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The CW: Fall Reviews

By: Tim Holland ARROW is a terrific, action-packed thriller about a billionaire playboy, played with grit and gusto by Stephen Amell, who returns home after being shipwrecked on a remote island for five years. Upon his return, he dons the persona of a vigilante named Arrow, who is an expert archer and who is determined to right the wrongs his powerful family created and restore his home city to its former glory. Arrow should nicely fill the superhero void left by Smallville , which, sadly, departed the network in 2011. Arrow premieres Oct. 10. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST , the CW’s eagerly-anticipated update of the classic tale and the 1980s Linda Hamilton series, is a winner. Smallville ’s Kristin Kreuk stars as detective Catherine Chandler who forms a complex relationship with a mysterious man, played by Jay Ryan, who transforms into a terrifying beast whenever he becomes enraged. Filled with action, suspense and, of course, romance, Beauty and the Beast should be a perfect companion to The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights. It premieres Oct. 11. Mamie Gummer is EMILY OWENS, M.D. , an awkward first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital who quickly discovers that a hospital is uncomfortably similar to high school, with cliques, rebels and jocks. Gummer, so good on The Good Wife , embraces Emily’s geeky nature while also imbuing her with great warmth. My advice: make an appointment with this terrific doc. Premieres Oct. 16.

Beauty and The Beast

Hi My name is Anastasia Yelling and I just want to say that I been watching Beauty and The Beast every since it first came on and until the last season. I just wanna to say that I love to see Vincent and Catherina together, it really broke my heart to see how hard it was to see how they had to go throught all that drama just to be together and you know what it's worth it's cause that is what love is all about.I wish they could have made more episode like when Vincent and his son together and Catherina had got marry I think that would have been wonderful to see. The truth is love is a powerful thing and all through those episode Vincent and Catherina show it in a different way no how it was and look at it they had a baby together even though It was heartbreaking when Catherina died of the show.I would like to know how can I get the whole collections from season one to the last season on dvd's? This is it til next time. Love sincerely your fan Anastasia Yelling 32