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I enjoyed this episode immensely. I think it moved forward Bones and Booths relationship more. And gave a clearer view as to what they're feelings for each other are. At the start Booth was getting ready, and the phone rang and he straight away knew it was Bones. And when on the phone they're conversation consisted of aspects that are certainly found in a love relationship. Bones demanding that booth be at the ceremony, actually expecting it. This shows a depth of emotion that Bones has for Booth. That he is such a common in her life and an important one at that that she naturally expects him to be around for significant events in her life and gets frustrated when he's not. And the natural affection and exasperation Booth has for bones when she says things like that watch GPS comment. And how he so easily says "No doubt you are looking beautiful". The fact that he says that so naturally and comfortably shows the emotional depth they have for each other. And throughout the first part of Booth's kidnapping Bone's is no way as near rational as she has been in previous situations when she thought Booth was hurt. Like when he pretended to die from the gun shot wound. She was rational and could compartmentalize his death. But this time she actually had to pause before making a decision about whether to try and catch the gravedigger with the evidence hodgins stole. It was quite clear she just wanted booth back. I'm going to watvh the end of the episode and i will review more... :D

Killer Sequels: The Gravedigger Returns to "Bones" (Not Jason)

First off, it has to be mentioned that the new "Friday the 13th" movie is opening next week, and I was airheaded enough to have to Google its release date. (For those of you as airheaded as I am, it opens next week - on Friday the 13th.) But this is, of course, not why I write today. I am so excited about this week's episode of " Bones " because after two seasons of waiting (thank you, writer's strike), we will finally catch the serial killer, the Gravedigger. In Season 2's episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship," Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Dr. Jack Hodgins (TJ Thyne) were kidnapped by an unknown killer who would put two victims in an unknown place underground, left to suffocate to death. But for Brennan's amazing staff at the Jeffersonian, two main characters would have become victims themselves, suffocating somewhere beneath the surface, hidden for good. It was an amazing episode. Despite knowing that two main characters would never fall victim to a recurring serial killer (until Zack Addy was revealed to have inexplicably joined up with their other "little problem" Gormogon at the end of Season 3 - oopsIaccidentallywroteascriptaboutit), the episode placed all of us directly in the middle of the panic, and there was no escape. Half the episode was in Brennan's car, under the ground, with Brennan and Hodgins desperately finding ways to contact the outside world and create air so they could buy minutes of nontoxic breathing. The other half took place in the lab, with the entire team not sparing seconds to find their colleagues, nearly reaching the end of their ropes several times. And no one knew who this killer could be. Read More Here .

"Hero in the Hold": Some previous knowledge required

I have to say that I was a little confused for the majority of this episode. "When was the Grave Digger mentioned?" "When did they get kidnapped?" "What the hell?" all were running through my mind. Twice, I paused the episode to run through Sidereel's catalog of the last season and a half's Bones summaries, wondering if I'd just forgotten something. Several times I wondered to myself if maybe the good folks at Fox hadn't screwed the pooch and aired an episode out of order. Finally, I read someone else's synopsis of this episode, and was rewarded with some info. Yes, the Grave Digger had been mentioned before... in SEASON 2! Apparantly I missed that episode. Season 2, episode 9, to be exact, "The Aliens in the Spaceship". So I just went and watched that one (great episode, BTW). Okay, much more in perspective now. But... really? A reference to a killer from 2 and a half seasons ago? That's asking a lot of the viewers, people. That's asking us to not only have seen it, but to remember. Yes, you can still get a lot out of the main plot device (Booth's kidnapping) without having seen it, but you miss so much about the underlying drama and who some of the characters are, and from where their motivations stem. So, Bones producers... 2.5/5 stars simply because you relied too much on an experience from 2.5 freaking season ago! Bones fans...if you've seen and remember S2E9, then great, view the new one. Otherwise, go back and watch it first. Trust me, you'll thank me.

Featured Review of Episode 13 - The Fire in the Ice

With no knowledge whatsoever of ice hockey, and to be quite frank no interest whatsoever either, I really didn't expect to enjoy this episode as much as I did even though I did spend a majority of it hating the blonde FBI diversion. The sub-text and underlying message I took from this episode was one that wasn't shocking or new, more of an affirmation of what I kind of thought. Booth and Bones relationship and need for each other stems completely in the mistakes of their fathers, throughout the episode we saw Booth being prodded by Sweets about whether his rage stems from his fathers abuse. Booth as a result of this prodding and years of sub-conscious niggling then wonders whether the rage he displays on the rink, his ability to kill on demand and his preference to violent jobs are because like his father he's violent. His relationship to Brennan should have told him all along that this was not the case and the last scene on the ice rink kind of highlighted this. He's like the father she never had, he teaches her the social protocol, the normal things that her dad should have taught her. The complete unwavering trust she shows in Booth is similar to that which a little girl feels for her father. Even the way he holds her hand while she's bent and looking rather small in a silly hat while he's in a suit offered a very paternal image. So while Booth offers a father to Bones, Bones offers the stability of Love and softness that his father never gave him. She is his rock and unlike his drunken father's mood swings, she will never change. For me this episode was a bag of psychology, which was less about how their relationship is and more about why it is. I really didn't care much for the story but I totally enjoyed the subtext which was offered throughout. The slight flirtation between Booth and Payton Perotta and the declaration by Booth in the end not to worry and that nothing would change between Bones and he, was almost like a refusal to see other women. Even though he's not actually dating Bones, it's almost as if he's kind of promised himself to her. Maybe I'm reading too deep into it, and I know at first it was about Bones not working with another FBI agent it almost turned into a declaration of them going steady in their sexless/ kiss-less relationship. Finally we had some more mention of Angela's lesbian relationship even though it was completely brief and non-committal, I all too often (what with the lack of mention and huge gap between episodes) forget that Angela has a girlfriend. It was good to see Hodge-Podge is getting back in the game and I am so happy to see Mr Wendall Bray back in the lab, he's like a puppy man. I really think out of all of the ever changing interns, he's the one who most seems to fit in with the other lab workers; perhaps this means he's sticking. I only have one real issue and it's more of a worry than anything else. In the history of television (sci-fi and fantasy excluded) dream sequences and bizarre things tend to signal an end of a show, examples of this can be seen in Dallas, The OC and Moonlighting. Now given that this was a very brief dream sequence means it's not too worrying, but these sorts of narrative tools (plus a sports star) tend to signal to lower viewer ratings. Now I don't know if ratings for Bones are low, I do know it's been rescheduled and that it's now contending with some big shows... Ok I've worked myself into a panic and now I have to go breathe into a paper bag! Great episode Guys.

