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Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 6 Review: What Is Best In Life?

After hitting a creative high last week, Bad Judge hit a lull this week. On  Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 6  Rebecca butted heads with a woman she went to law school with. I'm edging closer and closer to giving up on the show. After enjoying the improved episode last week, I hated this episode. NBC has already  pulled the plug on Bad Judge , but will apparently air all of the ordered episodes. Rebecca's antics this week made me question why she is still employed. I know the title of the show is Bad Judge but I'd say she's more stupid than bad. The stuff with her boss calling her a good judge to conclude the episode was rubbish. As if anyone would actually comment on her doing a good job.  The case this week was absurd to say the least. Basically, the accused exposed himself to others and got away with it. Yeah, I don't see that happening.   Read More... //

Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Judge and Jury

Well that was a massive improvement. After three disappointing episodes,  Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 5  came out of nowhere and really proved to me that the show is a comedy worth watching. Kate Walsh is excellent in her role. This is the first time she's appeared really comfortable -- althought it may be down to the jokes actually being funny!   Read More... //

Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Knife to a Gunfight

It's not saying much, but  Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 4  was a definite improvement over the last two episodes, and maybe even the best of the bunch so far. I even found myself laughing out loud a couple of times during the episode.  It was refreshing to see Rebecca so passionate about helping the defendant, Charlie, who really didn't deserve a maximum prison sentence for his petty theft charges. He was clearly suffering from a mental illness and needed psychiatric help, which in the end he receives. Charlie's case served as a perfect excuse for Gary to return this week. Ryan Hansen makes everything he's in better by default.    Read More... //

Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 3 Review: One Brave Waitress

Bad Judge continued with another laugh challenged installment tonight. On  Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 3 , Rebecca attempts to judge a man who runs a seedy restaurant, who is tried with nine misdemeanor charges.  Three episodes in and I feel like Bad Judge won't even last the full season. It boggles my mind as to who actually commissioned this series in the first place. There just isn't a lot to like about it. Kate Walsh is a fantastic actress who is being wasted on this show. I know she said she wanted to try out comedy, but she could do much better than this. I never laughed once throughout the whole episode. I did smile at the scene in the lift when the woman said she could sit in the corner and sing a Drake song.   Read More... //

Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Meteor Shower

No Garry, no show! Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 2  was a terrible follow up to the premiere. I was counting down the minutes until the Installment ended. It was that bad! Last week the good outweighed the bad. This week was the complete opposite. The judge had an air head celebrity to bring to justice. The celebrity was portrayed as stupid and vain. It was painful to watch when she put her headphones on in the courtroom and began speaking about the features of them. Don't even get me started on her shrieking "HASH TAG" after every word. I would have clapped if she was sentenced to life imprisonment.   Read More... //

Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 1 Review: What's Your Verdict?

Rebecca Wright is a  very  Bad Judge,  but is she a funny one? The trailers made the show look good (that's their job), but based on the stuff I was hearing about it, I didn't expect to enjoy it --  but   I did! On  Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 1 , we are introduced to Rebecca Wright. She is convincingly played by Kate Walsh of  Greys Anatomy  and  Private Practice  fame.   Read More... //


If you’re looking for another 22 minutes of watching a woman kick ass in her professional life but failing miserably in her personal life, welcome to Bad Judge, debuting Thursday on NBC. The series -- not to be confused with last season’s failed TV attempt at  Bad Teacher  -- stars Kate Walsh (Private Practice, Fargo) as the Honorable Rebecca Wright - a hangover-nursing, sex-crazed judge who parks in handicapped spots, wears sparkly underwear and takes pregnancy tests before climbing up on that stand to judge everyone else.  Read More... //

Series premiere talkback: 'Bad Judge' - 'Pilot'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall invites his readers to review "Bad Judge," the new NBC sitcom starring Kate Walsh as a California judge with a messy personal life.   Read More... //

Bad Judge Series Premiere Review: In Contempt of Everything

Kate Walsh tries her best to make this broken series work, but it's scattered beyond repair.   Read More... //

Everyone on NBC's Bad Judge Deserves Better

  She's a baaaad judge. She has hangovers. She drives a scuzzy van and has sex on her desk. She wears shorts. She has several pairs of glasses. Buh-buh-buh-baaaad to the bone. She's so bad, she sexually harasses the lawyers who are arguing cases in front of her, and she has everyone in the courtroom arrested because who even cares about the abuse of judicial power? Ha, ha, ha, she's a bad judge. Bad, bad, bad.   Read More... //