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Bones Review: The Return of Buck, Wanda, and Dr. Wyatt

The final few episodes of Bones are bringing back all your old favorites from the last 12 seasons. Though we lost Max, he died for his family, which is exactly the way he would have wanted it to go. No doubt the interns will all be returning outside of their work capacity for Cam and Arastoo’s wedding. Newly accredited Dr. Fuentes even gets his own blue lab coat as a congratulations for his success. Another familiar face returns to Bones to help the team free their first favorite intern, Dr. Zack Addy. The Jeffersonian is literally racing against the clock to free their friend, so they need all the help they can get. Ironically, Dr. Wyatt’s return to the fold isn’t just good for Zack, but for Wyatt’s former patients on the team as well. READ MORE...

Best 'Bones' Quotes from 'The Steel in the Wheels'

Booth, Brennan and Aubrey went undercover at a demolition derby to solve the case in Bones ' "The Steel in the Wheels." Also, Stephen Fry returned as Dr. Gordon Wyatt to help with Zack's case. Here are the best quotes from "The Steel in the Wheels."   ...Read More... //

'Bones' Recap: Does Hodgins Finally Solve the Gormogon Case?

Buck and Wanda Moosejaw are back in the driver's seat in this episode of Bones , titled "The Final Chapter: The Steel in the Wheels." Brennan and Booth revive their white trash alter egos to catch the killer of a bank robber who moonlights as a demolition derby driver. For the first time ever, Brennan is reluctant to don the brassy lipstick, gold lame and pin curls to solve a case. Of course, the poor woman is in serious mourning ,and it makes her grouchy all over. ...Read More... //

Bones Season 12 Episode 9 Review: The Steel in the Wheels

If nothing else, Bones Season 12 Episode 9 reminded me of how much I will miss this show. Ill miss the characters. Ill miss the science. Ill miss the mysteries. However, I wont miss the gore, and I definitely wont look back fondly on the parasitic round worms coming out of dead bodies! ...Read More...

Best 'Bones' Quotes from 'The Grief and the Girl'

Bones said goodbye to Max Keenan in "The Grief and the Girl," an episode that also saw Sully, Brennan's ex, return to see how she was doing after losing her father. Here are the best quotes from "The Grief and the Girl." ...Read More... //

'Bones' Recap: Brennan Confides in an Ex-Lover and Buries Her Father

In the previous episode of Bones , we watched in breathless disbelief as Brennan shared soothing memories with her injured father at his bedside, then felt him slip away and out of her life forever. This episode, titled "The Final Chapter: The Grief and the Girl," takes us through the stages of grief experienced by Brennan, Booth and their team as they pursue a killer of another grieving woman. Sarah Abbott was in Newfoundland looking for a connection to her beloved grandmother when she was shot, pushed off a cliff and left to drift off among the waves. Who did it and why are the mysteries put before the Jeffersonian in this installment. ...Read More... //

Bones Review: An Old Flame in a Dark Time

Can you think of anything more awkward than a former love reappearing his his exs life just as she is about to bury her father? Me neither. After the devastating death of Papa Bones, Brennan needs to be able to open up about the pain she feels losing her father. Logic dictates that she would either confide in her husband, or bury herself in work. Indeed thats how the latest episode of Bones starts, but once former FBI Agent Tim Sullivan returns, thats not how it ends. As we know, Max Keenan gave his life to save his grandchildren. Brennan ...Read More... //

Bones Review: Booth’s Past Costs Brennan Someone She Loves

Nothing says love like death, decay, and conspiracy on Bones. This Valentine’s Day wasn’t all about hearts and flowers, except in the way that they foreshadowed certain death. The reason for the target on Booth’s back is getting clearer, with more innocent people being killed in the process. Booth has already lost one close friend this year, and the stakes are only getting higher. This time it’s not just Booth’s friends who are affected, but his family. This week’s case is that of a lonely, elderly woman tortured to death. The poor old woman’s violent end had absolutely nothing to do with her and everything to do with her delivery man, a member of Booth’s ranger unit, who is also missing. All of this connects to Booth’s assassination of a Serbian war criminal over twenty years ago. Booth manages to track down the war criminal’s son locally. Booth recognizes him almost immediately since Booth shot his father right in front of him. The problem is that Mark Kovac seemed to have turned his life around after he was adopted and served in the U.S. military with distinction. Caroline and Aubrey are suspicious of anyone who is too good to be true, and even Brennan isn’t waiting for solid evidence when her children are in danger. READ MORE...

'Bones': 10 Moments from 'The Scare in the Score' That Foreshadowed That Tragic Ending

Bones ' "The Scare in the Score" saw Booth find out who was after him because of something he did in the past -- but along the way, one of the family paid the ultimate price. Here are the moments that foreshadowed that tragic ending of "The Scare in the Score." ...Read More... //

'Bones' Recap: Booth Settles a Score and a Beloved Character Dies

We've rounded the corner, Bones fans. "The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score" begins the second half of Bones ' final season. The search for Aldo's killer continues as another of Booth's military brothers is tortured and killed. Even more devastating is the toll these events take on the Booth family when they lose a beloved family member.   The identity of the man Booth locks away at the close of this episode is a bit of a surprise given how innocent the guy seemed. We've seen so many bait-and-switch situations on crime shows that I'm not completely convinced thatMark Kovac is the mastermind behind this campaign of torture and murder. We still have five episodes to go, so it is quite possible that we have not seen the end of Booth's past coming back to bite him in the ass. ...Read More... //