Fall 2017 New Show Roundup

Now that we've had a chance to view all the new Fall 2017 shows, the SideReel editors give their two cents on the most satisfying and the most disappointing shows of the new season!

RachelL says...

Most Satisfying

American Vandal

This one was such a pleasant surprise - so well done and so hilarious. Looking forward to seeing what they do in Season 2.

Most Disappointing

Will & Grace

Nope. As it turns out, this was not meant to be brought back. It's just...not very funny.

Morgaine says...

Most Satisfying

At Home with Amy Sedaris

I'm so glad that we have a show dedicated to showcasing Amy Sedaris' quirky comedic genius.

Most Disappointing


This show had such a promising cast and premise, but the jokes are tired and the laugh track is unbearable.

Audrey Benedetto says...

Most Satisfying

Alias Grace

I'm a big Margaret Atwood fan and the production of this show is stunning. It helped tide me over until Handmaid's Tale returns!

Most Disappointing

Star Trek: Discovery

I only watched the first two episodes, so maybe I didn't give it a fair shot. I just didn't connect with any of the characters.

daviswalden says...

Most Satisfying

The Gifted

Easily one of the best (and most creative) entries to the superhero genre, this show continues Fox’s streak following Legion.

Most Disappointing

Marvel's The Defenders

It’s not as devastatingly awful as Inhumans, but it’s clear some characters (*cough*Iron Fist*cough*) are not as well-written as others.

jazeron says...

Most Satisfying

The Good Doctor

Strength through adversity in a very real way. While I think it's too much about his late brother, Freddie Highmore has me hooked.

Most Disappointing


Such funny people in a very unfunny show.

scotwot says...

Most Satisfying


Outstanding. Creepy yet compelling viewing,with much needed humor from the lead actors.Beautifully written and directed.

Most Disappointing

Wisdom of the Crowd

Zero subtlety and a lackluster approach to writing the plots and characters have let this show's potential just slip away.

Televisionfanboy says...

Most Satisfying


Frankie Shaw is a talent and this comedy’s writing shows some serious potential.

Most Disappointing

Big Mouth

Still can’t tell if it’s funny or vile but I definitely had higher hopes!

UnknownFear says...

Most Satisfying

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Cute, endearing, touching, and truly funny, are just some of the adjectives I'd use to describe this fall's best new show.

Most Disappointing

Marvel's Inhumans

It took the entire season (8 eps) for Inhumans to become even remotely interesting. Best explanation; terrible characters

zazerh says...

Most Satisfying


Let's be honest, I'll watch David B. do anything. A little predictable but dope action and interesting characters.

Most Disappointing

The Opposition With Jordan Klepper

Awwww man, I <3 Jordan, but this weird amalgam of The Daily Show and Colbert Report plus wack conspiracy just doesn't jive.