Cardcaptor Sakura Episode Guide

The show begins as a simple girls' anime of the magical girl genre. Ten-year-old Sakura Kinomoto opens a mysterious book in her father's study and accidentally lets loose the magical Clow Cards. By her ability to open the seal, Sakura is revealed to have special powers, and it becomes her responsibility to retrieve the missing cards. The task involves finding each card, battling its magical personification, and sealing it away. She is assisted by Cerberus (Kerberos, also known as Kero-chan), the Beast of the Seal assigned to protect the cards, who was asleep when Sakura opened the Clow Book (He was on a "nap" at the time, which lasted 30 years). Kero-chan, who looks like an animated plush toy throughout most of the series (his "borrowed" form), guides Sakura as she develops her Cardcaptor powers. In the first episode, he presents her with the Key of the Seal, which allows her to fight and capture the Clow Cards.

Episode Guide

69 episodes

  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes
    • s3e70Sakura and Her True Feelings
    • s3e69Sakura Meets Clow Reed
    • s3e68Sakura's Return to the Past
    • s3e67The Calm Before the Storm
    • s3e66When Stars Fall
    • s3e65The Vanishing Act
    • s3e64Slippery Slope
    • s3e63A Wave of Danger
    • s3e62Sakura's Strange Future
    • s3e61A Present For the Cards
    • s3e60Just Like Old Times
    • s3e59Out of Bounds
    • s3e58Double Trouble
    • s3e57Li's Calling
    • s3e56Spinning Out of Control
    • s3e55Sakura in Wonderland
    • s3e54Calendar of Memories
    • s3e53Running Out of Time
    • s3e52Trouble at the Park
    • s3e51Attack of the Teddy Bear
    • s3e50The Threads That Bind
    • s3e49The Dangerous Piano
    • s3e48Unlocking the Key
    • s3e47The New Transfer Student
  • 10 episodes
    10 episodes
  • 35 episodes
    35 episodes