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TNT Renews 'Animal Kingdom' and Claws'

TNT has renewed 'Animal Kingdom' and 'Claws' for a fourth and third season, respectively, as both dramas continue to experience ratings growth.   ...Read More...

Animal Kingdom Sneak Peek: Deran Comes Out to Billy Plus: TMI About Smurf's Rockin' Beach Bod

Open mouth, insert foot. Yep, that pretty much sums up the unfortunate technique that Animal Kingdoms Billy applies to bonding with estranged son Deran in this exclusive sneak peek from Tuesdays Prey (TNT, 9/8c). First, Denis Learys prodigal father gets a little more graphic than Deran and maybe we would prefer in his recollections []

Scott Speedman Should Officially Join Grey's Anatomy Now

  [Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 3 premiere of Animal Kingdom ] It's official, Animal Kingdom killed Baz ( Scott Speedman ) in its Season 3 premiere. The TNT drama will spend the summer reeling from the loss and forcing its characters to deal with the devastating consequences,   ...Read More...

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Premiere: What Happens To Baz?

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of Animal Kingdom s Monday night Season 3 premiere . When we last saw Baz Blackwell ( Scott Speedman ) at the end of the Season 2, he was being wheeled into the emergency room after being shot several times at point-blank range by a mysterious gunman. It didnt take long for the question of whether he would survive to be revealed. Shortly after the Season premiere began, we learned that Baz died after doctors failed to rescuscitate   ...Read More...

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Promo: Will the Codys Survive?

At the end of Animal Kingdom Season 2 , Baz and Lucy were on their way to Mexico and freedom from Smurf and the family business, but Baz was ambushed and left for dead. There's no doubt that Lucy was responsible for Baz's shooting. She left him bleeding in the street and immediately went to his house and took all the money he hid in the walls. Finding who shot Baz will become one of the Codys' top priorities. Pope won't settle until he kills whoever shot his brother. What a surprise it will be when he finds out Lucy was behind it. Will she go the way of Catherine?   ...Read More...

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Trailer Looks Bad for Nicki Also, Where's Baz?

If the key art that Animal Kingdom dropped Wednesday is to be believed, Season 3 of the addictive TNT drama is going to be a real scream. In addition to the new image at right, the show also released a fresh trailer, in which things seem to be going bloody terrible emphasis on the []

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Sneak Peek: The Wolves Will Come

There's trouble brewing for the Cody family, and it's coming in the form of Denis Leary. Leary joins the Animal Kingdom Season 3 cast as Deran's drifter dad, Billy. Poor Deran was on his way to setting himself free from crime by having a legit business with the bar but with his dad coming into the picture, it seems like that dream is going to be delayed. Still, having Leary in the cast is going to be tons of fun, and we can't wait to see what kinds of havoc he'll bring.   ...Read More...

Animal Kingdom: Scott Speedman's Baz at Death's Door in Season 3 Trailer

Life goes on for Animal Kingdoms Baz. The question is, for how long? In the Season 3 trailer for TNTs increasingly addictive crime drama, we catch a glimpse of Scott Speedmans character whod been pumped full of lead, youll recall, at the end of the Season 2 finale being wheeled into an ER. []

Animal Kingdom: Gil Birmingham & Dichen Lachman Set To Recur In Season 3 Of TNT Series

Gil Birmingham ( Wind River ) and Dichen Lachman ( Altered Carbon ) are set for recurring roles alongside Denis Leary on the upcoming third season of TNT s Animal Kingdom . Birmingham will playPearce, an unflappable law enforcement officer with a dry sense of humor and more than 20 years on the job. Smart, dogged and patient, Pearce has been tracking the Cody family for years. Lachman will portray Frankie, an edgy, free spirit who arrives at the Cody house with her partner   ...Read More...

Denis Leary Joins Animal Kingdom Season 3 as [Spoiler]'s Father

Just when you thought the family drama on Animal Kingdom couldnt get any more complicated, here comes yet another shady figure from the Cody clans checkered history. Denis Leary is joining the TNT drama for its upcoming third season, TVLine has learned, playing Billy, the estranged drifter father of Deran (played by Jake Weary) who []