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Is there anyone besides me who wants Zach back in the lab? I mean seriously it is not the same without him there. I love Zach. Not only that but you can tell that the people directing that episode were seriously reaching when they made Zach the second Gormogon. There were two obvious markers. One, Zach being the apprentice came out of no where. The girl who said she was third in her class had more motive than Zach did. Two, Zach thought he was correct and then about thirty seconds later he thought he was wrong. Those two indicators prove that the directors just put in the first thing that came to mind. I miss Zach. I really wish he would be put back on the show as a regular.

Bones S4-E12

Im from the UK so love this site cause I get to see the programs here first before they air on UK tv.. But Just to say, its 6.15pm now and at 10pm Episode 12 will be on Sky1 tonight.. So Ill Get to watch if first.. But what I want to know is will it be posted on here or not?

The bones I love to watch

I have been silent until now. I am a huge fan of Bones, but the first part of this season and the last episode of last season felt off, way off. Booth has been acting like a buffoon and Bones hasn't felt right either. I loved the part of bringing the experiments back too, for the rest of the cast has been out of sync as well. This episode brought back the bones of old and I loved it!!!!! It's about time they pulled it back together. And the ending wasn't a ploy it was the way bones used to be and I am so glad they got back to it. I was close to not watching anymore. It was getting to painful to watch. I hope they keep this up because I really do love this show!!!

The Bone That Blew

ACT 1 In the dead of night, TWO POACHERS trek through a government protected wooded preserve in search of the rare and valuble Black Walnut Tree. The first poacher tries to calm his scared colleague as they explore the creepy forest. They point their flashlights upward to determine if they've found the right tree. A dozen small bones hang in the branches. Part of a skull stares down at them. All they can do is scream. At the lab, CAM informs BRENNAN that she has hired Brennan's father, MAX KEENAN, to work with children at the Jeffersonian. Brennan is very upset. She wants Cam to fire him. Cam thought Brennan would be happy to hear the news. Brennan stalks off to find her father. In the Ookey Room, Max works with a group of school children known as "The Science Squad." After their experiment, Max introduces Brennan to the children. He asks her to speak about refraction. Brennan's scientific rant confuses the kids until Max intervenes and coerces her to talk about rainbows, a kid friendly example of refraction. The Science Squad has questions for Brennan but she hurries away to examine a dead person's skull. At the scene, Brennan tells BOOTH that the wind blew the bones into the tree. She also discovers charring. As they work, park ranger OFFICER RANDALL becomes annoyed. The FBI is disturbing the migration path of the Masked Booby. WENDELL approaches with a hyoid bone. It suggests that the victim is male. It also suggests that the victim was murdered because the bone is fractured. Booth gives the bad news to Officer Randall. "According to my scientists, your boobies are out of luck."

