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Last Post is Fraud!!

According to the Episode will not come on untill 11-5-08. Season 4, Ep 8: The Skull in the SculptureBooth and Brennan must investigate the murder of an artist and suspect his assistant, Roxie Lyons, is the murderer. While being questioned, Roxie reveals that she is a lesbian ... and she used to be in a romantic relationship with someone in the lab.

SpOiLeRs !! ChEcK OuT GuYs.... iTs gOt sOMeTHinG ReAlLy AwEsOmE... :D

• 09/28 - Brendan Fehr has posted on his official website that he'll be joining the show in the role of David Boreanaz's character's brother. Fehr wrote of his new gig, "The character is great and well written and will be something I haven't really done yet. He's got a lot of stuff to work with on the screen and with a great backstory so here's to not screwing it up!" [...] David Boreanaz told me, "I know [Brennan] goes on a date with Jared, and it doesn't go too well. It's not that I really struggle with it. I think I'm more or less struggling with the kind of person he is and how he would end up getting her, maybe, into trouble." Source: Kristin on E!Online • 09/28 - [Brendan] Fehr is booked for two episodes, the first of which will air Nov. 2, just as sweeps month kicks off. No coincidence there, seeing as the buzz is that Jar might close the very deal Bones fans have wanted his big bro to better apply himself to all these years. OK, that phrasing came out a bit obtuse. He will pitch woo with Brennan. Source: TV Guide Online • 09/17 - They are now casting for a hottie to play Jared Booth, Seeley's high-ranking Navy officer brother. Jared has a strained relationship with Booth, a fond friendship with Cam and eyes for Brennan. Source: Kristin on E!Online • 08/24 - According to Bones boss Hart Hanson, "We are going to do the Grave Digger this year. He is our recurring fiend." Meaning, it's not just going to be a one-off: "I do think we'd dedicate a few episodes to catching him." [...] Hart Hanson said of the remaining team members: "We have a girlfriend for Sweets. And Cam has a past, and because of that she approaches life a certain way, and we go into a bit more of what she is." Source: Kristin on E!Online • 08/13 - A casting notice has gone out for Brennan's newest grad student. In addition to being bright and taciturn, the early twentysomething will be sexy in a blue-collar sort of way (see Jack Slattery, not Dan Connor). Source: The Ausiello Files • 07/28 - Bones executive producers Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson revealed in a video interview that we will see more of Booth's family. Tamara Taylor revealed that Cam will get a love interest. Source: TV Guide Online • 07/27 - It's a good thing [David] Boreanaz isn't shy of the boudoir, since Hanson revealed that in this upcoming season, "Booth and Bones will be in bed together naked." Angela's going to get hot and heavy with a surprising new love interest, will be a fresh face at the Jeffersonian. Source: TV Guide Online • 05/15 - Season four of Bones finds Booth and Brennan dealing with changes among the "squints" as well as in their own relationship, and a revolving group of grad students pitch in to help them solve murders. Source: FOX • 05/05 - Exec producer Hart Hansen confirms that the two Bs will "definitely" lock lips for real sometime in Season 4. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide • 04/23 - [Booth's grandfather could turn up next season.] Source: Kristin on E!Online • 07/30/2007 - The Bones - Vanished storyline crossover probably does not involve any Vanished actors. Source: Kristin on E!Online • 07/23/2007 - Do you remember that Vanished show with Gale Harold from last season that vanished from the airwaves? I hear that the mystery from that show is going to be resolved on Bones this season. Source: Kristin on E!Online • 06/23/2007 - Creator Hart Hanson, exec producer Stephen Nathan reveal: "[...] And this year we meet some of Booth's family - his high-achieving brother, his father who doesn't understand him and his sainted grandfather. At least that's what's in the plans now..." Source: Kristin on E!Online

The he in the She had lovely bones. (The he in the She Spoilers)

Firstly I'd like to say as an overview of the entire episode that it was amazing, it was a really touching and heart warming episode. In relation to the pastor and his/her family I have to say it was done really well, sometimes I find (especially in American broadcasting) that there is an overly mocking sometimes disapproving tone when dealing with sex change, this episode of "Bones" clearly depicted the confusion faced by people who don't understand sex change, the acceptance of others and the complexity of the human mind. The fact that it did all these things in a religious context on the Fox network is surprising to me. I come from the UK and we are constantly warned of the small mindedness and right wing views of the Fox Network and sometimes when I watch FOX productions I see this view we hold being reinforced, for example whenever there is someone who is environmentally conscious or anti war he or she tends to be a hippy drug addict, against the thesis is the fact FOX broadcast the most contentious programmes on television i.e. Family Guy and American Dad. I have to remind myself that this is not a paper on the Merits of the Fox Network but a review of Bones... I just think it was nice and refreshing to see gender confusion and sex change within the context of religion and not have it painted as something bad. Right on with the show me thinks...The newest intern... I hated him, though it didn't ruin the episode for me because I don't think many of the characters liked him either, so we were all in it together! Maybe it was his overly Englishness that grated me the wrong way or his slightly drawling voice or perhaps it was the fact he was just a complete div who seemed to have no place in a crime solving least by the end of the episode he too had discovered his limitations! (How many of you tried to kiss your elbow at the end of that? I did!) I hate the fact we're not seeing Sweets pick apart the facade of Bone's and Booth's relationship, those are my favourite moments and are always good for a giggle. I laughed during the opening credits when I saw the lingering shot of Sweets in his elf hat and was a bit saddened that we're not getting those great Sweet's moments that we seemed to get in the third season. I just kind of feel sorry for him now, what with the eternally silent therapy sessions with Booth and Bones, I felt an extreme pang of sympathy for him when during the session Booth's phone went and he leapt to his feet declaring "Thank God someone got murdered!" poor Sweets... here's hoping he gets a good story line next week. The relationship between the crime solving partnership which is Booth and Bones seems as always to be floating between that "You'e my best friend/partner" feeling and the "I secretly love you" one though the writers seem to be throwing in these little tit bit's of sexuality each episode, the phallic/sexual imagery when Booth stated "Aiming agent Booth?... like a Hose?" Made me giggle like a 16 year old, maybe it was unintentional or maybe I've just got a slightly sick over analytical mind, but what springs to your mind when Booth compares him self to an object that's long and spouts liquid? And again we had Booth saying the word Boobs... I wonder if he's said it every episode this season, it's the way he says it that keeps me coming back! I was slightly confused by the chilly atmosphere between Angela and Hodge Podge this week, I thought they made up last week...this week they seemed a little like they hadn't had the chat they had in the last episode. Is it just me or are we not seeing enough of these two this season? With all that said I think it's important to reiterate how much I liked this episode, if only all religious groups were as accepting and welcoming as pastor Patti's. Like "star gazer in a puddle" it wasn't the funniest episode or the most romantic but in terms of humanity and beauty it was up there with the best.

