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666 Park Avenue Review: Birds of a Feather

There's a reason  666 Park Avenue  is the guilty pleasure of Sunday night. It's glossy, sexy, scary and just pure fun. Is the plot complicated or dripping with gritty drama? Not really, but like  the premiere , the tone and premise has enough mystery and seduction even if it feels at times a bit campy. " Murmurations " just dug a little deeper into what's behind the hotel and continued to expose the desires of the residents. Read More... //

666 Park Avenue Season 1 “Murmurations” Review – I Knew My Fear of Birds Was Warranted

The second episode of  666 Park Avenue  fell short of the promise that was shown in the Pilot. In "Murmurations", Jane (Rachael Taylor) and Henry (David Annable) continue to discover new mysteries of The Drake, and also run into some interesting characters during their searches. It seems like  666 Park Avenue  is moving towards a weekly deal with the devil feel, a format that could work really well if a story arc is also followed through with Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) and Olivia (Vanessa Williams), the owners of the infamous building. This week, we learn that Gavin has been keeping Drake resident Danielle young forever and forcing her to commit repeat killings of her boyfriends, but we don’t really know why. It just seems that this is one of the ways Gavin can keep the Drake residents in check. Personally, I think Danielle asked for eternal youth, but didn’t realize the price that would come with it. Read More... //

666 Park Avenue Series Premiere Review: Creepiness Is Not Enough

We live in a post- The Vampire Diaries , post- Battlestar Galactica , post- Revenge , post- Teen Wolf , post- True Blood , post- Breaking Bad world. Sure, some of these series are still airing, but the toothpaste is already out of the tube: GOOD TV MOVES QUICKLY. There is no going back! It is 2012. The only way a network serial can possibly survive is to learn the best lessons from its higher-quality cable competitors: Keep the characters...   //

'666 Park Avenue' Series Premiere Recap: Talk of the Devil, and He Is Bound to Appear

Two fresh-faced, seemingly wholesome Midwesterners (are there any other kind?) do the unthinkable by scoring a posh apartment in an exclusive building in the Upper East Side of New York City. However, their new dream home comes with some unwanted amenities. //

666 Park Avenue Review: Deals with the Devil

I really wanted to like 666 Park Avenue . I wanted to move in, kick my feet up and take up a very long residence inside an address that features such personal favorites as Terry O'Quinn, Vanessa Williams and Rachael Taylor. But the pilot didn't exactly inspire me to buy an apartment there. I'll rent for a couple more weeks, but the series needs to seriously up the scary ante if it wants my down payment. Read More... //

666 Park Avenue Recap: The Devil Is in the Sexy-Creepy Details — Which Will Hopefully Come With Answers!

Gavin Doran: "It's the essential truth of who we are, we all want something."   Ah, Terry O’Quinn. What we want is more screen time for your devilish, twinkling eyes and mischievous smile. Terry’s Gavin Doran and his sexy wife, Olivia, played by Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), are two of the big draws of 666 Park Avenue and should be used to greater effect. Know your strengths! Terry was the spiritual guru of the island on Lost and now he’s... //

Review: '666 Park Avenue' looks posh but might be a fixer-upper

Terry O'Quinn ("Lost") and Vanessa Williams ("Desperate Housewives") are the real selling points for this devilish new drama. //

666 Park Avenue Series Premiere Review: Evil Has A New, Sexy Address to Call Home

Welcome to The Drake, aka 666 Park Avenue , where all of your dreams can come true... for a price. And for ABC, their dream is for viewers to catch on to this new glossy supernatural sudser, which is a very valid wish indeed since the show is extremely worthy for an extended stay on the Alphabet network's schedule. Loosely based (and we do mean loosely) on the 2008 novel by Gabriella Pierce, ABC's adaptation of 666 Park Avenue centers around a young couple, Henry Martin (Dave Annable) and Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor), who have just secured a new job as the building managers of The Drake, an apartment building in the Upper East Side owned by Gavin Doran (Terry O' Quinn) and his wife, Olivia (Vanessa Williams). Henry and Jane feel like they have hit the jackpot with their new job and new apartment, but unbeknownst to the happy couple and some other residents in the building, the Drake is also home to a supernatural entity feeding off the desires of the Drake's occupants. Plus, Gavin, the man behind the evil of the Drake, didn't hire Jane and Henry on a whim, either... //

'666 Park Avenue' Review: Seductive and Evil Television Horror

There are many variations on horror. One of the best is a creepy, almost psychological type of horror that is as much mystery as it is gore. What monsters are hiding in the closets? How can the heroes survive? Who is behind the mayhem? 666 Park Avenue is a perfect example of this type of horror. //

'666 Park Avenue' review: If you're looking for genuine scares, it may be the wrong address

"666 Park Avenue" sets out to be the network TV answer to recent hits like "The Walking Dead" or "American Horror Story." Not in plot, mind you -- it's its own show, not a plot copycat of either one. But of capitalizing on the horror conceit that has made both of the cable offerings popular. Unfortunately, whether it can succeed in delivering the scares remains to be seen. There are things to like about the premiere episode. Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams are a lot of fun as Gavin and Olivia Doran, the evil couple who owns The Drake, a Manhattan luxury apartment building. The show leaves no doubt that of their bad nature, though it doesn't come right out and say that Gavin is the Devil. The show will presumably continue to reveal whether Gavin is Satan or the guy that runs into the 7-11 to buy Satan a pack of cigarettes.Either way, the... //