5 Reasons We Love Watching: 'Doctor Who'

When Doctor Who was revived in 2005, no one could have anticipated how popular it would become globally. But there are few television characters as compelling as the Doctor. A man with many faces and personalities, he is at times playful and light, at times world-weary and dark. Just how beloved is he? The simulcast of the 50th-anniversary special broke records, airing in 94 countries in 2013. If you're not already a Whovian, we've rounded up a handful of reasons why you should check out Doctor Who, airing Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

5. The diversity! Like many sci-fi shows, Doctor Who reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of its audience. One timely example: the show just got its first full-time gay companion in Bill Potts. Of course, the Whoniverse has embraced LGBT characters since the pansexual Captain Jack charmed his way onto the TARDIS.





4. The baddies! A Dalek is never going to frighten a grown-ass adult, but the show has developed an incredibly rich mythology involving the deadly tin cans. For a truly terrifying villain, look no further than the Weeping Angels.




3. The Christmas specials! Even when there hasn't been a full season of new episodes (as in 2009), we can always count on a Christmas special to deliver a visit from the Doctor.





2. The companions! From Rose to Bill, the new series' companions have been entertaining and delightful, across the board. But Donna will always be my No. 1.





1. The Doctor! Just like with the companions, everyone has their Doctor. Mine will always be David Tennant.






Bonus: That theme music!





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Apr 11, 2017 5:24PM EDT

63 lost episodes! Could only happen at the BBC! That's a discovery that needs to be made. I have to say, I'd also want a Blue Peter badge/pin as well, those things are like GOLD! :D

I was a cartoon junkie, even now. I love my Daffy Duck and Wiley Coyote (I feel like the coyote 99% of the time!) True. :D

That said, I loved Tom Baker and his scarf - *still want scarf* and he was so funny and kind, that wonderfully emotive face of his sticks in my memory (as well as the scarf!). I remember *discovering* the show through reruns and my friends would all come round and we'd watch it together. All of us shouting *exterminate!*

This now has me wondering, my husband and I have our friends round for every new premiere or finale or even just for a weekly binge of episodes of all different types of shows...so do we have Dr. Who to thank for starting that off when we were kids (yes, we were in the same class at school)? If so, thanks to you, Dr Who! Someone find those old episodes - fast!

I didn't think Chris Eccleston quite fit when the amazing, exceptional, incredible Russell T. Davies rebooted the show. Eccie is such a serious actor and I am a massive fan of his (try and find 'Our Friends in the North' as an example of amazing TV Britain offered in the 90s) but he just didn't seem to have the humor part down, only my opinion. : ) Then David Tennant came along and he was so fantastic. Captain Jack, John Barrowman, how I love thee! ♥

I love that it's been rebooted, love the thrill of who will be the next Dr, it's a little like waiting to find out who will be the next Bond and I can't praise it highly enough. Love that sidereel have done a 5 reasons why on this spectacular show! : ) Tyvm!

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Apr 12, 2017 11:51PM EDT

A friend turned me on to this show and it changed my life. Doctor Who is cool in like the best, nerdiest way possible.

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Nov 18, 2018 11:44PM EST

There isn't going to be a Christmas special in 2018.

I will translate ScotWot for you who have no idea what he means.

Blue Peter is a kids show here in the Uk, in which they give Badges to children & special guests. For a child to win one, they usually have to win a competition, such as a drawing competition, where children send in pictures that they have drawn. Once you have won one, it gives you free access to various places throughout the UK.

I loved Eccleston as Doctor Who, but he sadly only lasted a year. He had the sarcasm that many Americans, struggle to understand though.

As for Captain Jack, most Brits loved his spin off series, till American companies got hold of it, and made it American. This ruined it, as you will see in the last series of Torchwood. American channels have some great Sci Fi;s of their own, why did they have to mess with ours. Either way, I miss Torchwood.

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Nov 18, 2018 11:50PM EST

For those who do not know, In the past 12 years, Doctor Who had four spin off shows

1. Torchwood, that lasted several seasons.
2. The Sarah Jane Adventures - Based on new adventures of one of the Doctors former assistants.
3. K9 - Animated series based on his former Robot dog
4. Class - Based on the school, Coal Hill Academy, which has been featured a lot since Dr who began.

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