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Bethenny Frankel on 'Regis and Kelly': 'Real Housewives' was like a 'pyramid scam'

Bethenny Frankel helped "Live with Regis and Kelly" celebrate the first day of Season 23 in syndication on Monday, Sept. 6. Last week, Bethenny officially announced that she's not returning for Season 4 and when Regis Philbin asked her if she misses the housewives, she simply replied, "I don't." "I feel like it was a pyramid scam," Bethenny says. "And you're lucky to get out at the top and I don't want to go back in the bottom and get stuck in the middle." Regis, who doesn't believe reality shows are real at all, asked the former housewife just how much of the Bravo series is faked. To Read More Click Here .

Having Sex With Food on 'Bethenny Getting Married' (VIDEO)

Wow. Being pregnant apparently makes you kind of hungry. This current season of 'Bethenny Getting Married' is over. But on the latest episode (Thu., 10PM ET on Bravo) we get some "behind the scenes" footage. And through that, we learn just how passionate a very pregnant Bethenny Franklel can be about food. Beth eats some fancy doughnuts while hanging out with event planner Shawn. And here are a few things that she says while eating dessert: 1) "Kill yourself. Kill ... yourself." (By the way, it makes no sense that she says this, but whatever.) 2) "It's like sex." (That is -- eating doughnuts is apparently like having sex. Okay then, Bethenny.) 3) "If I were you, I would stick my penis right in the middle." (This being Beth's expression of pleasure at eating doughnuts, and her recommendation to Shawn at what he should maybe do the doughnuts.) ... All right, then. So; just to briefly recap. Beth was really hungry. And she was being a bit crazy, but we'll chalk that up to the whole pregnancy thing. Source & Video

'Chelsea Lately': Bethenny Frankel Talks Controversy Over Rapid Baby-Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Magazine editors, new moms, nutritionists, doctors, Bethenny Frankel fans/haters -- they've all given their two cents on Bethenny's rapid weight loss following the birth of her daughter Bryn. She told 'Us Weekly' she lost 29 of her 35 pounds of baby weight in the first three weeks, and the firestorm of controversy grew from there. On 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!), Frankel discussed the issue and was relieved (and perhaps surprised) to find Chelsea Handler understood her argument. "I lost probably most of it by the time I left the hospital," said Frankel. "C-section -- you're there for six days and you don't eat for three of them. And then I probably had like 10 pounds left, and it came off." Handler commented, "I remember Kate Hudson, when she got pregnant, she turned into like an Oompa-Loopma --" "Because she probably hadn't eaten for 10 years," interjected Frankel. "Yeah, and you're like, well obviously this is not natural for you to be this thin if this is what happens when you get pregnant -- you look like a maniac," said Handler. "That's the whole point!" agreed Frankel. Source & Video

Sex-Starved Jason and Bethenny Are Going Crazy (VIDEO)

On 'Bethenny Getting Married' (Thu., 10PM ET on BRAVO), it's been five weeks since Bethenny Frankel gave birth, and her husband Jason Hoppy is going crazy. "I just wasn't aware that the deprivation of sex would send Jason into a complete tailspin," says Bethenny. "You cannot have sex for six weeks after you give birth. Doctors orders." But weeks of abstaining could be affecting Bethenny too, as she becomes practically delirious. She turns the word "Montauk" -- on the eastern tip of Long Island -- into a sexual joke and becomes hysterical with laughter. Jason is not amused. Source & Video

Here Comes Bethenny's Groom!

For a guy who married and made a baby with one of TV's most outgoing reality stars, Bethenny Frankel's hubby, Jason Hoppy, sure stays under the radar. Still, there are a few things we've found out about the businessman that make us happy for the Hoppy couple. He's hands-on. While Bethenny frequently discusses her late father's lack of paternal instincts, it seems Jason is all about even the ickiest aspects of daddy duty. She recently Tweeted that Jason "changes a majority" of baby Bryn's diapers. To Read More Click Here .

Bethenny Got Married - Now What?

Last week, viewers watched Bethenny Frankel walk down the aisle and become a bona fide housewife. But now that she and Jason Hoppy have tied the knot, what's the long-term future of Bethenny Getting Married? Frankel, for one, isn't worried. "The best parts on my show are when Jason and I are sitting in the kitchen talking about nonsense, or something so stupid," the 39-year-old says. "There's always going to be nonsense in our life and some of things that happen ... you would not even believe could actually happen to anybody and they do happen to me." Bethenny Getting Married?, airing Thursdays at 10/9c, chronicles Frankel and Hoppy's honeymoon and the rest of Frankel's first pregnancy. After baby, Frankel's fans are already wondering about a possible second season, since she's frequently said she has no interest in returning to The Real Housewives of New York City. "Nothing is definite. We haven't discussed it yet, but I would imagine that there would be," Frankel says. "It's the right kind of show for Bravo and I think it would be really well received." To Read More Click Here .

How to Do Your Wedding Bethenny Frankel Style!

Got four weeks? Great, let's plan your wedding! If you loved Bethenny's wedding and her process leading up to it, I'm here to help. Here are some easy tips that, from what I can tell, made Bethenny's wedding so Bethenny-licious. Tip #1: Make sure you are already over-booked, busy, and have too much to do. Being seven months pregnant also helps. If you only have one thing, like a job, going on you're not doing enough. Write a book, release a brand of liquor, schedule a meeting with a dog psychologist--you've got to do whatever it takes, and then add three more things on top of that! To Read More Click Here .

Top Moments: Comics Gone Wild on Colbert, Louie and... the Emmys?

This week television was overstuffed with funny people - intentional and otherwise. Bethenny Frankel injected some levity into her solemn nuptials. ESPN analysts made us chuckle by painstakingly stretching out four little words - "I'm going to Miami" - to nearly a half-hour. Joel McHale and Jay Leno were both good sports about not receiving Emmy nominations. Ricky Gervais was just what the doctor ordered. And Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert reunited, and the angels sang in comedy heaven. Welcome to Top Moments: Make 'Em Laugh Edition. To Read More Click Here .

Bravo's Bethenny: "You'd Have to Drag Me" Back to Real Housewives

How does Bethenny Frankel's latest Bravo series Bethenny Getting Married? differ from The Real Housewives of New York? "Housewives is way more psychotic," she says in this video interview. Ratings: Bethenny Getting Married? the most-watched series debut in Bravo history Frankel, 39, became a fan favorite on the show when she was a single, successful Upper East Side businesswoman. Now she's starring in her own series that details her nuptials to Jason Hoppy and pregnancy (she gave birth to daughter Bryn in May 2010). Source & Video

'Bethenny Getting Married?' preview: Bethenny Frankel goes bridezilla

So far, we may not have seen the worst of Bethenny Frankel on "Bethenny Getting Married?," but the shotgun wedding is fast-approaching and it seems as if she's going full-on bridezilla on us. Relatively speaking, Bethenny has kept her anxiety about the fast-approaching wedding at a reasonable level up until now. In the preview clip above, though, Bethenny's control freak is joining the party. Her wedding planner isn't helping matters, but it's his job to keep the train on the tracks. But after Bethenny saw his choices for the location (with visions of a Four Seasons Hotel wedding on her mind), she may have lost all trust in his taste level. At any rate, she's not giving up the reigns to him anytime soon. "Bethenny Getting Married" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo. Source & Preview