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Brennan and Booth...

I've followed this series from the beginning and I sensed the connection they (their characters) have. I think the writers should allow them to over-step that boundary and explore it a little and if they do decide to not carry on a relationship, to have it end amicably so that it doesn't affect their work relationship and ethics. Just a one off fling maybe that leave Booth (the seemingly more fragile of the two) questioning his true feelings for her. It reminds me of the episode that ended in her making the decision to go to the Caribbean or not.

The perfect Bones (The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond spoiler)

Well I have to say I think the Bones and Booth relationship just cranked it up by a smidgen of a degree... "Do all boys keep their masturbatory aids in their shoes or is that just you?" "Well that's for me to know and you to find out" little bit risque anyone? And then as if that wasn't suggestive enough we had Wendell Bray standing a little to close to the bone table when under the impression his new boss was trying to seduce him. The boy who played Wendell deserves extreme kudos for this episode, underplayed and perfectly bemused Michael Terry's blank stares and panicked remarks to Angela had me blowing Irn Bru (a kind of Soda) through my nose. And trust me that was just the peak of the ice berg in terms of hilarity in this episode, I smiled from ear to ear throughout; it was heart warming and confirmed my belief that "Bones" is back where it should be. What I found even more satisfying was how all this mirth was punctuated by sad moments like Hodgin's meeting with Zack in the asylum,then there was poor Hodgins and his inability to move to Zack's space or be nice to Cam... Wendell leaving the examination area knowing he could never keep a job there and When Zack had to leave the Diner Now the big theme in this episode was Zack. I was a little shocked at how happy everyone was to see Zack, I think it's strange that there is no conflict whatsoever in the Jeffersonian the only person who seems to see Zack as a killer is Sweets and ironically he's now the only one who knows that he isn't. Which brings me along to say "WOW" I never saw that one coming... I was taken aback and quite pleased to know that although Zack went along with a cannibal mad man and made him some creepy dentures he never actually killed another human being. Does this mean that this robotic yet endearing anthropologist could be returning to the Jeffersonian in future seasons? The ending... it was perfect, it was one of those oh so electric moments between Booth and Bones that reminds you why you started watching this show all those years ago. This was a quick sharp episode which held my attention, made me smile and most of all made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. Sadly this episode held up to the first two of the season only goes to show how poor they are in comparison.

Why 'Bones' shouldn't hook up with Booth...

Almost all series i've seen that involve the co-operation of the opposite genders, tend to start as a friendship and end up as a messy drama . If bones and booth hook up, booth will probably try and make a 'bond' with this strictly logics woman and try to break her down to be more 'human emotional' while Bones will get annoyed and as an independent woman will start talking about something historical as usual, which would probably interfere with their job in solving crimes using advanced technology and fractures of bones. And then the drama will begin... The plot will shift away from the cases and add more time with the Booth-Bones drama inbetween. Do we really wanna see this series turn into yet another soap opera? Why can't we just have a series where the 2 genders just have a bond? does it really need to go sexual each time? Booth and Bones are friends, really good friends, i'm sure you have friends like these 2 as well. Yeah i know you're not solving crimes but at work you might have a friend of the opposite gender who would cover for you, the opinion of this person, you take regard of and you would share stuff, without it being sexual. Atleast i have a few. And it's more realistic. I've met and know people like Bones. Thinking too much literally but being of high IQ and not regarding emotion that much. (the reason why this happens is a different story). This series is one of the few i've found that is closer to the male-female friendship and partnership that is actually reflecting realistic points.

This dog got her bone! (The finger in the nest spoilers)