The Bones That Didn't Blow; A Review of Bones Season 4 Episode 11

I love Max, I really wish I'd got him for science at school; I probably wouldn't have spent three years writing "I love Hanson" on my Jotter rather than learning anything. He's just such a likable man! I do however find the likelihood of him being hired to teach children a little far fetched, I think sometimes in order to take or minds away from the romantic aspect of the show the writers clutch at straws and write something slightly outlandish and soap opera-esque. That all said, I did however enjoy his return and the return of my second favourite intern this season Wendell played by Michael Terry. I enjoyed the way everyone sort of bonded with Max, especially Wendell; Max is the daddy of the lab and the daddy who everyone wants as their own except for Bones. It seems that the boys in the lab with the aid of mad Max are back to hi-jinx and that can never be a bad thing, it was rather nice again this week to see a sort of hark back to the early more care free days of bones. To see Hodgepodge think about something other than his ex-fiance and her new lesbian lover was refreshing and in a way it also dealt with the lack of Zack which seems to be have been too underplayed this season. The makers of this program are very clever; I've noticed a pattern or rather a way of keeping us watching. If an episode like this weeks, is less than brilliant (by brilliant I mean like last weeks episode, or the one with all the angry Santa's, where Bones and Booth kiss) they end it with a particularly good lingering look from Bones to Booth and vice versa... and all is forgiven. Those lingering looks, those little secret smiles the two share, those are what keep us watching and keep the folks on YouTube making montage video's to Ashley Tilsdale songs. I myself feel cheated if at the end of the episode we don't get at least one little yearning glance from Booth in the direction of his woman. The highly anticipated Booth and Max scene was great if ever so slightly inappropriate, I enjoyed the questioning of Booth by Max as to why he wasn't sleeping with Bones. Perhaps it would have been less creepy if he hadn't said sleeping with and had said dating instead. Regardless it was blooming good especially Booth saying in a slightly husky voice "Bones is beautiful" and my little analytical brain pondered as to whether Max's questioning of Booth represented we the viewers desire to see our perfect partners hop in the old sack."You're a good man and I want that for her" Don't we all Max. The best bit was the family moment at the end, Booth basically telling Bones that he wants her and her father to be the educational enrichment his son gets from his family; basically saying that Bones and Max (even though he's a murderer) are his and Parkers family. The criminal aspect of this episode was mildly interesting, though I did guess at the beginning that it was one of the kids who had killed the victim, so there was no shock there. Like the majority of this season I found the episode to be one which showed the emotional development of the characters rather than carrying any sort of major story arc, and like the majority of the episodes this season I have to say that it's not a bad thing! Happy thanks giving to all of you in the USA and happy crappy weather to all of you in the UK and just happy day to all of you in other parts of the world!

Murder on the Orient Jet

This has definately got to be one of the best episodes they have come up with!! the rising tension of working against time combined with the multiple storylines plus booths attachment to bones.. was just a progressive climax of awesomeness! the librarian scene was so funny and bones naivete only served to make it funnier. booths face and her confusion was just classic and it was good to see that old flirtation creeping back in! i hope a real kiss is coming soon even thought the kiss that the scary lawyer used to cut a deal was forced upon them they defintaley took it to the next level like they could have satisfied her a lot earlier on in the kiss but it went on a little longer than the lawyer and the viewers expected. great plot great setting and bones is only getting ebtter and better this season!

Murder on The Orient Jet; A review of "Bones" Season 4 Episode 10

Bones seems to have got its spark back with what can only be described as a wee gem of an episode. The introductory part before the credits seemed to be one of the longest I've encountered on the show but it was well worth it. The scenes between Bones and Booth were butterfly creating, and I loved the sort of old school mystery feel of it, it was kind of like Bones homage to murder on the orient express. It feels like in this episode the show had its old energy back, the kind of fast paced bright energy of season 1. Even the shots of the lab seemed brighter, when in the past few episodes it's always felt kind of gloomy. I also have to add how good the overture was this episode, I think what I'm getting at is that the style of this episode; the music, the editing, the narrative and the cinematography all felt a little cinematic, not overly so but just a hint. My favourite scene was when Bones was wearing the glasses and Booth asked her to act like a naughty librarian. Then he suddenly seemed to realize that he'd said it all out loud, the thing that made it funny was Bones naive wide eyes magnified by the old ladies specs, and her little try at his request once he'd left that was all very... sweet and slightly kinky! I'm particularly happy that they haven't copped out of the lesbian story line, it's not that I'm glad that Angela and the Hodgepodge aren't back together, it's just that it's good to see at least some attempt at equality in sexuality representation. I thought this was really a bumper bonus of Booth and Bones action, all those episodes were everything felt so distant and strained have been made up for by the love felt on that plane. The absolute neediness of Big Seeley Booth were absolutely adorable, it seemed the altitude got to his brain as I've never seen him cling so badly to Bones. Also I liked the little jibe at the end where Bones says "Why does everyone think we're going to make out?" it was like the writers way of saying to us "it's not happening yet!" (The kissing I mean and I don't mean a puckish lawyer making them snog under the mistletoe...that was a cop out if ever I saw one.) I actually found the storyline this week really interesting, for a long while I thought it was the dying woman, I really enjoyed the little murder boffin ladies they were good little characters to buff out the story. I think because everything happened in the one small place the episode was eaten up by traveling scenes also the fact it was against the clock made it all the more suspenseful. Over all I think it was a top notch gem with a good story, some grin inducing moments of flirting between Bones and Booth and a mildly interesting story about Angela and her lesbian lover, which in my opinion seems a bit slow and sappy, but as I say is mildly interesting. I can't wait for the next episode and I wonder if they'll ever go back to the thing about Zach not actually killing anyone?

