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'24: Legacy' Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Carter Save Rebecca?

It's the end of the day for 24: Legacy . In the first season finale, Carter rushes to save Rebecca from the terrorists. Can he stop them AND save her life? ...Read More... //

24: Legacy: "7:00 P.m. - 8:00 P.m." Review

What an episode! It was one intense action scene after the next! I’ll be honest, I was worried last week’s quality episode was a fluke, but this hour surpassed it in every way. It is usually difficult to elevate your protagonist and antagonist at the same time; development of one normally comes at the cost of the other. Hour eight of our story proves otherwise, with our heroes finally coming face-to-face with Jadalla. While the action scenes were exhilarating and impressive, the best parts of the episode were the short, powerful, verbal spars between Carter and Jadalla. Some of the best lines of the episode came from the brief conversations. Jadalla talks a big game, but the dialogue allows for noticeable cracks in his armor. He wants to succeed BECAUSE his father did not. His desire to be "greater than" revealed some major daddy issues, and Carter picked up on it. Carter’s line about what this country represents was a tad corny, but isn’t that kind of the point? READ MORE...

'24: Legacy' Recap: The Return of Tony Almeida

Things are getting simple on 24: Legacy following the terrorist attack. The second half of the season begins with only two actual stories. In the first, Carter enlists Andy to help him save his wife and brother while also stopping Jadalla. In the other, Rebecca calls an old friend to help interrogated Henry. And that friend is Tony Almeida! ...Read More... //

24: Legacy Recap: What Brought Tony Into the Fold? And for Good, or Bad?

Nod to poor Edgar excepted, Foxs 24: Legacy delivered its first blast from the past this Monday night, in the form of the infamous Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard). How did the disgraced CTU vet fit into the mix, and can he be trusted? It turns out that Tony has a past post-Michelle [] //

'24: Legacy' Recap: The Terrorists Blow Up a Landmark

24: Legacy really gets going this week with the first big terrorist attack. Amira's sleeper cell is activated and while there are some bumps (and dead bodies) along the way, their mission is a success and a famous New York City landmark is destroyed. ...Read More... //

'24: Legacy' Recap: A Sudden Death and the Sleeper Cell Awakens

24: Legacy has a lot to live up. One of the hallmarks of the original series was the feeling that any major character could die at any time. Many have fallen in the line of protecting the country and this week, we get our first sudden and shocking major death. ...Read More... //

24: Legacy: "2:00 P.m. - 3:00 P.m." Review

This is the best episode of 24: Legacy to date. The first two hours spent most of their time building up the world, and the characters respectively. This week we were able to jump right into the action and it had an enjoyable amount of ups and downs. I was willing to stick with the show because of the name, but now I can’t wait for the next episode. DREW LIVES! When Harris and Amira turned around to see nothing I actually let out a cheer. Sure it seems a little weird they never checked for a pulse, but Drew’s escape was riveting. He didn’t look like he could get too far (and thankfully he didn’t have to.) Drew being found and taken to the hospital creates a couple interesting ways the story could go. Judging by standard "24 Rules" Drew will be under for a while; and every episode we will get to hope he wakes up to foil their plans at the last minute. My biggest fear is that he wakes up and we are dealt the "he can’t remember anything" card. I know it sounds terrible but TV law dictates that upon hitting your head amnesia is a 50/50. READ MORE...

'24: Legacy' Recap: Carter Joins CTU

Now that the terrorists have the flash drive on 24: Legacy , it's time for the show to reset. It's a common plot device in the series where one storyline comes to a close and another one starts. This time it involves Carter visiting CTU for the first time and, just like Jack Bauer, he immediately decides to ignore the director's orders and go rogue to stop the terrorists.   ...Read More... //

24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 4 Review: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Did anybody else look around the house for an old can of paint to slap onto a nearby wall while watching 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 4 ? I figured it would have been a decent competition, with a leg up to paint drying, since it doesn't come with any preconceived notions like terrorists or incredible action sequences. For all the hype surrounding the return of the franchise and the exemplary cast, 24: Legacy kind of sucks. ...Read More...

24: Legacy Recap: Daddy Issues

This week on Foxs 24: Legacy, Senator Donovan questioned the latest evidence against his chief of staff, Nicole swung into action and Carter did what the hero here typically does went against CTUs orders! POP QUIZZED | As Nilaa got hauled to CTU for further interrogation, Senator Donovan continued to question his longtime colleagues [] //