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BBC’s Being Human Season 5 Announced

BBC America  has made the announcement  today that they have  picked up  the UK version  off  Being Human  for a fifth season . The series  comes from writer and creator Toby Whithouse who is known forhis work  with ‘Dr. Who’ and ‘ Torchwood ’. The  supernatural  show has garnered much success with its storyline involving the pairing of a vampire, and werewolf, and a ghost. Richard De Croce, BBC America’s SVP of Programming, referred to the series as "a staple of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday programming block. We’re excited to present the series’ loyal fans with a fifth season and to continue working with the series’ cast and extraordinarily talented creator Toby Whithouse, who clearly is fast becoming one of the biggest names in sci-fi television." Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “The War Child” Series 4 Episode 8

Being Human  "The War Child" Series 4  Episode 8  which airs tonight on BBC THREE  at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : In this bold series climax, the Old Ones have arrived. The only thing between them and global destruction are our heroes. What needs to be done to save the world? Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “Making History” Series 4 Episode 7

Being Human  "Making History" Series 4 Episode 7 which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : Tensions run high when Cutler takes Tom firmly under his wing. Annie travels  into purgatory to see what the future  holds and Hal finds his wicked past catching up with him. Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “Puppy Love” Series 4 Episode 6

Being Human  "Puppy Love" Season 4 Episode  6 which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : Annie accidentally kills a cantankerous old neighbour, Tom falls for geek werewolf Allison, and Hal gets his first date in half a century. Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “Hold the Front Page” Season 4 Episode 5

Being Human  "Hold the Front Page " Season 4 Episode 5  which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : Teenage vampire Adam and his schoolmistress lover cause havoc for our heroes when they turn up at Honolulu Heights on the run from the press. Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “A Spectre Calls” Season 4 Episode 4

Being Human  "A Spectre Calls" Season 4 Episode 4 which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : Kirby, a ghost from the 1970s, comes to stay at Honolulu Heights. But is he friend or foe? Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “The Graveyard Shift” Season 4 Episode 3

BEING HUMAN  "Being Human 1955? Season 4 Episode 2 which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : Hal is told he must get a job , but when the vampires catch up with him there is another offer on the table . Meanwhile, what lengths will Annie go to in order to protect the baby? Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “Being Human 1955? Season 4 Episode 2

BEING HUMAN  "Being Human 1955? Season 4 Episode 2  which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : Three visitors – a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost – travel from afar in the hope that baby Eve is the Saviour and can perform a miracle. Read More... //  

Being Human (BBC) “Eve of the War” Season 4 Episode 1

BEING HUMAN  Being Human (BBC) "Eve of the War" Season 4 Episode  1 which airs tonight on BBC THREE at 9pm. Episode Synopsis : In an old B&B in a sleepy seaside town, there lives a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost determined to live a quiet, human life. But lurking in every corner of society there are vampires ready to rid the world of its humanity. The Old Ones are on their way and it’s up to our heroes to fight  for the right to live in peace. Read More... //  

Reel TV News: Rebecca Black On Good Morning America & More Superman Casting Buzz! - 3/18/11

It's Friday, Friday! YouTube sensation Rebecca Black stops by Good Morning America and wins all of us over with her ability to actually sing! Don't believe me? Check it out in the video below! Also, NBC and SyFy makes some exciting show renewal announcements, including The Office, Community, Being Human, and more! And we've already been following the casting of Superman himself, but what about the rest of the film's ensemble? Get the full scoop by watching Friday's Reel TV News in the link below! Reel TV News: 3/18/11