible people doing terrible things makes us feel better about ourselves.







4. The levels! So, the show (Everlasting) within the show (UnREAL) is based on a show (The Bachelor) that the co-creator worked on. She (Sarah Gertrude Shapiro) turned her scripted series into a savage take on the genre, full of insanity and behind-the-scenes tension, which seems to actually exist behind the scenes of the real show. You follow?



3. The men are objectified/ogled as much as — if not more than — the women.





2. The show has created a very real feminist antihero.






1. The Rachel/Quinn ride-or-die relationship is as fun as it is toxic. Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer are a truly of-the-moment TV pairing.







Honorable Mention: It created this moment.





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Jun 22, 2016 7:12AM EDT

Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer are absolutely fantastic in this. You owe it to yourself to binge watch the first season then quickly catch up on season two currently airing. You won't be sorry.


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Jun 26, 2016 10:48PM EDT

This is such a fantastic show. I fear that it's placement on Lifetime may be what keeps more of an audience from coming back for more. Lifetime is known for it's goody girl and cautionary tale programming. It will be good to see the network add more to it's repertoire. I'm addicted to the terrible actions of the characters and the truly heart wrenching backstories they all hold. I hope we get to see more of what's in Zimmer's closet this season.

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