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ABC's Summer Schedule: Mistresses, Uncle Buck and 10 Other Premieres; Secrets and Lies Season 2 MIA

ABC is ramping up for a busy summer, full of Mistresses, Bachelor rejects and homemade robots looking for the fight of their lives. (To be fair, some of those categories might overlap.) In addition to its returning series, ABC is also launching several new shows this summer, including Uncle Buck, a sitcom based on the [] //

ABC Renews "500 Questions" for Season Two

Produced by United Artists Media Group in association with Warner Horizon Television, the series will return in 2016.   Read More... //

"500 Questions" Finale Is Up to Earn 2-Year Highs for ABC in Its Thursday Slot

ABC spins the numbers for Thursday, May 28.   Read More... //

500 Questions': How Host Richard Quest Almost Missed Out on the Game Show Hosting Job

Had 500 Questions host Richard Quest not taken a second look at a vague email, he likely would not have been hosting the week-long game show event that kickstarted ABCs summer slate. The email asked him for his agents information.Since he does not have one, however, he let it marinate in his inbox for a few days before realizing that producer Warner Horizon is a corporate cousin of his homebase at CNN. He fired off a response to fulfill a corporate duty, and inadvertently set in motion the path that led him to the Adam-and-Adam of 21st century primetime, Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell. From these two, the show should be the reality TV analog to a Scorsese-Tarantino collaboration.   Read More... //

'500 Questions' Richard Quest is glad he doesn't have to 'wear a funny hat and have a skateboarding dog'

Zap2it: While ABC's "500 Questions" relies on the contestants' knowledge, might your home network -- CNN -- have had more of a problem with your hosting it if it was a game show of a different nature?Richard Quest: There is no question this would have been turned down by CNN if I'd had to wear a funny hat, have a skateboarding dog and sing "Waltzing Matilda." It was the credibility of what I was doing, and the way I was doing it, that allowed this to go forward.As part of the opening, we say, "No helps, no saves, no multiple choices." There's a finite number of questions, and they are hard. And as you watch the contestants, you see them visibly wilt in front of you as they go through it. They're on Question No. 20 that they've answered successfully, and I just look at them and say, "Very well done! You do realize that... //

"500 Questions" Earns ABC's Best Summer Rating in its Slot Since August 2013

ABC spins the numbers for Thursday, May 21.   Read More... //