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Today: Thursday, Mar 21

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The Umbrella Academy 4.309 stars
Game of Thrones 4.221 stars
The Handmaid's Tale 4.213 stars
Supernatural 4.200 stars
This Is Us 4.192 stars
Criminal Minds 4.191 stars
A Discovery of Witches 4.184 stars
Grey's Anatomy 4.181 stars

Cord-Cutting Guide

We at SideReel consider ourselves cord-cutting ninjas, and we’ve pooled our collective knowledge and understanding of the industry to take a hard look at everything that’s out there for those with TVs and those without.

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5 Reasons to Watch a Show

If you need some extra convincing, you'll find all the excuses you need to pick up a new show.

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When to Quit a Show

Need some space in your tracker? We help you make the hard decisions with our guide on when to quit a show.

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Supernatural TV Trends Timeline

Given the booming popularity of the genre, we've put together the ultimate timeline of supernatural tv shows.

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