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In 2002 high-flying Edinburgh lawyer Olivia Giles became a quadruple amputee, losing both her arms and legs after contracting meningitis. Africa's Walk of Hope follows her amazing life as she turns her personal story of adversity into one of hope. Olivia establishes a charity to help fellow amputees in the poorest countries of Africa, providing prosthetic limbs and medical treatment to help people walk again. After setting up 500 Miles, a successful charity that has established a clinic in Malawi helping amputees to walk, the film charts her attempt to spread her charitable work to Zambia. Over ten per cent of the population is disabled and with one of the poorest health services in the world, the challenges are immense. Olivia experiences first hand some of the prejudice that surrounds disability in southern Africa, which only makes her more determined for the charity to be successful.

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    1 episode
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      May 4, 2011