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BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Prisoner Number 775 is Missing” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "Prisoner Number 775 is Missing" Season 2, Episode 12 – Just like Paradox had warned a couple episodes ago, Old George showed up in this week’s episode of  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien . Turns out, Old George is one cranky geezer with a whole lot of power. We actually don’t learn much more about Old George other than his ability to overtake armed military personnel and destroy secret military bases with ease. I’m so curious to find out what the deal is with this guy because I’m not really picking up any telltale patterns that might give me clues about his origins or what his motives are.  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien  is doing a good job at keeping this character enigmatic, while simultaneously making the things we do learn about him more threatening. I have doubts that his real intention in the destruction of Area 51 was to release Prisoner 775 and I doubt that his intentions were purely of the political sort, but since I don’t know anything about Old George, it’s difficult to guess what his actual motives are. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/04/29/ben-10-ultimate-alien-prisoner-number-775-is-missing-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Moon Struck” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "Moon Struck" Season 2, Episode 11 – We get very little screen  time with Ben, Gwen and Kevin, in this week’s episode of  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien , but this flashback episode of Max meeting  Verdona for the first time was a really interesting side step  away from the main story line. Seeing Max in the Air Force was a nice way to compare how similar Max and Ben were in their youth. Ben obviously picked up the stubborn streak in the Tennyson bloodline from his grandfather. Although Max is headstrong, he seems a little bit more respectful of authority than Ben might have been in the same situation, but that might just be because Max is quite a bit older in the flashback than Ben is now. Max gets chewed out for destroying the F104 and for insubordination, but ultimately his talent speaks for itself and is recognized for promotion by the higher ups. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/04/23/ben-10-ultimate-alien-moon-struck-review/

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Ben 10,000 Returns” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "Ben 10,000 Returns" Episode 30 – On some level, I’m a bit torn about how I feel about this episode of  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien . Any fiction that wants to successfully utilize the idea of time travel has to define the rules of time travel and  inter-dimensional travel within their universe and account for any number of possible questions or paradoxes that might arise from having a person  from the future interact with the past. Paradox’s character was used to explain a lot of the more obvious questions, but there wasn’t enough time in a half hour to explore all the other questions that pop up when thinking about both time travel and inter-dimensional travel the way it was suggested in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien  . I kept wanting to know why Ben 10,000 didn’t already know that Eon and the other guys he was fighting were all Ben from other dimensions. He said he had memories of the entire experience, so why wouldn’t he just tell everyone what happened according to his memories? When he explained that he wasn’t sure what would happen because Eon messed up the parallel worlds so badly that he wasn’t positive he wasn’t in a parallel universe, it just seemed to be an easy way out of a complicated question. Even if things weren’t identical, it would probably provide some useful information to the current battle if he could give Ben a little more insight into what he remembers happening previously. The little details that were casually brushed aside irked me, but not enough to bring the whole episode down. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/04/15/ben-10-ultimate-alien-ben-10000-returns-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “It’s Not Easy Being Gwen” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "It’s Not Easy Being Gwen" Episode 29 – After watching this episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien , am I the only one that is a little bit concerned that Gwen is on a fast track  to a complete psychological melt down? If not now, then a few years from now, probably by the time she’s in college she’ll be in the middle  of studying for finals when suddenly her last remaining strand of sanity will snap and she’ll end up running through the dorms with an old pizza  box on her head screaming about an alien conspiracy. It seems to always happen to the really brilliant minds and as cool as Gwen seems to be about all the stuff she’s doing right now, she’s going  to drive herself insane if she doesn’t take a break. No, it’s not easy being Gwen, but if she doesn’t take it down a notch she’sgoing to find herself in therapy for the next 20 years. As a matter of fact, she should probably be seeing a therapist right now. The first thing I assume Gwen would talk about to her therapist would be her mother. Gwen’s mom has an unhealthy attitude towards the Tennyson side of the family and constantly seems to look down her nose at everything on her father’s side of the family. It doesn’t seem to matter that Gwen is half Tennyson and is as unusual as they are, she’s more concerned with keeping up appearances than embracing everything that Gwen is. Sure, she’ll have Ben over for dinner, but she won’t have him associating with her family in public because of the embarrassment it would cause. Gwen seems to be bothered by her mother’s attitude towards her dad and their abilities, but Gwen is too polite to fight about it and Gwen’s mother seems too busy to listen anyway. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/04/09/ben-10-ultimate-alien-its-not-easy-being-gwen-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Basic Training” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "Basic Training " Season 2, Episode 8 – I was actually  expecting a little bit more from this week’s episode of  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien . Last week’s episode left me with a lot of unanswered questions and while I was expecting a training-type episode, I was disappointed that there seemed to be no tie into the events  of the previous week at all. There were a number of new faces  in tonight’s episode. I really liked Tack  as the resident Ben Tennyson fan at the Plumbers’ Academy. He was cute and awkward, but I like seeing him with the group. Tack held their instructor, Magister Hulka, in very high regard despite Hulka’s strict treatment of his students. Hulka was abrasive and gruff just like a drill sergeant during boot camp , but he was such a stickler for the rules in every respect that it was impossible to think of him as a total antagonist. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/04/02/ben-10-ultimate-alien-basic-training-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN ” The Creature From Beyond” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "The Creature From Beyond" Season 2 , Episode  7 – A lot of the more recent episodes of  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien  have felt like they were stand alone episodes, but tonight’sepisode seemed like we were getting a little taste of a much bigger and more complex plot to come. A new faction of the Forever Knights are introduced and in their hunt for alien technology they unleash a dangerous creature from behind a mysterious  seal. This group headed by Sir Cyrus, claims superiority over the other Forever Knight factions because of it’s loyalty to the ideas and methods of "The First Knight." Even if he does think poorly of the other Forever Knight groups , Sir Cyrus doesn’t strike me as any different. He’s impulsive, quick to jump to irrational conclusions, underhanded and he seems to have a bad attitude towards both alien abilities and magic. He uses the phrase "alien scum" and refers to Gwen as a sorceress, but says it with such disdain that it’s obviously intended as an insult. In short, Sir Cyrus is a jerk. Winston, his squire, seems too nice to be in his service, so I’m curious to find out how he came to have a loyalty to Sir Cyrus. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/03/25/ben-10-ultimate-alien-the-creature-from-beyond-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Revenge of the Swarm” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN  "Revenge of the Swarm" Season 2 , Episode  6 – I have to admit that I was a little lost at the beginning of this episode. I wasn’t totally sure who Victor Validus was and when Ben was talking to Gwen and Kevin about microchips, the queen and the hive, I felt like obviously I had missed something big in Ben’s past that was essential to figuring out what was going on. A quick Wikipedia search explained to me that this was all in reference to the live action movie , Ben 10: Alien Swarm, which I had never seen. Even without seeing the live action film, I still enjoyed this sequel episode. They did a decent job of explaining how the alien microchips worked and why Elena would be motivated to explore that technology despite the dangers. I think the only thing I really missed out on by not watching  the live action film that they didn’t make totally clear in  Ben 10: Ultimate Alien  was the relationship between Elena and Ben. Read More... //www.daemonstv.com/2011/03/19/ben-10-ultimate-alien-revenge-of-the-swarm-review/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daemonstv+%28Daemon%27s+TV%29

