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Why Being Human's finale was the perfect way to end the show

Last night, the final episode of the original Being Human aired in North America, revealing to us latecomers what Brits have known for some time now: How it all ends. And it was a fantastic way to end not just this series, but the show as a whole. Read More...   //

'Being Human' series finale 'The Last Broadcast': What did you think?

"Being Human's" series finale started with a song-and-dance sequence, and ended the only way the show could: with its three leads becoming human. It took a rocky road for Hal, Tom and Alex to get there, but at least they did and finally got what seems to be their perfect happy ending. The final episode of the UK "Being Human" series, "The Last Broadcast," aired in Britain on March 10, but only just premiered on US shores tonight. The show's three leads literally had to fight the devil himself in order to free themselves from his curse, but defeat him they did -- though not before Captain Hatch tried to trick them all individually into making a deal with him. Hatch showed them alternate dream worlds that they could live in if, in exchange, they let him rule the true reality. For Alex, that meant staying alive the day that she died. In Tom's... //

Being Human's penultimate episode goes from slow burn to all-out war

How do you start a war between vampires and werewolves? If you're the Devil, you bring in a temptress. And what begins as a quiet episode about friendship and betrayal turns into bloody chaos. Read More...   //

Being Human explains why you don't bring home motivational werewolves

Can a werewolf find success as a personal motivator? When Tom encounters TV personality and fellow werewolf Larry Chrysler, he thinks it's the perfect opportunity to unlock his hidden potential. But it turns out that lycanthropic weathermen have the same problems as everyone else. Read More...   //

On Being Human, the Devil gets off on a supernatural food fight

"Oh my god, dead Victorian kids are so annoying!" As Alex moves on with her death on Being Human , she gets help from an unexpected source: an obnoxious hundred-years-dead ghost child. Meanwhile, the Devil makes his first move: stirring up a food fight between Tom and Hal. Read More... //

The Devil comes to town on Being Human (UK)

The final season of the original Being Human has finally arrived on North American television sets, and the current roommate lineup is already brushing up against some big potential foes, including a shadowy government enterprise and the Devil himself. Read More... //

It's the Beginning of the End for the British Being Human

With the show's original roommates dead and gone, Michael Socha 's endearing werewolf, Tom, is now the senior member of the supernatural household on Being Human . The Derby, England, native teases the hairy situations faced by Tom, vampire Hal ( Damien Molony ) and ghost Alex ( Kate Bracken ) in the British series' final six episodes, which premiere Saturday at 10/9c, BBC America. //

Being Human Season 5 Trailer Prepares For A Killer Ending

"He will rise." That’s the eerie message scrawled across the wall in blood in the latest trailer for Being Human‘s (UK) fifth and final season. While the supernatural roommate drama has already taken its final bow in Britain, the end is just beginning this Saturday on BBC America for U.S. fans. From the looks of things, we’re in for quite a ride: the promo features all manner of creepiness from naked werewolves to weird vampire parties and the devil. Yep, that’s right, I said the devil. It looks like the series saved the ultimate big bad for last. Check out the trailer below. READ MORE...

‘Being Human’ Season 5 Trailer Previews the Roommates’ Devilish Final Adventure

Being Human is returning to BBC America for a fifth and final season this summer, and the first trailer reveals Alex, Hal and Tom are going to be facing their biggest threat yet: the devil. But before the supernatural housemates get down to the always messy business of battling evil and saving the world, they’ll have plenty of time to squeeze in more of the series’ trademark banter and domestic disputes before the series signs off for good. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of a dust up between Hal and Tom, as well as some quality roommate couch snuggling. Check out the trailer below. Are you ready to say goodbye to the trio? READ MORE...

‘Being Human’ To Return and ‘In The Flesh’ To Debut on BBC America

The final season of Being Human and the debut of the 3-part mini-series In The Flesh will be coming to BBC America this summer. ‘Being Human’ will be back for its last season, consisting of six episodes, on the cable network and will focus on ghost Alex (Kate Bracken), who is adjusting to life after death with werewolf Tom (Michael Socha). But, vampire Hal (Damien Molony) is in hell; not because he’s chained up like an animal, but because he’s desperate to clean up the messy house. READ MORE...