Cashmere Mafia Episode Guide

Cashmere Mafia follows the lives of four ambitious and sexy women, who've been longtime best friends since their days at business school, as they try to balance their glamorous and demanding careers with their complex personal lives by creating their own "boys club" (The Cashmere Mafia) to protect each other and discuss their personal ups and downs as they try to have it all in New York City.

Episode Guide

7 episodes

  • 7 episodes
    7 episodes
    • s1e7Dog Eat Dog
      February 20, 2008
    • s1e6Yours, Mine and Hers
      February 13, 2008
    • s1e5Stay With Me
      February 6, 2008
    • s1e4The Deciders
      January 23, 2008
    • s1e3Dangerous Liaisons
      January 15, 2008
    • s1e2Conference Call
      January 8, 2008
    • s1e1Pilot
      January 7, 2008