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'Bones' Recap: Brennan and Booth Take On The World Of Spousal Abuse

Holy cats, for an episode that appears on its face (and in its content) to be more than a little outlandish, "The Murder of the Meninist" turns out to be chock full of all kinds of Bones -y goodness. We have a crispy cadaver, blood and guts exploding all over a squint during an experiment, Brennan going bat-sh*t crazy on a misogynist's jaw, mega relationship strife in the worst way possible, Fuentes calling Hodgins on the carpet for being a horse's ass, Boothy kissy-face at The Mighty Hut 2.0, doughnuts, baffling stupidity, awesome humor and a heart-crushing message about the reality of emotional abuse cleverly hidden inside the subterfuge of a case about domestic violence against men....   Read More... //

'Bones' recap: 'The Murder of the Meninist'

Brennan doesn't pull any punches after the death of a men's rights activist  ... Read More... //

Bones Season 11 Episode 12 Review: The Murder of the Meninist

As much as wed like it to be, the world is not a fair and equal place, and Bones Season 11 Episode 12 drove that home. The Murder in the Meninist was difficult to watch and yet I wouldnt change a thing. It was hard to watch because despite being a bit of a conspiracy nut, Hodgins has generally been an optimist. Hes the guy who says we can get that done . Hes smart and funny, and his romance with Angela has always been a bright spot on the show.   Read More...   //

Best 'Bones' Quotes from 'The Death in the Defense'

Hodgins is ready to return to work in Bones season 11 episode 11, "The Death in the Defense," and everyone has their own opinion on how he should handle his recovery. Meanwhile, the team investigates the murder of a public defender, whose work makes for a couple of false leads before they figure out who killed her. Here are the best quotes from "The Death in the Defense."   Read More... //

Bones Season 11 Episode 11 Review: The Death in the Defense

The King of the Lab had a difficult time transitioning on Bones Season 11 Episode 11 , mostly because his new throne might be permanent. There were no right or wrong answers where Hodgins was concerned, only a lot of people who cared about him and hopefully a compromise that would allow him to work while still concentrating on his recovery. ...  Read More...   //

'Bones' Recap: Hodgins' Reentry After Paralysis Is Rocky

Welcome back to Part Deux of Season 11, Boneheads. Yes, it's been a long, hard hiatus. Yes, we are beside ourselves with excitement that, a) Bones ' 12th season got the green light while we were apart over the hiatus from hell, and b) that although the 12th will be the final season, the Bones Fairies will now have ample time to craft the final chapters of this beloved romantic crimedy in exactly the way its creator Hart Hanson intended from day one. Hallelujah! ...  Read More... //

'Bones' recap: 'The Death in the Defense'

Hodgins' return to work puts the team on edge...   Read More... //

'Bones' Winter Finale Recap: Is This the Beginning of the End for 'Bones'?

Bones fans have been waiting for this double feature for what feels like an eternity. The promised undercover episode, "The Cowboy in the Competition," is an enjoyable ride, as I mentioned in my teaser earlier. Picturesque, humorous, and beautiful; this farce has the added bonus of the brief inclusion of fan darling Agent James Aubrey.   Then comes "The Doom in the Boom," which has frozen the blood running through my weary veins. Aubrey getting turned into Swiss cheese was enough to make me stop breathing throughout the first half of the episode, but the penultimate scene with Hodgins lying on the floor, eyes dead and body motionless, was a draft horse kick to the gut. Mama mia, what the ...? How the ...? I mean ... gasp.   Read More... //

'Bones' Quotes: How the Winter Finale Went from Funny to Heartbreaking

The two hour Bones season 11 fall finale, episodes 9, "The Cowboy in the Contest," and 10, "The Doom in the Boom," starts off with an amusing undercover turn for Booth and Brennan's Buck and Wanda. However, it ends with a case that has devastating consequences for one of the team. For more on what happened, read the recap.   Read More... //

'Bones' recap: 'The Cowboy in the Contest' / 'The Doom in the Boom'

The fall finale takes Booth and Brennan from a saloon to a hospital   Read More.... //