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A human detective and a fairy rekindle a dangerous affair in a Victorian fantasy world; the city's uneasy peace collapses when a string of murders reveals an unimaginable monster.
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by me2011
Sep 24, 2019 4:13PM EDT

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Everyone seems so impressed by this show but I am not. However, I am impressed by the set design, costumes and CGI, all of which get a 5/5; the story is not that original of course because it is simply a retelling of actual real life history in a fantasy context... discrimination against those who look different and have different beliefs is basically what nearly every country has in common in their history and unfortunately some still do the same today.

So once we get around the fact that the plot isn't particularly unique, we then realize that the rest is set dressing and a very elaborate and beautiful fantasy world that has been created. If you've seen Roots, simply imagine the slaves as Faeries and change the setting from the plantation to Turinoc and we suddenly have Carnival Row.

Is the acting Emmy worthy? No. I have not a single complaint, the actors were all solid, but nothing here should win any awards.

Is the plot suspenseful/unpredictable? Nope.

Everyone seems to be enamored with the packaging of the show rather than the content of the show itself. If we remove the set dressing, and give the characters regular names and appearance, the review wouldn't be so highly rated because although the acting is good, it is not a very compelling show overall. Don't let the creation of a new world fool you into thinking that this isn't horribly predictable or make you assume there's excellent writing going on here... there isn't. I love the fantasy genre, but this show was weak... beautiful, but weak. I wanted to fall in love with it but I simply like it.


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