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Bones Winter Finale Review: Cocoon of Love

Nothing should be taken for granted was the lesson gleaned from Bones Season 11 Episode 10 , as lives hung in the balance and some may never be the same. Tonight was a two parter with Bones Season 11 Episode 9 , sending Booth and Brennan undercover as Big River Buck and Wild Card Wanda and as much fun as it was to see them play cowboy, The Cowboy in the Contest didnt hold a candle to the second hour. The Doom in the Boom was particularly gory, even for Bones; perhaps because there were just so many bodies littered about, not to mention a plethora of maggots, rats, and bones being used as shrapnel.   Read More....   //

Best 'Bones' Quotes from 'High Treason in the Holiday Season'

Bones celebrates Thanksgiving in the eighth episode of season 11, "High Treason in the Holiday Season," and Brennan plans a surprise for the holiday for Booth. Meanwhile, the team investigates the murder of a political journalist and must determine if the NSA was involved because of what she was exposing about the agency. For more on what happened, read the recap.   Read More... //

'Bones' Recap: Which is More American: Freedom or Security?

Wow. It's been quite a while since we've had a holiday episode on Bones . That's exactly what "High Treason in the Holiday Season" gives us, though we don't get to see Brennan determining the cause of death over a turkey carcass like we did eons ago when the Jeffersonian crew shared Thanksgiving. An even bigger surprise is that Brennan has secretly arranged to have a full grown Parker Booth (Gavin MacIntosh) flown in from Britain. Her awkward sneakiness about the whole thing has Booth salivating over Christmas gift possibilities as well as accusing her of having her pants justifiably set on fire fire (as in "liar, liar, etc").   Read More... //

'Bones' recap: 'High Treason in the Holiday Season'

A national scandal lands on Booth and Brennan's Thanksgiving table.   Read More... //

Bones Season 11 Episode 8 Review: High Treason in the Holiday Season

When are secrets a good thing? That was the question behind Bones Season 11 Episode 8 as the secrets kept ended in both wonderful and dire consequences. The murder of political journalist Vivian Prince had members of the team debating whether leaking information, even when it was considered treason, was ever the right thing to do.   Read More...   //

Best 'Bones' Quotes from 'The Promise in the Palace'

Booth and Brennan have different points of view on telling Christine about the Tooth Fairy and about magic in Bones season 11 episode 7, "The Promise in the Palace." Though Brennan is able to see the secret behind Clark's magic tricks, can the same be said when her husband does a bit of magic? For more on what happened, read the recap.   Read More... //

'Bones' Recap: The Goblin vs. the Magician and Brennan vs. the Tooth Fairy

"The Promise in the Palace" delivers a quintessential Bones episode. Starting with Brennan's rejection of Booth's tooth fairy ideas and the discovery of yet another puke-your-guts-out set of remains (this corpse has one open eye staring straight at us), Bones tells a tale centered around screwed-up allegiances. Not only does the victim betray both her benefactor and her roommate,Cam struggles to let go of the remnants of her relationship with Arastoo, while Angela persists is maintaining her own commitment to Hodgins.   Read More.... //

'Bones' recap: 'The Promise in the Palace'

The murder of an escape artist is no illusion.    Read More... //

Bones Season 11 Episode 7 Review: The Promise in the Palace

Booth and Brennan debated whether magic had its place in Bones Season 11 Episode 7 . I know its the shows general format, but does anyone else get tired of the opening scene always being stupid people finding a decomposing body? It used to be the gory corpses that got to me, but lately its the general idiocy of the people who find them. Setting aside that one pet peeve, this was a very entertaining episode that dove into the world of magic and deception. Brennans stance on magic was no surprise. Science doesnt deceive. Its primary aim is to find the truth and share it with the world. Magic is filled with lies and secrecy.   Read More... //

Best 'Bones' Quotes from 'The Senator in the Street Sweeper'

Booth and Brennan enter the world of politics when a senator is found dead in Bones season 11 episode 6 "The Senator in the Street Sweeper." Meanwhile, something may be brewing between Aubrey and Jessica that is more than just watching Battlestar Galactica together, but could her past affect his future? For more on what happened, read the recap.    Read More... //