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'Bunheads' – Can This Really Be The End?

Last June, Bunheads debuted to critical acclaim, and audience applause. Despite a hiatus of four months, the first season roared back in January, with subtle changes and new characters, to remain o... //

Bunheads' Season 1 Finale: Sex, Lies, and Modern Dance

"Next!" might've been the quintessential episode of Bunheads . //

Season finale review: 'Bunheads' - 'Next!'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Next!," the season finale of ABC Family's "Bunheads," in which Sasha researches sex, and the girls follow Michelle to an audition. //

Bunheads Review: Paradise Lost

What a comeback. It's a shame that the previous seven episodes of Bunheads Season 1 weren't as fulfilling as " Next! ," as I think it would have strengthened the chances of renewal. Mind you, I have no idea what the chances of renewal are , but this was a stand out finale filled with warmth, humor and incredible emotion. Sadly, we've been light on hours showcasing what this show can really produce. Read More... //

Bunheads Season 1 Finale Review “Next!”

If  Bunheads  doesn’t get renewed (and sadly, the chances feel pretty dim, although there’s still hope), "Next!" would be a strange episode to go out on. Not that I’d be sad, necessarily, that the final scene of the show would then be an elaborate dance to "Makin’ Whoopie," but it lacks finality. So, too, does the scene before that, in which Ginny admits to Michelle that she’s already had sex, with Frankie, and now he isn’t talking to her. It was a fantastic scene, and another great step in the journey this half of the season has taken in making Ginny into possibly my favorite of the bunheads, but that’s just it; it was a step. It begs to followed up on. READ MORE...

Bunheads Review: Fire in Paradise

I hate to beat a dead horse, but " It's Not a Mint " would have been a lot more fun if Fanny had been there. Everyone was stuck in the studio as a one of two safe havens in Paradise during a fire that broke out. As it was, there wasn't a whole lot happening. Boo and Carl - The surprise of the night would have to be that Boo had never seen a condom, therefore mistaking the one she saw as a mint, and that she was already on the pill, although not having sex. Apparently, as soon as her mother found out she and Carl were an item she ushered her down to the clinic and made sure that if the big event were to occur, there wouldn't be any chance for adding another child to the already overcrowded household they inhabited. Read More... //

Bunheads Season 1 Review “It’s Not A Mint”

There’s a certain magic, sometimes, that can happen when a TV show forces all its characters into one space for  an episode; "It’s Not A  Mint" doesn’t live up to that promise. It’s not a terrible episode, by any means, but it indulges some of the worst habits  Bunheads  has. Namely, the overly twee Tommy Lee Jones riffing that ran through the whole thing. It was the worst kind of cutesy, and never funny, and I wanted to get it out here at the top because it really soured my enjoyment of a lot of the episode for me, especially because even the character stuff behind it, Carl and Jeff fighting over Boo, just didn’t work for me. READ MORE...

Bunheads Review: She's Come a Long Way

Something dawned on me while watching " There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit " - I couldn't think of a time when we've seen Melanie interested in a guy. As she was telling Ginny how happy she was that she might not have to go to prom and Cozette showed up with her derby photos, I wondered - is Melanie gay? Then Des popped up at the lunch table. Is he a viable boyfriend candidate? Share your thoughts about that. I liked that Roman pushed the envelope with Sasha and introduced some male blood into the bunhead bond. With Boo and Carl and Sasha and Roman, they're growing into a nice little community. I found it funny that Ginny, who had a boyfriend for eight years, was having the most difficult time with the changes in their group. She was ahead of the curve for so long that she felt lost when everyone else caught up. Read More... //

Bunheads Season 1 Review “There’s Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit”

Here’s an episode of  Bunheads . "There’s Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit" is the high point  of the back half of this season so far, and a shining hour in a show that I have a great deal  of fondness for. There have been some real rough spots in this show recently too, don’t be fooled, but this week’s episode smooths them all over, and offers on top of it  a breakout moment for Ginny, a star who’s been mostly forced into the background until lately. But more on that later. First, the adult side of the plot, which starts as a silly diversion about smalltown politics, but pulls the rug out from under Michelle’s feet late in the episode, and segues into something a little more emotionally frayed. The early moments are extremely smart about the way they use Millie, who was absolutely grating as the villain in episodes past, but is a good deal more fun as an unexpected ally. It was nice, too, to see her get along with Truly; I’m not sure how they got over whatever deep rupture was separating them before, but I like it, and I hope it stays this way. And for Michelle, it’s nice to see her triumph with the amphitheater (and crack wise about pantsuits as often as possible), and for a while there it’s unclear exactly why Talia is in the episode at all. But then there’s the phone call, and in a moment, Michelle becomes suddenly bitter and upset. It’s a brilliant moment, and brilliantly played by Sutton Foster, who doesn’t let up on the speed of her genial wisecracking ("Have you seen Rock of Ages ? My pantsuit could do Rock of Ages.") but portrays exactly how angry she is by the way she takes off her jacket. It’s all physicality. READ MORE...

Bunheads Review: Adultish Behavior

" Take the Vicuna " was a departure from what we're used to seeing in Bunheads Season 1 . Practically the entire episode took place within the dance studio, with only a few scenes straying beyond that set. I can't say that I enjoyed it. I do not know for sure whether the episodes we are watching now were conceived and written prior to the hiatus, or if that happened after it was picked up for the second half of the first season. What I do know is we've been experiencing erratic storytelling, a drift away from the more magical and fanciful feel we experienced when Michelle got to Paradise toward a less cohesive and fractured world of of teenagers living as adults and adults acting as children. Read More... //