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “Viktor: The Spoils” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN "Viktor: The Spoils" Season 2, Episode 3 – In a dark and rainy country called Zarkovia, it’s revealed that the ruling monarchy has possession of the frozen body of an alien criminal and plans to use him as a weapon for destruction. The country is in civil war and the monarchy’s desperation to stay in power has led them to attempt to resurrect Ben Tennyson’s old foe, Dr. Viktor. Immediately, I’m not a fan of the cliched setting of this episode. The dark skies and lightning, the ominous stone castle with a dark creepy laboratory, the hunchback assistant, the dungeon, and the antagonists with bad Eastern European accents are all so completely formulaic. I kept seeing The Venture Bros in the design of the Zarcovian soldiers and thinking of Ünderland as they explored the castle, but of course, The Venture Bros uses the setting successfully for parody. I was hoping that Ben, Gwen and Kevin would see some of the ridiculousness of flying into such a stereotypical situation and maybe deliver some solid humorous lines about it, but it seems as if maybe the three of them had never heard of Dr. Victor Frankenstein or seen any old movie set in a Transylvanian laboratory. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/daemonstv/~3/sqJ5YddGxrY/

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “The Eye of the Beholder” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN "The Eye of the Beholder" Season 2 Episode 2 – The second episode of this season’s Ben 10: Ultimate Alien , has Baz-El getting into a load of trouble when he goes a little too far in his planetary pocket plundering. We get to see Julie right away with her beloved pet, Ship, who somehow hears Baz-El calling out in distress from another planet. The scene plays out like your classic Lassie episode and I suddenly find myself asking, how the heck does Julie understand everything Ship is saying? It’s not as if Ship is doing charades and she’s using simple deduction to figure it out. Ship is chirping and she can somehow figure out that he’s talking about Baz-El being in trouble and that he’s going out to save him. She figured out all that from his "ship-ship-ship." How is it that she understands in great detail what he’s ship-shipping about but the rest of the characters are totally clueless? Maybe I missed that tiny detail when Julie and Ship first met but a casual reminder of that information would be helpful since it seems everyone else takes it for granted. I suppose it could just be Julie’s intuitive nature and it if worked for Lassie, I guess it could work for Ship too. Their bond is obviously special since Ship learns his second word "Julie" in a really cute moment at the end of the episode. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/daemonstv/~3/_y_FZ-KtfRc/

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN “The Transmogrification of Eunice” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN "The Transmogrification of Eunice" Season 2 Episode 1 – The second season premiere of BEN 10: Ultimate Alien kicked off with Ben, Gwen and Kevin on their way out to a fun night of camping when they stumble upon a mysterious alien pod containing a beautiful amnesiac named Eunice. Right off the bat, Ben is enamored with the mysterious Eunice and invites her along for their camping trip against what all might consider better judgment. I suppose this means that aside from his unearthly talents, Ben is ultimately a teenaged male at his core. He can’t even wipe the stupid smile off his face while spending time with the new gorgeous girl, which then begs the question, what happened to Julie? Gwen, addresses the Julie issue with Ben and we’re given insight into some old drama that seems to have put the last nail in the coffin of Ben and Julie’s relationship. The difference between "Julie broke up with me" and "you might as well be broken up" in the world of relationships can be astronomical depending on where you’re standing. Obviously Ben seems to think that this last discussion was enough to end their relationship and Gwen, who might have a better understanding of Julie’s perspective, is arguing that at most, they’re on a break. I can already see the classic Friends inspired Ross and Rachel shenanigans in our future with Ben shouting, "but we were on a break!" when he encounters Julie next. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/daemonstv/~3/ZHu2qJQDWSs/