Featured Review of Episode 12 - The Double Trouble in the Panhandle

After spending literally hours trying to get online, I finally sat down to watch Episode 12 - The Double Trouble in the Panhandle with hair on end and temper flared; I can quite honestly say it soothed my mood. Although a bit too stupid at times I did really enjoy this episode, though the extent my mind could accept as reality was pushed to the limits. The storyline unlike others this season was far more pertinent to the episode in that I actually cared what had happened to the victims, the emphasis on Bones and Booths relationship seemed to slip back into a secondary role, where it's supposed to be. I think for a lot of the first half of this season we were too focused on the relationships of the characters and while this episode offered a lot of insight it also didn't drench you in it. I think with the introduction of Sweets as a main character and a constant commentator of the twos relationship the writers have found it all too easy to metaphorically describe Bones and Booths relationship. This episode while it had moments of this was selective in it and made those moments all the more special. I particularly enjoyed the comparison of Bones trust in the knife throwing act to her readiness for a sexual relationship with Booth. With the knives representing... we know (though at that moment I thought the clown nose looked more like one) I was joyous to see the Return of Mr Nigel-Murray, he was in a show in the UK called the Grimleys, I loved it and to now see him on Bones is top notch. He offers the kind of geek ridden humour that we got from Zach or an early Sweets. It wasn't exactly a bagging episode; it didn't grab one by the cajonies and say "We're back!" It was enjoyable, it was funny but it seemed to lack a spark which could be seen in episodes like"The passenger in the oven."I'm really not beating down on it, it's just I think with it been gone for so long, my expectations built and built and perhaps I expected just a little bit more from it. The one big problem I suppose I had was the lack of ingenuity or creativeness when portraying the circus folk, it's kind of like the circus people I've seen in every TV show, yes they don't like outsiders and yes they're loyal to each other but it would have been nice to see a little more depth and texture to the supporting cast. It was almost formulaic, like the gentle strong man, the angry clowns, the tired ring leader and the swarthy dwarf are all time old characters and it seemed the makers of Bones brought nothing new to them. I'm nit picking, I enjoyed the episode I truly did, it's more of a "Good but try harder" B+ than a C- I must add kudos for the Kings of Leon mention, I know they're big over in the USA just now but we in the UK have had them for years, and while they were headlining festivals in Britain they couldn't even sell out small venues in their home country...bit of a geek factoid for ya'll

Review: BONES "Double Trouble in the Panhandle and Fire in the Ice"

Tonight was a rare treat with two back to back episodes of Bones "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" and "Fire in the Ice". Here is what I took away from each of them.

Who will make THE move?

Over past and recent seasons we the viewers have been teased on whether or not Booth and Brennan(Bones) will be getting together. They have shared memories together, jokes, memories, food, and to top it all of saliva (the have kissed people!). When will the writers of Bones put these two together!? Will Booth make a surprising move then Brennan(Bones) would say something sarcastic but serious and make each both of them laugh? Or will Brennan(Bones) make a straight forward move like the Christmas kiss? Will it happen this year or make us wait another year? These are all frequently asked questions for the Booth/Brennan shippers. Hopefully these questions will be answered in the year to come(2009).

good show

i think bones and booth should get together.

i hate waiting

yeah!!! I don't have to wait till march!! Jan 15th is the day. Unfor it will collide with some other shows now with the day and time change but that is all good. It just means that i will have to log on to this site more often to play catch up. ;-)

Still Going Strong

Despite some of the surprises we've liked and disliked at the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4, it hasn't lost any of the attraction it first held for me. The characters have only developed further, their relationships have grown stronger. They also depend on one another as well, then there are Hodgins and Angela. The two seem to be getting back to semi-normal. Overall the tone of Bones has changed slightly, edging more towards drama than just crime, and yet it's still good. It gives us a sense of people and how they interact. I love this show, and can't wait until the next episode in January, which looks hilarious. In fact, some parts of this show are absolutely hilarious and that's what makes it worth watching. (Especially Booth and Brennan arguing, and it only got better when they added Sweets.) The only two actors I truly miss are Eric Milligan Jonathan Adams. I'm sad that they're no longer on the show. They really added something to it.