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Was the Bones-Booth Finale "Nookie" Good for You? - Featured

Was Bones just a big tease? Some 59 minutes before serving up a major twist regarding Booth's recuperation from brain-tumor surgery, the Bones season finale gave fans a taste of what they've hungered for - the partners-in-crimesolving canoodling in bed together. Ah, but there was a catch, as had been telegraphed by producers in the weeks prior. The bedroom antics were part of an "alternate reality" that was being written by Bones as she sat at Booth's hospital bedside - and possibly also being dreamed by the comatose patient. The fictional foray involved a murder in The Lab (aka a nightclub owned by husband-and-wife Booth and Bones) and fancied Zack as Brennan's assistant, Fisher as the chef, Hodgins as a crime-novel author, Sweets as a barkeep.... You get the picture. Even the Gormogon and Gravedigger got shout-outs, as a band and local mob boss, respectively. Emily Deschanel told that the Bones/Booth, "Will they/Won't they" thing is "probably the most commonly asked question" she gets, "either by just people on the street or by people interviewing me." So she is relieved to have "it" out of the way. Sort of. "It was a matter of timing and figuring out the right way to do it so that it doesn't ruin everything for the show," Deschanel says, alluding to how coupling a series' two leads is always a precarious proposition. "I think [Bones exec producer Hart Hanson] was really careful about putting us together." But given the surreal nature of the hook-up, the actress wholly anticipates a brand-new oft-asked question, a la "When will they have sex for real?" Fans may have to chew on that one for a bit, though, and instead savor the pseudo lovin' they got in the finale. "I think I'm happy about the way it turned out," says Deschanel, "and we'll see how the audience feels, I guess." Source Here

Wow.. that was stupid

Was this the most annoying episode ever?

Back to the lab or not?

So this episode kind of sucked. It was messier than usual, was it just me or did it make little to no real sense, what exactly are we to get from this episode? That the gravedigger is Brennan's dad? or that Booth's brother also loves Brennan? seriously messed up. And the whole Booth and Bones action seemed a bit hollow to me, as did the whole episode, well I mean expect for the slight little tiny part where you know, Booth has no idea who Bones is!! Yeah except for that bit. I don't know, maybe it is just what the show needed because a lot of people were catching on to the dwindling story-lines and character story-lines. Is a little memory loss just what the Doctor ordered?

'Bones' recap: Happy...sperm

Let's not even pretend that we care about the case in last night's episode. To get to the bottom of what binds Booth and Brennan together as partners, Sweets ordered them to play a game of word association that somehow made Brennan realize she wants to have a baby because it's Sweeps. It would be selfish of her not to pass on her genes, she said. Throughout the hour, we learned the reasons she wanted Booth to be her sperm donor: To Angela, she acknowledged that it's because he's attractive, and attractive people tend to be more successful. To Sweets and Booth, she admitted that it's because Seeley has courage, compassion, and empathy -- traits sperm banks cannot quantify on donor bios. Sweets, bless his heart, tried to get Brennan to see that those reasons for her wanting his (exceptional) swimmers might mean that SHE LOVES HIM, but apparently, no one can speak the word "love" directly to Brennan. (Though props to Angela for flat-out suggesting to Brennan that what makes Booth the perfect donor might also make him the perfect dad.) Brennan can keep dismissing her feelings, but at this point, good friends would be trying to help her along and not just off buying onesies. I spent most of the episode angry that Seeley was so willing to be her donor when she made it clear that they wouldn't be raising the child together. (He could maybe babysit when the nanny needed a day off???) "I don't understand why he'd be protective of his semen," Brennan said to the team after announcing over a tibia that she'd decided to have a baby (yes, like a small human, Cam). Oh, I don't know, Brennan: Maybe it's because he's Catholic, or because he already has a son that he doesn't get to see enough of because he's no longer romantically involved with the mother? But, of course, Booth was just trying to convince himself that he was okay with the arrangement -- because he'd do anything to make Brennan happy. After he hallucinated another conversation with Stewie from Family Guy, this time in an interrogation room in front of Brennan, he told her that he could never NOT be a dad to his child -- and she told him that he needed to go to the hospital because there's something seriously wrong with him. Maybe she should have gotten herself checked out, too, since she also saw his dead friend in the graveyard at the end of "The Hero in the Hold"? To Read More Click here .

