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Bones Season 4 Episode 19 "Science in the Physicists" Review

This episode of Bones was really good in my opinion for several reasons: - We got Mr.Nigel Murry back - Loved how Angela's father returned - Booth and Bones chemistry The start of the episode it's self was interesting. I found the photographer hilarious and I loved how we got the quick gross out factor of the ear. The Booth and Brennan chemistry from the start was priceless and we can see how Booth is rubbing off on Brennan. Since when has she referred to a bodies as "chilly"? Anyway, although some viewers may find Mr.Nigel annoying I believe he adds to the geeky vibe we've come to love about the show. The random facts although can be hard to digest at the start is now just expected and adored. We also learn that Angela is continuing with her act of celibacy and is still sexually frustrated. The introduction of her father was another priceless moment, with him appearing once and then disappearing. I thought I just added to his mystery. Was it just me who noticed that Booth seemed sort of annoyed through out the episode? Wanting the facts straight away without their usual explanations? Moving on, expanding on my love of Mr. Nigel how cute is he with Hodgins and their experiment? How even though Brennan says no they just give each other that look and proceed? Not to mention the amazing Booth/Brennan moment soon after. I loved that his first instinct was to protect her and they just rush to the wall. *sigh* Okay I'm back. :) Another thing I loved in this episode were the secondary characters. I loved how all of them are genius and "robots" as Booth would say. Is it just me or was there was to much sex happening in that place? The Landes (spelling?) was an interesting character as well. His fiancee was having sex with other men and he didn't even seem to care? I was also really surprised when Booth and Brennan walked in on that Gothic guy and ignorant girl, totally wasn't expecting that. But I must admit the scene did bring out another fun Booth and Brennan scene which leaded to Booth guessing that Landes would hit on Brennan which did happen. Just proves how well he knows her. Going back to Hodgins, when he finally does see Angela's father I loved Nigel when he gave that rant about Blues music and how it ties into the devil or something along those lines. Hilarious! When Sweets when to talk to him I found that really funny too. When he admitted to being scared and his secret thing for Angela, Hodgins expression was the best. But by far my most favorite part of the episode was when they captured the killer and Landes accidentally punches Booth. So funny! Also how relieved was Booth's expression when Brennan said no to Landes. I absolutely loved how Booth said that Brennan was the only smart person he liked. Awww! Sweets " what about me " question was priceless. In the end I liked how Brennan said that Booth was smart in his own way and that Hodgins got a tattoo. Perfect vengeance. Over all I found the episode a good example of why we all love Bones and I can't wait for the Wednesday + Thursday episodes coming up this week!

Just a query, Bones.

Now I know that this is a TV show, it's not real (though based on a real person) still, I can't help but make this small silly observation: the victims are rarely ever fat. Yes. I said fat. I'm not American and it may be that there is a correlation between weight and murder, if there is, this whole rant-thing would be pointless therefore feel free to stop reading now. If not, let me make it clear the Bones is my most favourite show, period. I love it almost as much as chocolate, and that is a whole lot of love coming from me. Also, I'm a late one, I missed two seasons (and am currently catching up) - if there's an overweight victim in one of the episodes excuse me and PLEASE do tell. According to an average of the latest statistics at least 4 in 10 people are overweight (this includes obese and whatnot). You would think with such a good amount, that there'd be at least one killed every so often, right? I don't know why this is an issue for me, but I'm sure it would be a gripping episode, Bones' literal comments - hilarious for the viewers of course - and Hodgins' more sarcastic ones, then there's Booth. Come on, I know all you viewers know I have a point... I really don't think I have said anything offensive, but if I have: No offence -I didn't mean it, and sorry. Yup. That's about it.

Episode 17: Salt, Sex and High School Musical : (spoilers)

