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Sophisticated and unique, this comedy centers on novelist Hank Moody (David Duchovny) who struggles to raise his 12-year-old daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin), while still carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend Karen (McElhone). His obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior -- drinks, drugs and relationships -- are both destroying and enriching his career.
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by gusters
Oct 8, 2015 10:22PM EDT

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I really enjoyed this show. I do have to say though, Karen got extremely annoying there in the last few seasons. She keeps taking Hank back and then trying to play the victim card, oh poor pitiful me when Hank pulls his old shenanigans. Really? It's Hank, it's how he is, either get over it, or quit coming back ffs. Also, Heather Graham pretty much ruined the last season. Why does she have to turn every role she plays into a ditsy blonde, teenage-esque mentality? Could have gotten someone different for the role and it would have been A LOT better.


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