5 Reasons We Love Watching: Archer

Sterling Archer is the world's most dangerously funny secret agent. The alcoholic adventures of this secret agent and his cohorts as they take on spy missions and fail spectacularly is one of the funniest shows on FX. For eight seasons the animated adventures of Archer have seen the group go from spying to coke dealing to coma-ing, all the while ingeniously provoking laughs along the way.

Here are 5 of the countless reasons we here at SideReel love Archer!

5. Sterling Archer is the world's most annoying spy... which makes for some great laughs!

4. Mallory Archer is the most vindictive, mean-spirited mom on television since Jessica Walter's other epic role as Lucille Bluth.

3. Alcoholism has never been so much fun!

2. The rest of the ISIS gang are just as entertaining.

1. Archer's the only show that can take you to the DANGER ZONE!

Season 9 of Archer premieres April 25th!


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Apr 29, 2018 4:55AM EDT

Archer has fallen off significantly since its glory days. Its still somewhat silly and amusing but definitely pales in comparison to the sublime hilarity of earlier seasons.

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