Bones : intellegent or incredibly stupid?

in the episode 'the con man' bones is acting really bimbo-ish/childlish mentality. are the writters of Bones hitting the downside? the example in mind is the hostage situation at the end where bones says "that;s a great plan!!" she always asks obvious things, they need to watch Psyche to see how high IQ people act and speak. I've met people who are scientists and their IQ is off the charts and act quite weird, but there is a limit, Bones is acting like all her brain capacity is used for bone analysing. new writters needed?

The Con man, the officer and the gentleman: A review of Bones Season 4 episode 9.

Firstly I'd like to say that I posted a review for last week's episode but it appears to have vanished so I may make some fleeting reference to some aspects I found to be enjoyable in episode 8, though I will make it clear which episode I'm talking about... rest assure though that the majority of this will be about episode 9. I really need to say how confused I was by episode 9 of what is possibly my favourite TV show at the moment (not of all time, that gap is filled with some Brit classics) I really didn't get the attraction of Jared Booth... I know "Men in Uniforms... blah blah..." but no amount of white sailor suit can cover up a face like sin. That's cruel I know but the character and the actors website (I went to do a bit of research and found myself growling at the screen) really annoyed me and I don't think the story line about Bones falling for his crap was very realistic. It's Bones for goodness sake; the woman's a genius not some tottering fool in stilettos who believes everything a man tells her. The whole thing just didn't make sense; you had Booth in the opening talking about how he was going to do so well out of the Rico case proving Booths ambition is more than just a field agent. Then Jared tells Bones (With no evidence may I add) that Booth's a loser and she believes him... I think not, I was not happy... no sir. That said and done I really enjoyed the episode, I prefer to watch something that really grinds my gears than watch something mundane and numb. Now on with the rest of the show, I love Clarke I think he's a really funny character, his asides are classic and really enjoyable. To me he represents the cynics, those who watch the show and see it as being too much of a soap in the work place. The disheartened things he say's when caught in the middle of a personal conversation are very similar to the things my dad says when I force him to watch Bones; He just can't understand how people who are in charge of law enforcement can be so flaky! I hope we get to see Clarke again; he's a good antidote to the sometimes overwhelming sweetness in the lab. Last week we saw sweets and his scary lab lovers relationship come out in the open which I thought was a rather cute metaphor for what Bones and Booth should/could be, again in episode 9 we saw the husband and wife hold each other after the shooting and the way it was framed and edited again seemed to be a metaphoric example of how Bones and Booth should or could be if they would only take that step. The crime story in this episode like last episode seemed more to be a canvas for the the characters to be painted onto, I didn't really pay attention or quite frankly care what happened with the dead guy's and the money. Though it has to be said that the state trooper at the beginning wanting to cry was really funny and made me giggle, I also giggled a lot at Angela and Hodgepodge's little "Bit" to Clarke when he first came back to the lab. This however was most definitely not a belly laugh episode, more of a tittering episode. The Story of Booth and his evil and unattractive brother (I know the unattractive is unnecessary but I'm just so annoyed!) is an old one and one which I've seen many times before, especially in cop shows. I enjoyed it though; it gave a new dimension to Booth's character and gave us a little insight into why he is the way he is. It seems that this season is aiming to show us why the characters are the way they are, firstly with Angela's lesbianism and now with Booth's drunken daddy and annoyingly big faced brother (I really don't like the guy, have you noticed?) The episode was not the best but it wasn't awful, it was an introspective episode with very little plot development but at least we came out with characters that seemed a little more defined and rounded!

BONES' The Con Man in the Meth Lab Episode Was Really Boring Except

BONES' The Con Man in the Meth Lab Episode Was Really Boring Except for two things. Here they are.