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Baseball Wives Anna Benson Implicated in 1996 Murder

Between racism on Big Brother, and now murder, seems reality TV is hitting some new all-time lows in who they choose to put in front of the screen. It seems Baseball Wives star Anna Benson has been implicated in a 1996 murder, may be a perfect example of "Hell hath no fury like a Baseball Wife scorned". And though details are scarce as of right now, we will tell you what we know, and it's not looking good for Anna. First thing you need to know is that when this supposedly happened, she was not a baseball wife, and was known as Anna Warren.She was a stripper at the time, and at some point, a man named Michael Evans was murdered in her rundown apartment. Both her and her boyfriend at the time, a man named Paul Dejongh, were both questioned, and both let go without further issue. But after her outburst last week, seems some charges may be getting brought against her regarding that seventeen year old case. READ MORE...

'Baseball Wives' Star Arrested For Threatening Ex With Gun, Metal Baton

Kris, who filed for divorce from the "Baseball Wives" star last year, told police Anna showed up at his Smyrna, Ga., apartment Monday night after she was ordered by the court to vacate their marital home, according to TMZ. Anna was allegedly brandishing a gun and metal baton and wearing a bulletproof vest. Kris said she threatened to hit him with the baton and then pulled out the handgun and demanded money. Read More... //

Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: The Finale

Once Brooke Villone was booted off of Turks and Caicos by each of the other  Baseball Wives , part of me thought that we were done with the increasingly delusional model. She didn't have a single tie to the group anymore and the closer they grew, the more likely it was that she would be done. However, reality TV bad guys don't go down that easily and Brooke is no exception; Terminator Twiggy may not be on the island anymore to enjoy cool drinks, crystal blue water, or innocent flirting with boys, but she's been spending her time in Scottsdale doing something else. As soon as she landed, most likely, Brooke began working the phone, texting and sub-tweeting about the other Baseball Wives in order to stir up some drama. Once Anna, Chantel, Cheri, Jordana, and Tanya find out what's been going down, it becomes time to put an end to Brooke once and for all. Read More... //

Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: I Think I'm Paranoid

Well, well, well. Looks like the Baseball Wives princess has fallen on some hard times. Now that my girl Anna Benson has moved off of the "social pariah" rung on the Baseball Wives Ladder of Messiness, another wife has to become the group outcast for order to be restored to the universe. Simple physics, duh. And that wife looks to be Brooke Villone, increasingly paranoid model, super duper ice queen, and all around troublemaker. When she's not valiantly standing up for her right to subtweet the hell out of any and everybody she damn well pleases, Brooke is making enemies left and right. After blasting her friend of 11 years Cheri, it looks as if Jordana is next up on the mean girl's hit list, as Brooke's been running her mouth about Jordana's relationship with her ex. Being that Jordana's obviously not close to being over him, it may have not been the wisest move, as she just poked the sleeping bear that is Anna Benson one too many times. Read More... //

Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: Paradise Lost

Is there some type of reality TV guideline that if you're on a show that includes a lot of fighting, you have to do boxing/MMA lessons? Following the descent of Basketball Wives: LA into the world of mixed martial arts and one of the Mob Wives taking boxing at a local gym, the Baseball Wives are getting into the act with combat training, as well. And it looks like it may come in handy in the near future, with Brooke emerging as the go-to drama stirrer after several episodes of hanging on the sidelines. After getting into it with Tanya and Maggie at the fashion show, drunk ol' Cheri is next, as the two have a pretty big argument (not included in the sneak peek) that included glass throwing and a ton of insults. For a while, I thought that willowy Brooke would be a quieter cog in the Baseball Wives machine, but it looks like her attitude is anything but quiet. Read More... //

Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: Fractured Fashion

Thus far on Baseball Wives , it's pretty much been Anna Benson vs. the world, with the central focus of the first four episodes being the latest outrageous thing the polarizing figured said, did, or threatened to do. After being a little turned off by her in the first episode, I've enjoyed Anna's antics for the past few weeks, opossum cakes and all. However, the sneak peek of episode five shows that she may be getting a sidekick in wreaking mean girl mayhem. And it's all prim-and-proper Erika's fault, as she didn't invite Anna and Jordana to a group cooking event for fear of public embarrassment. By drawing a line in the sand like that, she's forced together the two most volatile personalities together and put a target on her pretty blonde head in the process. Anna's been the top Baseball Wives dog with nobody else in her corner and it's not even close, so it might not be the smartest move to provoke her and give her resources. Read More... //

Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: Cheri Bomb

After three episodes of Anna Benson (and her sidekick Mr. Minky) wreaking havoc on a group of women, VH1's Baseball Wives took a holiday break to take its ball and move to Sunday nights. When the show returns from its hiatus, things don't look to be slowing down, if possum cakes and supreme cattiness are your idea of exciting reality TV. In the 11 minute sneak peek, Anna hasn't let Cheri go just yet, as the rodent cake she sends her for her birthday is a beautifully bitchy way of sticking it to "the enemy". Even though I prefer it when a reality feud is evenly matched, there's just something about Anna's constant toying with (and apathy toward) Cheri that I find damn near delightful. In a twisted sort of way, of course. Trust me, I'm the last person to endorse a bully, but I think that Anna's less of a bully and more of a predatory feline batting around a mouse for its own amusement. Eventually, it'll get tired of the mouse and move on, but for now, Cheri's still kickin'. She may be conspiring with the others to finally "get" Anna after two episodes of being a truly awful arguer, but I have a feeling that Anna will not have any problem amping up her game if need be. Read More... //

Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: Anna vs. Chantel

On the first episode of VH1's newest member of the "Wives" franchise, Baseball Wives , the battle lines have already been pretty clearly drawn. We've bore witness to the first altercation, pitting Chantel against Erika, with the other members of the cast scuttling around to position themselves accordingly. Interestingly enough, though, there's one wife that's already showing her cards and it may not be the one you're thinking. In the seven minute sneak peek of Baseball Wives episode two, the aftermath of the lunch from last week is shown, featuring a storm out, some tears, and a whole lot of strategy. Erika kinda sorta apologizes, though most of it occurs via text message and with caveats, but it's the Anna/Chantel dynamic that sticks out. Last week, Anna was the loudest voice urging Chantel to confront Erika over her "bottom of the barrel" comment, but one had to wonder how much of that was genuine and how much of it was manipulation. We got a clearer answer this week, as the puppet master wasn't too subtle as to her intentions. Anna's now encouraging Chantel to forgive Erika, thereby pulling a  Jackie Christie, i.e. "I'm the most tenured wife who will create problems and solve them so you'll love me". Read More... //

Baseball Wives: Meet the Cast

If you felt like you didn't really get to know the cast of Baseball Wives from its recently released supertrailer , you're in luck, as VH1 has released separate individual interview videos for all six cast members. In said interviews, we spend a few minutes with each woman and establish who she is, where she came from, and where she'll be going in season one. There are stories about meeting husbands/boyfriends, who swept these ladies off their feet and gave them a taste of power and luxury, as well as information about what a baseball wife has to deal with and where these women were before they became wives of MLB players. Read More... //

VH1's Baseball Wives to Premiere November 30th

VH1 has announced that their latest venture into the "wives" genre of reality television will be premiering November 30th. Baseball Wives is slated to feature five wives (or ex-wives) of MLB big leaguers. The network currently has three "wives" shows in its arsenal, with Basketball Wives , Basketball Wives: LA , and Mob Wives , along with the potential for Wrestling Wives and Wall Street Wives in the future. VH1 previously aired Football Wives , though it lasted only one season. Currently in the cast are Anna Benson (wife of pitcher Kris Benson), Tanya Grace (ex-wife of former 1st baseman Mark Grace), Chantel Kendall (ex-wife of catcher Jason Kendall), Brooke Villone (wife of relief pitcher Ron Villone), and Jordana Lenz (not included in the press release, so I'm assuming she's the Draya of the group), though we all know that VH1 reality shows are subject to serious cast changes. Thus far, a supertrailer hasn't been released yet, nor have there been any individual cast promo pictures. (However, the photo below is a view of the entire cast as of today.) I admit, I'm a little excited at the possibility of Baseball Wives . I'm a sucker for a fun, trashy reality show featuring people who have way more money than I do fighting about stupid stuff and I have a feeling that Baseball Wives will scratch that itch and then some. While I do hope that the show allows these women to be vulnerable and show off who they are, away from the constantly shifting alliances and copious amounts of alcohol, as long as the cast have chemistry and it doesn't turn into a 4-on-1 constant beatdown, sign me up. Read More... //