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Year in Review: Top Worst Career Moves, Part 1

Do Not Disturb & Carpoolers - Jerry O'Connell Within 2008, Jerry O'Connell found himself two sitcom flops between Carpoolers that struggled through 13 episodes in which ratings and viewership continued to be bad and get worse, until it was put to rest in March '08. Fortunately, O'Connell got another shot in the new fall season of '08 as he starred in FOX's new sitcom, Do Not Disturb - but unfortunately, this one didn't even struggle through a season, as it quickly became the first new show cancellation of the season after a 3 episode run. Sorry, Jerry. Looks like it's time to return to the big screen... or at least avoid the sitcoms for a while. Grey's Anatomy - Jeffrey Dean Morgan & T.R. Knight The tragic romance of intern Izzie Stevens and heart patient Denny Duquette was one of the most riveting storylines to run on Grey's Anatomy, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that doesn't mean you should think it's a good idea to come back as a ghost/delusion when the show is floundering. Let dead romances lie in the time they had - why muddy the memories and your career with a pathetic and odd comeback? And T.R. Knight has not officially left the show yet, but it's pretty official he will be leaving. So what does he think he's going to do post-George, especially leaving before the show has regained its footing? My prediction - career suicide, though I'll be crossing my fingers anyway. My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater We'll probably be seeing the likes of Christian Slater again, but after starring in the a quickly failed show, returning to the limelight is going to be tricky. It may have been his big primetime TV debut, but it was more like a big TV de-don't. Or something else more clever. I don't doubt we'll get more greatness from Slater in the future, but I do doubt we'll be seeing him starring in a TV show anytime soon. Cashmere Mafia - Miranda Otto Miranda Otto's career has included roles in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (as Eowyn for all you LOTR mega-fans), then later she popped up on the hit USA mini-series, The Starter Wife. Then post-mini-series, Miranda moved on to the new meant-to-be hit, Cashmere Mafia. But alas, here comes her 2008 career mistake - taking that role in a show that flopped after a 7 episode run. While this isn't career suicide for a newer TV actress, it was a pretty big blow that her involvement in the failed Cashmere Mafia meant she was not available to play her previous Starter Wife role when the mini-series was picked up as a successful full series. Rosie Live - Rosie O'Donnell I will admit I didn't watch it to be judging it, but maybe that's the point - the promos were as awful as the show, so down went Rosie's variety show immediately after its "big" premiere. As the Los Angeles Times said of the premiere: For weeks now, NBC has seduced and tantalized with the promise of a cross between Carol Burnett and "Sonny and Cher." And this is what we get? Rosie in a glitter top having Baldwin speak into her cleavage and making jokes about her weight? Someone get ahold of Tim Conway, stat. Well, Rosie tried, and the fact is, somehow Rosie will never be gone from our entertainment radar, love her or hate her, but this show was most definitely one of the worst career moves of 2008. Continue to Part 2

Sexy Lucy Liu getting down and Dirty

LOS ANGELES -- Dirty girl Lucy Liu is swapping partners. The 39-year-old actress, currently voicing a martial-arts-fighting viper in Kung Fu Panda, confirms she's joining ABC's Dirty, Sexy Money now that the network's Cashmere Mafia is sleeping with the cashmere fishes. Who will she be playing on Money? Is it a regular role? Recurring? Or a guest stint, like her arc on Ugly Betty? Liu says she isn't even sure. "Honey, you have to tune in. I mean, you know, you work on something and you don't even know if you made the final cut." Fair enough. Besides which, Liu acknowledges, she's still feeling the sting of Mafia's cancellation. "We had such a fun time on it and I felt like it was really a great thing to be a part of because it was something that I hadn't seen on TV myself." Liu came to fame on TV's Ally McBeal a decade ago, but has until recently almost exclusively been making films. Still, she doesn't consider her return to prime-time turf a step backward. "To me, it's not about the idea of what's the medium. It's just what I find character-wise more interesting. And creatively for me, too. Because when I was doing Ally McBeal, I was able to do tons of different movies too."

Mafia No More

We've all known this for awhile, but ABC announced officially today that Cashmere Mafia has been canceled. It joins October Road , Women's Murder Club and Miss/Guided on the list of ABC cancellations. Source: LA Times

Cashmere a Goner?

I hope this isn't true, but Fashionista is reporting that Cashmere Mafia is going to be canceled: Cashmere Mafia Gets Whacked