Oh C'mon! Is there a plauge on TV shows? (Bones spoiler in)

Grey's anatomy went down first with Izzy getting a brain tumor which caused hallusinations. House is having hallusinations of Amber (which will result to yet another brain tumor) Bones' partner Booth had hallusinations about stewie and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Suddently TV shows are deciding to make show characters into LSD trips? What is going on?

Writers getting lazy this season?

Bones is, by far, my favorite show on television, but I can't help but get the feeling that the writers have lost some of their original flair for creativity. Please, those followers of Bones familiar with the previous seasons, reminisce back to Season Two of Bones. The plot lines and twists during that season were just brilliant. And yes, there have been great scenarios this season as well, but there were too many episodes that just seemed..."convenient." For example, there were 5 episodes this season that just happened to hit way too close to home for certain characters. The recent episodes "Double Death of the Dearly Departed" (a death in the faculty that happens to be a murder) and "The Doctor in the Den" (Cam's former fiance' shows up on their table) are examples of how so many unlikely things happen. Similarly, in Episode 13, "The Fire in the Ice", Booth's hockey opponent gets killed, I mean, come on! Also, how convenient is it that Angela's former lover is discovered through a murder ("The Skull in the Sculpture" - Episode 3). It is just unlikely. And don't even get me started about Booth's son finding a finger in a nest in "The Finger in the Nest." I'm not complaining, because after all, it is still my favorite show, but I was just wondering if anyone else agreed.

Amazingly Funny

Every second I spent watching this episode I spent laughing. Bones is just a great TV show period.

Bones bananza - does it need more body?

With a horde of awesome episodes having been given to us over the last two weeks I believe that now is as good a time as any to add my review to the many that share this show's wall. Firstly this is a very good show, not afraid to be different, quirky and funny in a genre which is normally dreary and intense full of clever little CGI shots seen in the band wagon of CSI shows with perhaps only NCIS sticking out as another exception. Despite this quirky, funny side we are also able to switch neatly to profound and heart felt setiments with both Booth's near death by stalker and last episodes handling of the pimp springing immedeately to mid. Both Booth and Brenan (who no longer seems so annoyed by the use of the nickname 'Bones' which was the original branding of the show) are well developed ying-yang style characters who compliment each other fantastically in an almost identical Mulder and Scully relationship. Although not particularly orginial (see Standoff, Castle, Chuck or even Doctor Who) it still seems refreshing and has bravely refused to induldge in the wants of every fan of the show for the two of them to get it on. Booth's empathy and charismatic patriotism and feelings of responsibility to Bones and Bones' scientific, stoic and yet faithful admiration in her partner are the stuff great un spoken romances are made of. But here is where my admiration in the show takes a little of a dent. I admire a show that sticks to a single story episode plot, its what made so many shows amazing before they inevitably get stuck in over arcing stories and character driven moaning. This is a brave move as means the stories themselves have to be compeling enough and the on screen relationships deep enough to bring fans back week after week. Yes Bones did have a few of these over-arcing storylines but with Bone's lack luster emotional response to any issue they were never of real importance to the show. Unfortunately this strength is also its greatest weakness. I'm sorry to say it but I'm getting bored. Yes every now and then you'll get a couple of Booth/Brennan gold where the will they won't they storyline seems about to reach fever pitch but even this is starting to wear thin. Im sorry to say it but this show needs direction. It needs an over-arcing story line and this time it needs to deliver in a big climactic ending unlike its last 'sith like cereal killer plot' which due to writer strike was finished off poorly. Like so many of the books by Katy Reichs this show fails to reach the potential brimming beneath the surface. Here is the story we need = We need a darker than dark, eviler than evil killer, we need Booth to have a real emotional need to finding the killer and we need Brenan to think the killer is Booths 'new and slightly perfect girlfriend'. Her friends will think she's being jealous (an emotion she's not capable of) Booth will get angry at her and we will once again be on the edge of our seats. 'Cliche!' I hear you call 'Trite!' and I agree I am no writer and they have the potential to do a far better job but I am the audience and aren't shows supposed to deliver to their audiences?....

'Bones' recap: Which one of them is 'acutely aware'?

