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i wonder how fast they are going to put up in the internet? I am not living in US, so dificult to watch...


This is one of my favorite series in a crime investigation/forensic shows. I especially love the chemistry between Booth and Dr. Brennan, the attraction between them is so obvious, I mean why don't get together already....

Love Bones

Im so into forensic/crime investigation person and who can blame me, CSI is one of the most brilliant series ever made. However, Bones gave crime scene investigations a new character into it. Given the great combination of the casts, Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan made me look forward to every episode. I actually cant get enough of it. Too bad they put it on hold till April though. Nonetheless, I'll say it's worth the wait and time. The reviews i read so far is right about this series. They created Bones to appear like CSI with a character into. Dont get me wrong, Horatio Cane definitely has character but the whole Jeffersonian squints plus Booth gave this series a whole lot of unique tast e into it. Lighter mood with grossier corpses because most of them are decomp unlike CSI. To wrap this up, Im a huge fan of CSI but i dont see Bones to be its copycat but a different side or you may say world of crime scene investigation. A must watch series.

14th April 2008 -> Why so long?!

I'm living outside USA and now in Poland we are watching first season (4th episode on Sunday - 24/02/08) :/ so I watched 1st season, 2nd season and 9 others episodes in the Internet. It is the best TV show I have ever seen! I like CSI but Bones... Bones are better :D I don't understand why we have to wait 2 months for next episode!:/ / Sorry, but my English isn't so good as should be and I make a lot of mistakes ;) I hope, you understood me/ J.


I love Bones! I started watching after i finished all the Greys Anatomy episodes and now im hooked!! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH BONES BECAUSE IT ROCKS!!!

Bones is Awesome!!!

I love this show. The cases they get are interesting. It is neat how they solve cases by reviewing the bones. The characters are great. I wish Booth and Brennen would get together. They have great chemistry and you can tell they have feelings for each other. This is one of my favorite shows.

a sory of our lives.........

bones is such an adventurous story full of science and reality....It is an intelliget and inspiring work of a genius.... a lot of lesson can be learned at the same time touched with a sense of romance that sends a little poke in our hearts...i love it....

Digging up Bones

Bones, who doesn't have em. They are integral to almost all living things. And the things that they can say. Emily Deschanel who plays Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan is a regular Sherlock Homes, at least when it comes to bones. With her, and her team, many strange and unique murder mysteries. But, as with all of us, she does have her flaws. Give her some bones and she can tell you who, what, when and where, but when it comes to a real life person, she is stumped. Mainly showcased with her partner/sudo-love interest FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz. Throw all this together and you get a trully interesting show, one worthy of watching.