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'666 Park Avenue' Recap: A Dark Legacy

In the episode "Hypno," Jane finally remembers what happened when she went down the stairs with the help of a mysterious resident. Olivia holds Shaw hostage, hoping to see her daughter. Henry learns Jane could be a career liability. Close Your Eyes and Count Backwards from 100 At Nona's urging, Jane goes to see fellow Drake resident Maris Elder (Whoopi Goldberg). Jane hopes that the woman can help her remember what happened after she descended the spiral staircase. According to Maris, a retired clinical psychologist with additional intuitive gifts, Jane is suffering from a rare form of amnesia. Maris tells Jane that there is a dark presence haunting The Drake, and it has the ability to "open this door between past and present -- and life and death -- and when you went down that spiral staircase, you crossed a threshold and those memories are locked deep in your mind." However, Maris assures Jane that via hypnosis, she'll be able to unlock the memories. //

666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Hypnos” Review

When we left  666 Park Avenue  last week, Jane (Rachael Taylor) had arrived at the door of Maris Elder (guest star Whoopie Goldberg) looking for some help about her issues with The Drake  and why/how she wound up in the psych ward after her trip down the rabbit hole . Goldberg plays what appears to be a watered down version of her character from  Ghost , and actually zaps Jane back to October of 1927 where the poor girl is sent to figure out the dark secrets of The Drake and how her family ties into the history. Once back in time, Jane discovers some crazy secrets about the murder of Peter Kramer’s wife in his Drake apartment and also finds out that her family has been tied to  666 Park Avenue  for longer than Jane really cares to know. Not only has she been to The Drake before, but her past is sort of intertwined with the history of The Drake itself… and not in a great way. Read More... //

666 Park Avenue Season 1 “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane” Review

The last time we left  666 Park Avenue , Jane was descending a staircase to what I assumed was a hell like place, but what turned out to be a slow motion world of Time Square.  666 Park Avenue  opens with Henry papering the neighborhood with "missing" posters featuring Jane’s face. It turns out that she’s been missing for 36 hours, and Henry is feeling really guilty about forcing her to stay in New York. Cut to Jane’s vision, dream, hallucination , whatever of Time Square where an old woman tells her "You shouldn’t have come here"… "Here" being, where exactly? An alternate universe? Hell? Purgatory? I could speculate about this place for hours if given the chance. After Jane’s trip through Time Square where she yells for Henry the entire time, she wakes up in the hospital  looking awful. Henry visits and while Jane begs him to take her home, he explains that she has to stay there to get better, and watches as Jane has a flashback of being restrained and wonders if Jane has the samemental illness  that her grandmother suffered from. Read More... //

'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Jane Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

In this week's episode, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," Jane reappears with no memory of what happened after she descended the spiral staircase. Brian finds out that Alexis is a malevolent muse. Gavin holds Shaw hostage and learns some disturbing news regarding the death of his daughter. Lost, Not Found It has been 36 hours since Jane descended down the mystery staircase. Henry is distributing flyers, while Gavin offers the services of a private investigator. Detective Cooper tells Henry that Nona said she and Jane split up in the basement while searching for Nona's grandmother. Henry questions the detective as to why he hasn't followed up on the mystery man who disappeared in the hallway the night Jane was attacked. Meanwhile, Jane appears in an initially deserted Times Square, a la Vanilla Sky . She sees a woman, who communicates without speaking, telling Jane that she shouldn't have come here. All of a sudden, the dream-like special effects disappear, and Jane is in the midst of a bustling Times Square yelling for Henry. //

666 Park Avenue “Downward Spiral” Review

Henry’s political career continues to grown on  666 Park Avenue  as "Downward Spiral" opens with him being honored by the mayor at City Hall. Henry is given the Bronze Medal for bravery since he stopped the mass murder at The Drake. And now we have a dilemma. Henry wants to stay at The Drake since he has plenty of opportunity for advancement there, and with the help of Gavin (who has major influence over just about everyone in New York) doors are opening all over for Henry. However, Jane is spiraling downward (hence the episode title) in a bad way. She wants to leave The Drake and return to Indiana. Her depression is a source of contention for Henry who discusses it with Gavin. Read More... //

'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Children of the Drake

In the 666 Park Avenue episode "Downward Spiral," Henry plans to ask Jane to marry him. Gavin enlists the help of a nefarious character to help him retrieve his mystery box. Dr. Evans learns what it means to be indebted to Gavin Doran. Jane and Nona make a shocking discovery. If You Like it You Should Put a Ring on It Henry meets with Gavin to discuss the conflict going on between himself and Jane. Henry tells Gavin that Jane wants to leave New York. Gavin advises Henry that he should be capitalizing on every career opportunity that comes his way, because he may not get a second chance. He also encourages Henry to do whatever it takes to keep Jane in New York, more specifically, that he should propose. On his way out Henry, runs into Olivia who offers to go shopping with Henry for engagement rings. //

666 Park Avenue Review: You Can't Leave the Drake

For a show that's all about high class and high scares, sometimes I wonder if the glossy feel of 666 Park Avenue makes it hard to get beyond the pretty sights and really send some shivers down your spine. Don't get me wrong, the characters are all likable in their own respects. Take a simple scene like Brian and Henry jogging together and you've already got a great bromance brewing because of their charisma and personalities. I couldn't help but laugh when Brian said congratulations with that "whoops" face after he told Henry not to get married. Read More... //

'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Bloody Mary With An Order of Vengeance

The Halloween party might be over, but several incidents that occurred that fateful evening are having long-term consequences. Gavin uncovers the identity of the man who is plotting against him. Jane's attack is the catalyst for a life-changing decision. Dr. Evans' gambling addiction sends him scrambling to Gavin for help. Jane discovers a family connection between herself and The Drake. Who Was That Masked Man? The thief who took a mysterious box from Gavin's safe is revealed to be a man known as Mr. Wallace. He receives a phone call from another man, who offered Wallace $1 million to procure the box. Wallace decides whatever is inside is worth bargaining for, and the buyer offers him $3 million. They agree to a place and time to make the exchange. The man on the phone does offer Wallace one ominous piece of advice: "Don't open the box." Later, two men, one of whom is presumably the buyer and the other his muscle, break into Wallace's apartment. They find the thief suffering from some unknown affliction. Apparently, he did not heed the stranger's warning. They take the box and torch the apartment. //

666 Park Avenue Review: What's In the Box?

Who (or what) is Gavin Doran? There's certainly a human side to him as evident with his love for Olivia, but its easy to forget all the nasty, scary things that seem to surround him with every move he makes. He's fantastic at manipulating people and getting people to do things for him. He's content in getting rid of anyone that gets in his way. It's even been suggested (metaphorically?) that he's a monster beneath the perfectly tailored suits. Read More... //

666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Diabolic” Review – The Red Box-O-Doom

666 Park Avenue  delivered a strong episode with "Diabolic", and made me realize that I actually care about the characters on this show way more than I thought. While  666 Park Avenue  struggled for a bit to find out if it wanted to be a horror show , supernatural, or suspense; but I feel that it has finally found the right path which is pretty much a mixture of all three. In "Diabolic" we get to see a little bit more of the characters that we’ve seen throughout the series  – and we’re left wondering just who (or what) is Gavin exactly? Read More.... //