This episode could not have come at a better time. Not because it taught us about the rivalry between death metal and black metal bands. (Apparently, it's over who can use the word "legendary" in the most annoying manner.) But because there's been mixed feelings on the characters of Brennan and Sweets as of late: Why has she emotionally and socially regressed? Why is he being integrated so heavily into the investigations? Regardless of whether you saw the final scene in Sweets' office as Brennan's redemption for her recent blunt blunders or an example of the reasoning and empathy she's actually capable of, you have to admit it was effing fantastic. So Gordon Gordon (guest star Stephen Fry) returned to tell Booth that he was retiring and to chat with Sweets, who'd asked him to read the manuscript of the book he's writing on Booth and Brennan. Being the brilliant, cryptic man that he is, he informed Sweets that his premise was completely wrong: Booth and Brennan are not opposites and they aren't sublimating the attraction they feel for one another because it would threaten their professional relationship. One of them is acutely aware of it and struggles with it daily. He wouldn't say which one. Did he mean Booth or Brennan? I say the answer is clearly Booth. Brennan knows that she respects, trusts, and cares for Booth (and that he has sexy symmetrical features) but I don't think her mind is ready to acknowledge her romantic feelings for him. In order for her to feel Big Love, she has to believe it exists first. That's what she's focused on: The idea of it instead of the idea that HE is it. Booth, on the other hand, has been dealing with his feelings since at least "The Baby in the Bough," when he let the "we" and "our" slip. (Probably before. Remember how he reacted when Brennan kissed him on the cheek when he let Russ visit his sick stepdaughter in the hospital before arresting him? That little foot stomp. Swoon. There are so many moments I could point to here...) And let's talk about that final scene last night (embedded above.) He wouldn't have revealed that information about his past -- if it hadn't been for his grandfather, he probably would've killed himself as a kid (presumably to get away from his violent, alcoholic father) -- for anyone but her. And did you see the way he looked down at the pocket over his heart when she put his handkerchief back in it? Yes, her hand might've lingered, but he reached his up to touch where hers had been and gave that look that David Boreanaz gives so well. The kind you rewind to see again. He knows how he feels. And he knows he can't rush her. And that's the struggle. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones' recap: Bridezilla and Dr. Burn in Hell

So much to talk about, where do we begin... How many of you had to put down your pasta while watching this episode? Definitely one of the bloodiest we've seen. The case was a dead Bridezilla, who'd been run over by an SUV -- twice. I'm always a fan of the Angelator, but that recreation of the smushed head -- ewwwwwwww. Was it her fiancee or her maid of honor (guest star Mayim Bialik!?, pictured) behind the wheel? No. And I'm sorta disappointed that we didn't get to see Booth seriously interrogate the latter. I miss that Blossom sass. Was it her ex-fiancee, who was named Joe Fillion (a shoutout to David Boreanaz's buddy Nathan, who he thinks is doing a hit-and-run on Bones with ABC's Castle )? No. He just happened to hit a dog the week before, which is why they found a black hair in his tire. (That, and because a guy who broke down talking about the incident wouldn't have thoroughly washed the memory of it away?) Or was it Owen Smith, the last guy the cheating bride met using a dating service that sends a picture of any potential match within 100 yards to your cell phone and allows you to choose "Date or Hate," and if both parties select "Date," then sends you the other person's cell number? Sorta. She said "Date" to a composite photograph the creator of the service forged because he's tired of these women who say they want a "funny, smart, successful guy" not giving him the time of day. (Note: They did not say "honest.") He drove up to meet her in the alley of the Champagne Lounge, and when she flipped him the bird, he snapped and ran her down. For a minute, I thought the message of the episode was that any kind of dating service -- online or on cell -- was bad. But really, it was that when Brennan behaves like such a dick that you start to dislike her, it's because she's insecure and jealous of someone. At a bridal shop where the Bridezilla got into a shoving/slapping match with a consultant, Brennan and Booth saw Sweets' girlfriend Daisy trying on a gown and hugging a man that was not her "Lancelot." Brennan, naturally, wanted to tell Sweets. Booth didn't. Okay, I know that some groom's do actually go dress shopping with their fiancees (which is just wrong) because I watch TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. But I think the norm is still for most couples to be afraid of the bad luck that results -- or simply to want that great moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time at the far end of the aisle and smiles so big that there's no doubt the couple will make it. Why were B&B so sure that was Daisy's fiancee with her and that she was getting some on the side with Sweets? To Read More Click here .