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BattleBots Revival Gets May Premiere Dates On Discovery & Science Channel Watch A Sneak Peek

Discovery and Science Channel are set for some heavy metal thunder next month. The revived BattleBots series is set to premiere at 8 PM May 11 on Discovery and 9 PM May 16 on its cable sib. Watch a sneak peek at the new season above. Chris Rose and Kenny Florian return to call all the destructive action, while Jessica Chobon serves as the sideline reporter. Faruq Tauheed is back as the ring announcer. Heres the logline:The metal-munching mayhem is back, from the bots to   ...Read More...

'BattleBots' Revived on Discovery and Science Channels (Exclusive)

The series originally aired on Comedy Central from 2000 to 2002 and was revived on ABC in 2015-16.   ...Read More...

Science Channel Steps Into the Ring This Summer with "BattleBots"

Science Channel has licensed the off-network cable rights to air 16 episodes of ABC's epic robot-fighting series.  ...Read More... //

'BattleBots': Show EP promises projectiles, fire-breathing drones in Season 2

The co-creator of BattleBots, best described as "Fight Club for Nerds," discusses the programs unique history and what fans can look forward to in Season 2.   Read More... //

'BattleBots' Season 2: Meet the BattleBots

Size up the competition ahead of Thursday's premiere.   Read More... //

ABC's Summer Schedule: Mistresses, Uncle Buck and 10 Other Premieres; Secrets and Lies Season 2 MIA

ABC is ramping up for a busy summer, full of Mistresses, Bachelor rejects and homemade robots looking for the fight of their lives. (To be fair, some of those categories might overlap.) In addition to its returning series, ABC is also launching several new shows this summer, including Uncle Buck, a sitcom based on the [] //

"Battlebots" Kicks Off Season Two with "Battlebots: The Gears Awaken" Preview Special

The robot shrapnel will fly in the BattleBox once again, with expert play-by-play analysis from veteran sports broadcaster Chris Rose, and color commentary from former UFC fighter Kenny Florian.   Read More... //

ABC Renews 'BattleBots' for Second Season

The show posted strong ratings along with fellow unscripted summer hit 'Celebrity Family Feud.'  Read More... //

Does ABC's 'BattleBots' live up to the memory of the original TV series?

Now that the new version of "BattleBots" has premiered, it's time to see how it stacks up to the original. While it's been 15 years since the first incarnation of the robot fighting series debuted, it sets the bar for mechanical combat.Times -- and technology -- have changed since viewers last saw "Battlebots" though, and the machines are bigger and more vicious than ever. That viciousness includes explosions, fire and metal monsters ripping each other apart.RELATED: Relive 5 of the best robot fights from the original 'BattleBots'The biggest change in the new version of the series is the removal of weight classes. All bots are being built to one weight, meaning the end of the super-heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight divisions. Luckily, that means all bots are on an even playing field to determine the true winner.After watching the new "BattleBots" premiere, does it hold up to your memories of the original? ABC is banking on... //

'BattleBots' returns: Relive 5 of the original TV show's best robot fights

After nearly 13 years off the air, "BattleBots" is returning, giving killer robots a platform to destroy each other for your entertainment. ABC is bringing the robot fighting competition series back for the summer, but will it live up to the original?Between 2000 and 2002, "BattleBots" presented five season-long tournaments, each crowning champions in a variety of weight classes. With fire, crunching metal and destruction everywhere you look, "BattleBots" was just plain fun. What else could you ask for?T9865o give you an idea of what to expect from the new incarnation of the series, Zap2it has gone through the "BattleBots" archives to present to you five of the best fights in the show's history.1. Ziggo vs. Wacker This Season 3 showdown proved that size doesn't matter. Ziggo, a little spinner with big power, made easy work of Wacker, leaving pieces of the latter strewn about the arena floor.2. Diesector vs. Final Destiny After having some... //