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The 13 Most Emotional Moments from the 'Bones' Series Finale

Bones came to an end with the aptly-titled series finale, "The End in the End," which saw Booth take down Kovac, Brennan face an uncertain future and the beginning of (some temporary) changes in the lab. Here are the most emotional moments from the series finale, "The End in the End."  ...Read More... //

'Bones' Series Finale Recap: Do Brennan and Booth Live Happily Ever After?

How does one wrap up 245 hours of nail-biting intrigue, mess-your-panties humor, mind-boggling science, vomitous yet ultimately amusing detritus, gut-wrenching tragedy, unshakable loyalty and sizzling hot romance in one hour-long series finale? That's just it; it cannot be done. Bones has committed to giving it the old college try.   The previous episode set the stage with a phenomenally executed explosion at the Jeffersonian Institution, trapping Brennan, Booth, Angela and Hodgins inside. If it had not been for Booth disarming the primary bomb under the forensics platform, nothing would have remained of the building or the people within. ...Read More... //

Bones Series Finale: How Did It All End?

It seems fitting that for much of the Bones series finale, there were just bones everywhere. Every episode of the show, of course, has a lot of bones, since it's called Bones, but... ...Read More... //

Bones Season 12 Episode 12 Review: The Final Chapter: The End in the End

Series finales can be tricky, especially with shows that have been on the air for many years because fans expect a lot. There are always multiple story lines, characters, and loose ends that should be tied up before its all over. To do it in a way that satisfies everyone is almost impossible, but Bones Season 12 Episode 12 left me smiling and content, which is far better than several of my favorite shows have done. ...Read More...

'Bones': 8 Key Moments from 'The Day in the Life' That Led to That Explosive Cliffhanger

The penultimate episode of Bones , "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life," ended with quite the explosive cliffhanger. There were a few happy moments -- Cam and Arastoo got married, Angela revealed she's pregnant and Zack's trial pretty much went as well as it could have -- but once they realized Kovac had escaped and was alive, it became a race to figure out what his plan was. That was revealed when Booth realized there was a bomb in the Jeffersonian. Here are the important moments that led to the explosive cliffhanger of "The Day in the Life." ...Read More... //

'Bones' Recap: Who Gets Trapped in the Jeffersonian?

The penultimate episode of Bones , titled "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life," serves as a set-up for the series finale. Cam gets married, Angela announces her pregnancy, Aubrey fumbles through a disastrous proposal, Zack Addy defends himself in court and Mark Kovac is on the loose with a voracious apatite for blood -- namely, that of the Booth family and all who love him.  ...Read More... //

Bones "The Final Chapter: A Day in the Life" Recap: The Jeffersonian Meets an Explosive End

Bones "The Final Chapter: A Day in the Life" Recap: The Jeffersonian Meets an Explosive End  ...Read More... //

Bones Season 12 Episode 11 Review: The Day in the Life

Although an excellent and well-crafted hour, I had mixed feelings concerning Bones Season 12 Episode 11 . Obviously, they wanted the penultimate installment of the series to be intense, emotionally fraught, and drama filled, and with that in mind, the episode should be considered a success. But theres a large part of me that wished that Cam and Arastoos wedding could have simply been a happy affair, where we got to see all of the characters we love coming together and enjoying one another one last time. Instead, I spent the entire wedding reception with this horrible sense of dread because it was so obvious that something horrible was about to happen.  ...Read More...

'Bones' Recap: Is Brennan Considering Leaving the Jeffersonian?

This episode of Bones is busy in its simplicity, yet well-paced and resplendent with pure poignancy. It feels wrong to say that Bones is winding down despite what our calendar tells us because the show is now and always has been (perhaps always will be) organic and dynamic. It is never ending, always changing and growing and beginning. "The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" is a well-designed microcosm of what Bones is known and loved for on that macrocosmic level. ...Read More... //

Bones Season 12 Episode 10 Review: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party

Not many shows can pull off murder, radioactive panthers, a nod to Married With Children, and a Betty White guest appearance all in one hour, but Bones Season 12 Episode 10 managed it nicely. First off, it was great to see Betty White as Dr. Beth Mayer one more time. ...Read More...