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Saturday, Jan 25

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Stranger Things 4.321 stars
The Witcher 4.315 stars
Supernatural 4.197 stars
Lucifer 4.186 stars
Money Heist 4.185 stars
Criminal Minds 4.185 stars
The Boys 4.181 stars
Grey's Anatomy 4.174 stars
This Is Us 4.166 stars

Cord-Cutting Guide

We at SideReel consider ourselves cord-cutting ninjas, and we’ve pooled our collective knowledge and understanding of the industry to take a hard look at everything that’s out there for those with TVs and those without.

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5 Reasons to Watch a Show

If you need some extra convincing, you'll find all the excuses you need to pick up a new show.

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When to Quit a Show

Need some space in your tracker? We help you make the hard decisions with our guide on when to quit a show.

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Supernatural TV Trends Timeline

Given the booming popularity of the genre, we've put together the ultimate timeline of supernatural tv shows.

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