Dr. Saroyan

I know Dr. Saroyan is the boss of Angela and Hodgins but is she the boss of Bones? or does Bones even have a boss i've heard her say in episodes that she is like a free agent working with the smithsonian, they've never really made that clear or if they have i haven't noticed.

What Happened to PITTSBURGH, Damnit???!!!!!!!!

From Season 1 Episode 1, Booth has been openly and proudly a Pittsburgher. Now, in "The He in the She", Booth claims to be from Philly. What the hell is up with that???

Why "The He in The She" Was the best Bones Episode So Far

Here is why "The He in The She" Was the best Bones Episode So Far. "The He in The She"

The He in the She

The latest episode of Bones was great, the new intern was funny with all his irrelevant facts and the comments Bones makes every time someone asks her a religious question or simply says something religious around here are priceless. The chemistry between Bones and Booth is just amazing and how i would like to see things escalate, I would hate if certain actions changed their relationship.

Sweet on Sweets

Through out this season the lovely and adorable Sweets has had more of a presence in the team. I for one am definately not complaining. He manages to amply fill any little void that may have been missing (banter wise - I don't mean he is in anyway a Zach substitute) Although he and Zach quite similar except Sweets in way hotter! :D Don't know if I'm the only one out there. But he has cheeky banter, he has silly cute little faces to pull and a place within the team. I'm totally loving the inclusion of Sweets as a proper part of the team and not just an occasional or outsider. They go to him with their problems and everything and I reckon he is going to help Zach get out of Prison! Ah, I'm just sweet on Sweets! :D

"Bones" Didn't leave me Cranky (The Crank in the Shaft Spoilers)

Well it wasn't the best story line ever, there were no thrills or a spill... what was there though was a settling and comfortable feeling. I think now that we've become accustomed to the ever changing intern, Hodgins' & Angela's shocking split and the constant presence of Sweets in the diner this season of Bones has become far easier to digest. At the beginning there seemed to be a period of adjustment and it seems, like Angela and Hodgins awkwardness it has passed. The uber depressed Goth intern although not my favourite was entertaining and down right...well down. I particularly enjoyed his interaction with Dr Hodgins who seemed none too pleased with the new boy, though I did see a slight glint of a young Hodgins in the intern. I imagine Hodgins must have gone through a Gothy faze...didn't we all. Angela is every girl's dream of a best friend, and unlike allot of stunningly beautiful women on television I don't find it hard to like her...which is a bonus because I envy her terribly. Although I feel we haven't seen her enough In the past few episodes, she did make me grin a few times in this episode her quick paced "Gilmore Girls-esque"� speeches are real gems. Her honesty in all situations always makes for good watching and perhaps it's this down to earth bluntness compared to Bones sterile and encyclopaedic bluntness that makes her such an integral part of the show and such a good cushion for bones to bounce off of. I was slightly disappointed that there was no real mention of Zach and the revelation made in the last episode. Perhaps because the last season was so rushed due to the writers strike we are expecting too much too soon, because they definitely seem to be taking this season nice and slowly, which isn't a bad thing... in fact I'm quite enjoying it I found the hurried ending of season 3 to be a little stilted and awkward. Although I know I'm all for taking it slow, I was a little saddened that there was no real Bones/Booth loving tonight, the end was some consolidation but it just wasn't enough.... but that's why we keep watching, right? So that we can see that tiny glimmer of love and progression surrounded by a cracking crime story, loads of bones and words we don't understand! It's what makes it so good and I tell you the day they get together is the day that glimmer is gone...where would they go from there? But it's our desire to see their happy ending which keeps us coming back. Away from all the philosophical musings on one of the worlds greatest debates (Should they/Shouldn't they), my favourite bit in the episode was when Booth was trying to open the elevator doors and said "Boobâ"� in regards to his colleague before snorting like a teenager who'd made a great joke. Ha... boob! It was a good episode which left me smiling and quite warm on the inside.

Yay Zach!!!!!

I'm so happy now!! yay! my faith in the goodness of Zach is restored! It sucks that no one can know but still YaY! And booth just gets finer and finer as the series continues.