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Chip Baskets is TVs weirdest rodeo clown

The episodic descriptions for Baskets are as quirky as FXs low-key comedy series. Christine tries a Denver omelette in Denver, read an episode description from last season. And theres this from the shows Jan. 23 Season 3 opener: Chip learns how to transfer a call. But series co-creator/executive producer Jonathan Krisel says that Baskets, starring...   ...Read More...

‘Baskets’ Season 2 Review: Sweeter Now, but Still Full of Clownish Charm

The first season of Baskets was a curious thing for me. I gave it tepid approval last year at the start, yet I kept watching and enjoying it. There are parts that worked really well — most especially the casting of Martha Kelly and Louie Anderson — and parts that didn’t (creator and star Zach Galifianakis playing twins, yet neither character was ever as good as those around him). The series was, and continues to be, beautifully directed by Jonathan Krisel, who brings a cinematic quality that when combined with the Galifianakis’ physical comedy creates something unique and very charming, even when its story falters. READ MORE...

Baskets Season Finale Recap: Mama's All Right

But Chip's going through some stuff.   Read More... //

Baskets Recap: An American Myth in Paris

Even if you can't understand French, this is the best episode of the season.   Read More... //

Baskets Recap: Never Care About Me

The Baskets family has reached a new emotional low point. ...  Read More... //

Baskets Recap: Frontier Justice

Who else wants more Martha Kelly one-liners?...   Read More... //

Baskets Recap: Mr. Rodeo Meets the DJ Twins

We just say rodeo....   Read More... //

Baskets Recap: Adventures in Babysitting

Never let a clown near your kids, people. ...   Read More... //

Baskets Recap: I Hate It Here

At last, we see the full powers of a sad clown.    Read More... //

Baskets Recap: Clown Meets Coyote

  In tonight's chronicle of the world's most serious clown, we step outside the rodeo and enter the realm where Chip Baskets truly becomes his most unintentionally clownish: Marriage. We first met Chip's French wife Penelope in the pilot , when she agreed to marry this doughy man as her ticket to America. "I don't love you. I don't find you very attractive," she told him. At least she was up front about her intentions.   But Chip is ever an optimist or, if you will, a sucker. As his financial and personal situation craters around him, he still harbors hope of a reconciliation with Penelope. (Even that term seems misplaced, though, since there doesn't appear to have been any, ahem, con ciliation.) After scoring a plump insurance check from that time Martha destroyed his scooter Chip's only thought is how to impress Penelope. And if you thought being kicked in the head by a bull was humiliating, well, that was nothing compared to what happens in "Strays."...   Read More... //