The Bones that was previously rolling down that rambling hill has slammed on the breaks and is slowly reversing back to its peak, I hope. Episode four or is it three, IMDB has it listed as three as the first episode was a two parter... anyway the 3/4 episode of Bones did everything I hoped for, It showed the emotional ramification of Zack's departure on Hodgins and it showed him and Angela at least acknowledge that they'd gone through a horrible split. In a weird way (and I may have read into this wrong) it may have shown Brennan dealing with Zack also... I'm having a Sweet's moment... When Brennan stands over the Ripley's grave she says "Ripley was a good dog, He didn't want to fight but he did it to please his master. He didn't want to attack a human being but he did it to please his master." Do we know any other misguided souls who attacked human beings to please their master? I know she's talking about a Dog and that Bones is never metaphorical but...if I were Sweets I'd say she's projecting her emotions about Zack onto a dog; then again Sweets did think Hodgins was the Gormagon killer. Ok enough psychology mumbo jumbo!. What an amazing episode, when I watched I felt at home like things were back in the swing, it didn't harm it that Bones had its very own Clarence the angel in this episode: Michael Badalucco (Jimmy from "The Practice") played Scott Starret Brennan's oldest intern and a literal jack of all trades he gave Hodgins perspective, Knew everything about everything and restored my faith in Bones with as a gentle smile and a soothing tone. (Don't ask me how he did it, he just did.) Another great aspect of this show was seeing how Brennan who is usually un flinching in the face of death became emotional at the sight of the mass grave for dogs, how heart broken she was when she discovered Ripley had been put down and how Booth no matter how hard she tries to deny it has rubbed off on her. He may not have made her a people person yet but the second best is obviously a man's best friend person. I'm seeing a far more layered character (Which I was seeing before but not very clearly in the past few episodes)! It was an incredibly sad and wrenching episode especially when Bones showed Booth the Collar she's had made for Ripley, This episode however was also incredibly funny in fact far funnier than the previous 3. I could barely control my laughter when I heard sweets tell Booth about Parker being carried round by Stephanie like a monkey... mainly because I'm sure I used to do that to boys (I was tall for my age) but also because Sweets face makes anything funny. The only thing that freaked me out a bit was the dog whisperer, I'm assuming he's some dude who Americans watch talking to dogs, I don't really know how famous he is so it's hard to gauge if they are scraping the barrel and it's really too late to go online hunting and figure him out so I'm holding my judgement, all I can say is when you've had a special guest on Like Stephen Fry It's hard to see it topped by a man who whispers and makes swooshy noises at dogs...Though he seems like a lovely man. Anyway enough of my ramblings, people all is not lost it's getting better and I think... I hope it'll be all up from here. Enjoy the episode! I mean it really enjoy it!

stop with the damn spoilers

enough with it, atleast make a title as 'review 1-2' and say 'this is a review for tonights episode' or something long enough to stop the damn spoilers

What are you talking about?

Bones is NOT going downhill and it's not returning to season 1.Bones and Booth are always like that and of course they'll probaly get together at the end of the season and this season might just be the last.But seriously,this is what we waited for!!Bones is back!!Plus its only the 2nd episode,give them a break,better episodes will come along :)

Going down hill

I think this year the quality is going downhill-the cases all seem alike, starting with a brown hunhuman looking body, that has been burnt, melted, rotted, runover, thrown into a outhouse etc. During the investigation, Bones talks like a robot, giving textbook answers to any "sexual comment made by Booth. Booth tries to "pretent he's not turned on by her...and so on until the end when they BINGO find the killer. All getting to be the same old same old-better change something fast or I'm out of here just like I was with LOST!!!!

Tonight's episode

Was not fond of tonight's episode at all. It's like we are back in season 1...It may ruin the show if booth and brennan get together but it also may be the best thing to happen for the show. I'm kind of sick of the run around they are both doing with eachother... This season is definitely not off to a great start in my opinion.

Bones is AMAZING!!

Bones is The best TV program ever....anywhere!! I JUST LOVE IT!!! I'm getting impatient waiting for season four though...Get more on here pllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassse....I can't wait to see them!!!

Season 4 Premier Does not hit the bone!

As a die hard Bones fan I have been desperately waiting for the return of Booth and Bones (But mainly Booth). I was slightly disappointed by the season premier, but only slightly. It seems that when a series has been on long enough an obligatory London episode must occur, which means Americans giggling at the almost caricatured stereotypes of the English. The Locals in this London episode reminded me of the English people in family guy, with massive chins and a lot of pontificating. As a Scott this bothers me very little as it’s always good to have a laugh at the English, but to show a London so Upper class and with no site of a person who didn’t have porcelain skin and a chin wagger accent was very unrealistic, of all the cities in Britain London is by far the most multi cultural and this was in no way reflected in this episode. It wasn’t even a tourist’s version of the city, more like the Little London in Arrested development. The Chemistry between Bones and Booth which keeps the viewers viewing was as fiery as ever and kept me hooked for the 2 parter. Although some online reviewers and bloggers have slated the Hodgkin’s and Angela break up I feel it really did sit well with their characters, they are impulsive people who have firm beliefs and principles and as we’ve seen in previous episodes neither of them has ever had much problem sticking to their principles. And if their principle is that if theirs no trust there can be no relationship then so be it. Sweets I have to say is an excellent character addition from last season and I’m glad they’ve decided to keep him in, his face alone makes me laugh especially when he does that thing were he grins and tilts his head down so that he looks a little manic! He provides a character for the audience; he sort of represents us, an outsider stuck in the Jeffersonian analysing the relationship between all the characters especially Booth and Bones and secretly hoping they’ll see the chemistry we all see! I enjoyed this episode on a very superficial level but unlike previous episodes it did not move me, nor was I very interested in the crimes being investigated. I did however as always enjoy the dialogue and I feel it is really the back bone of this show and always manages to tickle my funny bone. I have a fear though… if Bones and Booth were to finally “Get it on� would our beloved Bones fall to the same fate as Moonlighting? I sincerely hope not, and I hope in the next few episodes we see our favourite forensic anthropologist and her ever Loyal FBI partner get knee deep in human remains with some inappropriate banter thrown in for good measure.