So after every Bones episode I tend to look at certain aspects and from there judge how the episode went. They are: 1) Booth and Bones chemistry (a personal favorite) 2) The main plot line 3) Work/interpersonal relationships at the Smithsonian 1) One of my favorite things about Bones is the Booth and Brennan relationship. Its a cornerstone of the show and makes it that much more entertaining. Unfortunately this episode didnt really play on their sexual awkwardness (or tension depending on how you look at it!) compared to past episodes. They didnt have their usual flare and spark between each other. But thank god, they were still able to maintain their classic witty and amusing conversations which I cant get enough of! 2) This episode focused on a sisterhood of girls getting pregnant. Although the idea to me seemed a bit creepy, it was refreshing to see High School Musical star Monique Coleman playing a pregnant school girl instead of her previous roles as the prefect perky, square student. In any case, one of the girls needs money. She seduces her chiropractor and threatens to accuse him of rape if he doesnt pay up, too bad he kills her first. This discovery is made thanks to a playful role-play between Angela and Sweets : the first of many I hope! 3) And as always, the Smithsonian workers have the most perfectly dysfunctional family relationship. With the presence of a new assistant for Bones and his unique use of onomatopoeias, Angela and Roxy breaking up and a steamy Hodgens and Angela moment (did anyone notice how built he looks? Hotttt), the scenes at the Smithsonian are eternally priceless. This episode was anything but boring. Keep up the good work Bones! Until next week, Let me know what you guys think!

'Bones' recap: Booth gets serious, Hodgins gets ripped!

I know we all like Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) because he's charming and goofy, but, honestly, he's never sexier to me than when he's talking seriously about what it means to be a man. Last night's episode was very interesting both in terms of the case at hand -- an alleged teen pregnancy pact that resulted with a dead girl in a winter salt truck -- and for how it could factor into two upcoming storylines that Michael Ausiello's already SPOILED (Brennan asks Booth to father her child, Booth has a major illness)... I'm beginning to wonder if bad jokes are a symptom of whatever medical crisis Booth experiences later this season. Did he really say that he was getting a potato chip craving when they found that girl in the mound of salt? Ewww. Said girl was quickly ID'd as a missing high school volleyball player, and the hormones in her blood revealed that she was pregnant. Her mother (Caroline in the City's Amy Pietz, who just guest-starred on TNT's Trust Me -- good for her), refused to believe that her good little girl was sexually active, but dad had seen a pregnancy test and guessed as much. The writers toyed briefly with the usual suspects: The ex-boyfriend (only he's a good Christian); the pregnant ex-best friend, played by Monique Coleman, who also dated the ex-boyfriend (only they would've made up); the father (no incest here); the strict mother (she didn't know the girl was pregnant, she just knew that she'd tried to forge a $5,000 check from her); and the volleyball coach (he reported the girl's attempt to extort $5,000 from him). I thought maybe it would've been the volleyball team's alpha female, a girl who'd been the class valedictorian and student body president until she got pregnant -- but no, she just allowed half her teammates to think it was a great idea for them to get pregnant, too, so they could buy a house together (in this market? good luck!) and raise their babies together. To Read More Click Here .

A Sad State of Affairs

Obviously ripped from the headlines a little while ago (and then massively altered), but it was a good showing of how our society is working against teenagers with everything to live for.

Review: The Bones That Foam

BONES IS BACK. (And I don't just mean "back on my SideReel schedule.) FINALLY a case that is reminiscent of the old days - science-y, convoluted, and just plain WEIRD. The bones lost structural integrity and FOAMED. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I mean, they LIQUEFIED and LIT ON FIRE. They were SQUISHY! ...blabbering over just how incredibly awesome that was ASIDE, this was a solid Bones episode, the like of which we just haven't seen in awhile. Lab Assistant Mr. Nigel-Murray returned again and was, as per usual, fantastically nerdy comic relief. Angela actually did something. And Hodgins was once again King of the Lab (which was sad, because there was no Zack to contest the title, but exciting all the same). Also, alarms went off a million times and there were all sorts of excellent Squint moments spread across the entire episode. On the other side of things, the Bones-and-Booth relationship continued to develop BUT without needing the excuse of a super-cheesy plot and/or sexy female FBI agent. They had their touching moment where Brennan admits Booth's talents and bows to his superiority in the realm of the interpersonal. And, even better, the innuendo was almost unstoppable throughout the episode. I feel like I got my $60 worth. I suppose there was nothing EXTRAORDINARY about this episode, but it was just so CLASSIC. Satisfying, uplifting, hilarious, and gross - all the things an episode of Bones should be, and that's more than enough to put a smile on my face. Kudos to director David Boreanaz!!! (I hope he directs more episodes in the future!)

holding off the love

In "The Princess and the Pear", Booth is hardly there. The producers off Bones are holding off finally getting Booth and Bones together, because they know that as soon as they do this, the show ratings will go down. Take Lois & CLark for example. As soo as Lois and Clark were together, things slid downhill, fast. So by making sure they avoid all Booth/Bones interaction, they can hold off getting them together, and keep the show on air longer. Sucks for us, but I don't mind as long as they don't draw it out too long. Come on Bones and Booth !!!

