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Baseball Wives: What Are Your First Impressions?

By the time that Wednesday's series premiere of Baseball Wives came to a close, I noticed something peculiar. No, not the Grim Reaper leering over my bed, side eyeing me for spending an hour of my young life falling down another VH1 reality rabbit hole. (You should see what he does when I watch Top Model.) The reason I let out a "hmph" was because the six woman cast had been neatly boxed into three groups of two in terms of the role (I thought) they played in the show. A premiere of a reality show is tough because you have to balance introducing the cast with having them actually do something and Baseball Wives tried mightily to make it work. First, there were the drama queens Anna and Jordana. Anna Benson, perhaps the most infamous cast member coming in, felt like a live action cartoon with her love of fur, guns, and sex talk, a smokey voiced mountain mama that bore more than a striking resemblance to Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives LA. Christie was known for intentionally starting drama just so she could be the one to fix it and when Benson already trash talked Jordana and tried to play mediator at lunch, I knew we had found our Jackie. Anna looks like she could be a hoot, if only she could tone down the condescending talk about the food chain and why wearing fur (in Arizona!!!!!) is the bee's knees. Or, well, was the bee's knees, before Anna had the bees slaughtered to make a tacky necklace. Also registering on my Hot-Mess-o-Meter (TM) was Jordana, the lone girlfriend that is still trying to dig her claws into her ex-boyfriend. I liked that Jordana was a little messy in her personal life, only because messy is more relatable than Stepford, but she was a little too extra and looked to be playing to the cameras too much. In the span of one episode, she ran into an ex, took her clothes off at a club, told Chantel the nasty things Erika said, and used her talking heads to mug about how all Baseball Wives were bitches, all the while losing what relatability she had going in. It could just be that she's young and a little too energetic, but Jordana felt like one of the more insincere ladies. Read More... //