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Just adding a post hopefully to make AnnieB post to go away and stop spoiling

Some people need to stop spoiling series for the rest.

Season 3 Episode 14 The Wannabe in the Weeds - Good for season finale

Does anybody else think that Episode 14 The Wannabe in the Weeds would have been a great season finale for season 3? Don't get me wrong, I love the season finale in Episode 15 and obviously all the stuff with Gormogon but if any of that hadn't happened does anyone think the shooting would have been a great cliffhanger? It killed me to wait a week to find out what happened though and i'm definitely happy that they did have Episode 15 and all the Gormogon stuff because it was a very important part of the story. Anyone know what I mean or am I making no sense?

Zach is a psycho killer- Great!

I know every fan of Bones and Zach Addy, felt angry over the outcome of 'Pain in the Heart', but if you step back and look at it, it was an amazing idea! It shocked every Bones fan in existance out of their comfort zone and told them that 'anything is still possible'. How many of you adoring fans are going to take your rage out by never watching it again? I'm guessing none. So as far as plotlines go, this one, I give 10/10. I for one, will not be missing a single episode of season 4, and I know you're all the same.

The End of Season 3

The finale, of course, was quite a while ago, but I thought I would weigh in with my thoughts on the matter anyway. Bones, as well as every other show on tv, was feeling the hit of the writer's strike when they returned after it's conclusion. However, I give the writers great credit for being able to retain the story line, hurried as it was. I am a bit confused with the ending. Zack Addy, Gormagon's apprentice? That seems to me as far a stretch as saying Brennen moonlights as a stripper. And what about Jack and Angela's pending nuptuals? Are we never to find Angela's mysterious husband? The writers seem to have completely forgotten that little plot twist while they were away picketing. All in all, I am somewhat unsatisfied with the ending, but I will not hold it against them. They had a long season, with plenty of interruptions. Let's hope that next fall will see the answers to a few of these questions!

a season finale of hits or misses?

Personally, upon finishing watching the final just now, was I wasn't able to last night since I had guests- an invite that I was dearly regretting when I saw the watch turn to eight, I felt a bitter sense of unfulfillment. While I do adore Zack, he was actually one of my favorite characters, I have to applaud the show on having the moxy to actually make him Gormaggon's apprentice. The one problem that I have with it, however, was the fact that I really felt the effects of the shortened season from the writer's strike on that episode. There was a definite "je ne sais quoi" to it that was missing from the short and almost too sped up episode. There was so much to it that was worthy of more than that brief glance that only an hour episode can allot you. So here I am, posting and asking if anyone else felt sort of ripped off by the episode.

David Boreanaz / Booth

David Boreanaz or mostly known as co-star booth on bones has a good acting career. In The voted BEST show in the world Buffy and the vampier slayer he played angel,a vampier with a soal who falls in love with buffy and even strated dateing her.I'm not geting in details,but in seson 1 an epesoed named Angel you'll get a lot of him. Also flollowing that he is the star of a new hit show called angel. It's about angel's messed life.Angel is a must see and I'm not talking about the moive.

Love Bones :D

I live in Wales in the United Kingdom and I started watching Bones, when the first series was being replayed and ive been hooked ever since. Sadly I missed out on most of series 2 because the channel that aired Bones stopped :o and then I found sidereel :D and thanks to this website which I think is fab, im totally up to date and I love coming home from university and watching the latest episode. I think Bones is an amazing programme, with fab actors and even better scripts, I thought the whole routein of there being a bad guy and the good guy winning would get out dated but it hasnt and I always look forward too the next instalment. It manages to have funny bits, series and heart-warming bits and not to forget the romance which I sometimes think is a little dragged out (will Booth and Bones ever get together?)but its once of the things that keeps me so interested in this Show, which I hope continues for a long time as I dont think I can give it up just yet :)

One of the best shows!!!

Well I've watched bones since the beginning and I think this show is one of the best shows out there, i believe the characters have great chemistry, which it gives the show a rare sense of humor mix with drama, and show keep you in suspenses until the clues are unraveled which make this show badass!!!

This is a great show

I am so glad it's back on the air. Consistently good scripts. I don't think I have seen a bad episode yet. Love the chemistry between Bones and Booth. I like all the characters - they all have positive character aspects. They also seem very real. I hope Bones goes on for as long as the scripts work! I am not going to say anything about particular episodes. Unlike some I prefer not to spoil things for others! (Eeewww handbags!)

Best Second Tier TV Shows

I have to admit that I've only seen a few episodes of Bones . The few episodes I saw were thoroughly enjoyable (I also saw first season episodes; I hear it has steadily improved since then), but I didn't love it enough to add it to my list of "must see every single episode or I will die" list of TV. Today, I read an interesting article which classified Bones as among the best of second tier television. I had never really thought about labeling it as such (second tier TV), but I feel like that's a pretty accurate classification; you need not see every episode, but if you're looking for something to watch one evening, you can catch-on easily enough and will find yourself entertained. This got me thinking about what I classify as my own "Best of the Second Tier", and here is what I've got: 1. Without a Trace - I normally hate procedurals, but I've always found Without a Trace to be one of the more inventive ones, with interesting stories that occasionally mix up a standard formula, as well as a good balance of the 'crime of the week' interspersed with tidbits about the personal lives of the characters. 2. Las Vegas - I will come right out and say that I was actually kind of sad that Las Vegas received its abrupt cancellation after the strike. Las Vegas was always harmless fun, never taking itself too seriously, consequently making it an enjoyable diversion if you ever happened to be in on a Friday night. 3. My Name Is Earl - Earl was actually Top Tier for me in its first season, but as the show has started to age, the premise has started to wear a little thin. Of NBC's Thursday night comedies, it is definitely the weakest one. That being said, Earl still has a lot of heart to it; you could do a lot worse on a Thursday night - it just isn't necessary to watch every single week. 4. Supernatural - This will make many of you Smallville and One Tree Hill fans angry with me, but I am going to come out and say that after Gossip Girl , which I view as Top Tier, I think that Supernatural is the next best show offered by the CW, and is definitely located at the top of the Second Tier. Whereas Smallville and One Tree Hill are aging, Supernatural is still relatively young and fresh. The lead actors (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) have great chemistry with one another and are, shall we say, pleasing enough to look at...The writing is smart and funny and there are normally weekly self-contained mysteries for the casual viewer such as myself to appreciate, but larger, long-term themes so as not to bore the every-episode kind of a viewer. Now it's your turn. Tell me what your favorite Second Tier TV Shows are. Also, don't forget that Bones is back tonight at 8PM on FOX!