Review- The Princess and The Pear

A much lighter episode that last weeks "The Hero in the Hold", "The Princess and the Pear" lightened the mood after the previous episodes high drama and tension. After a body is discovered wearing a fantasy role playing costume, the team are lead to ImagiCon, a convention for fans of every genre based activity imaginable. Booth has injured his back allowing for the return of Marisa Coughlan as Agent Payton Perotta. In previous series the addition of a guest character to create further tension between the characters of Booth and Brennan hasn't worked well in my opinion, but Agent Perotta has the advantage of being much more aware of the feelings between the two leads than either of them. The difficulty that arises between Perotta and Brennan adds to the comic lightness of the episode, which is further added to by the drugged mumblings of Booth as he attempts to inject himself into the investigation while on potent pain killers. I was slightly worried as to the setting of a Con for this episode as in the episode "Double Trouble in the Pan Handle" the comedy relied heavily on outdated stereotype of circus performers. However, while many of the fans attending the Con are over the top, there is definitely a sense that the show is laughing with them and not at them, which is demonstrated in a number of jokes made throughout, from quoting Obi Wan Kenobi to having a room full of black knights taken straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Over all, "The Princess and the Pear" was throughly enjoyable, especially if, like me, you are a geek and could spot all the jokes and visual gags that weren't sign posted. One of the standout episodes in what has been sadly a mostly forgettable series so far.

maybe finally the end of booth

is it me or is the fact that booth was not in the show much tonight the princess and the pea that the writers are getting ready to make changes in the story lines like getting rid of booth (i hope) and maybe bringing some one else in his place i like the idea of having a new squint each week that can be quite funny at times any thoughts on this guys

Sorry, but no.

The Gravedigger is back! Booth has been kidnapped! Bombs are exploding! Brennan and Booth are both give strong hints about revealing their mutual love! Insight into Booth's heavily shrouded backstory! Brennan hits a lady in the face with a briefcase! All these things happened, and yet I remain unimpressed. This was not a strong episode in my opinion, and it is just too bad. Promos had me believing this would be one of the best Bones episodes to date (and maybe those high expectations were part of why I'm so disappointed now). I mean, The Gravedigger returns and captures Booth? How can that not be a fantastic episode? Well, let me tell you. First, we spend all time not directly involved with the central crisis on two-bit jokes about GPS and a rented tuxedo. It's funny at the time, but not clever, not up to standard outright hilarity, and takes away from time that could have been spent filling out this story...which brings me to my second complaint: Did Hero in the Hold seem rushed to anyone else? One of the things I most remember about Aliens in a Spaceship (the original Gravedigger episode) is how it was so anticipatory. I hung on to every second because events seemed to unfold in slow motion, agonizingly suspenseful...I forgot, while I was watching it, that Brennan and Hodgins HAD to make it out because they can hardly be killed off in the middle of a season when Bones is going strong. This episode didn't have that for me. I wasn't even worried for a second that Booth wouldn't make it out alive and fine. Close shave rescue? Not hardly. And speaking of Booth...I'm sorry, but his old army pal Parker? Possibly the worst thing that has ever happened on Bones. Not because I didn't enjoy learning more about Booth, that was great. But this is a show that has never done anything like a ghost/hallucination, and I think this one was done badly. Whatever transpires on Bones, no matter how stunning, is always, essentially, real and believable. But the hallucination who physically helps Booth escape? No. Ghost who communicates with Brennan? No. No no no. Overall, I am quite displeased with Hero in the Hold. I would have thought, before watching it, that that it didn't stick to the standard "find a dead body, do some science, catch a killer" formula would be good thing. Instead, I think straying from that structure worked against it, overall. That was isolated to that five minute segment where we discover who The Gravedigger is, and frankly, that scene was lame. The Gravedigger is suddenly lazy and leaves easy evidence? The Squints figure this out in, like, twenty minutes? I don't think so. The balance between story lines (lab and Booth) was...well, poor. Not enough time on the one, too much on the other, given that the whole story had to take place in less than forty-five minutes. I know that Bones doesn't really do two-parters or major episode-to-episode cliffhangers, but I think that would have been the way to go. There was too much story, not enough time, and the final result was disappointing.