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I'm sloshy with silliness!

Let me begin by saying that I have admired David B. since Buffy, and I love Emily D. as T., but this season opener asked us to suspend disbelief beyond tolerance. Superficial, gratuitous flirting/sex--the whole Cam/A's husband sequence--and contrived frustration set-ups do not make for intelligent TV. Please, writers, directors, producers, bring the nuance and thoughtfulness back to Bones.

Awesome Return!!! ('''spoilers''')

spoilers despite the sudden breaking up of Angela and Hogins...the show was good. booth was funny in his inability to adapt to a new culture and the booth and bones dynamics just served to remind me why i fell in love with the show from the very first season.

can't wait for episode 3!

i just want to start by thanking whoever put this up already, i was so happy since i missed it on wednesday! i hated the whole angela-hodgins thing. that just felt way too sudden, but despite that it kind of fit their personalities. angela is very impulsive (thus the ex-husband) and even though i hated it i think it made sense for them. clark leaving sucks, he seemed like he was just starting to kind of fit in, and he was funny. i hope they replace him with someone good, and dont just use jailed zack all the time. i loved the bones/booth banter, it was definitely up to the same old standard. i dont know if i can wait a whole week for the next episode!

Premeir: Welcome Back

Now, before I get started, I'd like to take a moment to rejoice that one of the best shows on television has finally returned, and the summer dry spell is over! That said, let's get down to it. The season opener was good. Notice that I'm using "good" and not "great" or "fantastic". That's because it wasn't quite. I loved the whole London theme, taking Booth and Bones out of their natural element and making them work in a new environment. The part that was harder to handle was the drama surrounding Birimbau. Now I completely understand that they needed to settle that, but there was something off about the whole situation. I'm not sure I can put my finger on it at the moment. The whole issue with Cam sleeping with Birimbau? What was that about? The other problem was the length of the premier itself. The second half of the show felt more like another episode entirely rather than an extended two hour premeir. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled with two all-new hours of my favorite show. But it would have been easier to just make them the first two episodes of the season instead. My one and final beef with the show requires me to take a moment of fan-based rage: ANGELA AND HODGENS BROKE UP? What is up with that? That was the most pointless, unnecessary thing to happen on that show. Angela and Hodgens were the one couple on that show, or any show really, that retained sanity and were devoid of pointless drama. I'm interested to see how they're going to play this out, but I still say it was a bad cut to make. The rest of the show was excellent. The return of the playful banter and wry humor between Booth and Bones was like a breath of fresh air. And the fantastic graphics on the bodies, the mystery solving...fantastic. I feel so relieved that TV is slowly headed back to normalcy. Can't wait for the next episode!

Premiere: KILLER...mostly.

I was jazzed beyond belief for this episode - catching back up with Booth and Squints after the Gormagon reveal...and in LONDON, no less. How could it POSSIBLY be anything but fantastic? Well, much as I hate to say it, I'm a bit disappointed. As a season premiere it did everything it needed to beautifully. Some of the coming season's conflicts and themes (I highly doubt we've been introduced to all of them) were presented in grand style. The Booth-and-Brennan will-they-or-won't-they looks like it's finally going to be a big something. Sweets is finding a role on the team. We're looking for a Zack replacement (I'll be sad to see that Clark guy go...he was pretty cool). And let's not forget Angela and Hodgins. May I just get it out there...dumbasses. But it makes for good television, so I can't really complain. All in all, the substance of this episode was excellent and gripping, appropriately comedic and dramatic, and well performed by the entire cast - kudos to guest stars! My problem with this episode is that it felt strained to me. The forensic plot was weakly portrayed. Both of them, I should say, because the transition from part one to part two was not particularly smooth. In my opinion, there was too much story for one episode but not quite enough for two. There were a lot of dead spots and the continuous transitions from London to D.C. made the whole thing seem rather disjointed. I appreciate the need to make the season premiere as omg-packed and exciting as possible, but I really think that stretching the Angela/Hodgins storyline out a bit more might have been a better choice overall. When all is said and done, though, that was an EXCELLENT way to start the season. Case in point: I was shaking from excitement about coming episodes by the end. So thank you, Hart Hanson, cast, and crew. Looks like we're up for the most amazing season of Bones yet.

Season Opening !

Great Episode, to be the first one, give us a very good idea of what is coming in these new season. The way Bones and Booth relate with each other says everything. Even the episode doesn't show when Booth warned her about the anthropologist, she is always emphasizing that he really did. Amazing beginning for the season !!!

Yanks in the UK

Ahhh!! I loved it. The pseudo booth/brennan partners were great, and how booth kept Bones from sleeping with the British anthropologist was very cute. And the beginning where Bones wakes Booth up was hilarious. All in all it was a great season premier. The case was good with a lot of turns and the personal sides were funny and endearing. Birimbao coming in was good. The only downside I saw was that Cam was reverted to a type of comical relief in this episode where she could have been used more. Maybe that is where they want to take her character, but I think they could explore it a little bit more. Maybe by bringing in some of her personal life and twisting things in her direction more often. I would hate for her to be reduced to a Zach later on.

Angela and Hodgins aka Dumb and Dumber

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Screener Girl Checks Out Bones

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