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Cashmere Mafia Review, by Linda Stasi of New York Post

As the story unfolds, we learn in a natural way - not through bad expository dialogue - that two of the women (Zoe and Juliet) are married with kids, while Mia is engaged to a guy with the same job as she has at the same publishing house. Caitlin, happy in her work, has never, however, been able to get her relationship mojo up in working order. Zoe is married to work-at-home architect Eric (Julian Ovenden), and although their lives are a hectic mess of career and kids, it works. Zoe's problems center on trying to find a nanny who isn't insane or entitled, keeping the stay-at-home moms at bay, and working to be a good, guilt-free mom. Juliet has a sulking teen daughter and a striking hedge fund husband named Davis (Peter Hermann), who may not be all that he seems. And Juliet might not be as upfront with her girlfriends about him as they thought. They all met at an Ivy League grad school and have been tight ever since. They get together for drinks, coffee, dinner or whenever there's a personal SOS. They dress like a million bucks, but not in out-there costumes like "Sex and the City." For viewers who aren't women in NYC who've struggled with all of the above, the show might seem fake, but for those of us who have, it strikes a realistic chord. And yes, there are a huge number of women who make enough money now in this city to carry $10,000 bags and wear suits worth more than most people make in a month. To read the rest of this review, visit New York Post: 'CASHMERE MAFIA' IS A WILD BRUNCH

Lipstick Jungle, anyone?

I know you guys all love this show, but has anyone seen Lipstick Jungle? It's so good!


Has this show actually been cancelled or just delayed because of the strike?

Dog Eat Dog episode

I hear that the show has been cancelled. I love this show. It has strong women characters and is the type of show we need more of.


Due to the writers' strike, there aren't any more episodes for now. Such a shame, because I totally loved CM!

Love it!

I love this show! The women look outrageously gorgeous, they are smart, sassy, yet strangely realistic. Fantastic, muuuch better than sex and the city, so please don't cancel it!

I'm sorry....YES!!!

I understand that people will not like this show due to the fact that it looks and sounds like Sex and The city in maybe an alternate universe, but whilst it may seem the same i think it brings something more to the table. These women are not perfect, despite the fact that on the surface they seem that way due to the fact that they are rich women, their personal lives are in shambles so to speak. Four women, one of which lost the man of her dreams due to her ambitious drive, another woman who stays with her husband just because she can't leave him, and life is comfortable for her if he's there, then another woman who has a stay at home husband, and a seemingly perfect relationship with him, but at work life isn't perfect there. And finally, another woman who cannot maintain a relationship be it with a guy or a woman. Looking at them just as women without the money, they are imperfect and i think they realize this, but choose to ignore it in their daily life. So if you're looking for a massive in your face sting, then this isn't for you, it's for people who want to look at these four women and to understand that money isn't everything in life and there will be up and downs in relationships with other people and most of all with yourself. Personally for, Sex and the City didn't give me that it didn't give me real people...this does.

I'm Sorry NO

So far i have watch the past 2 episode of this show and the one thing that keeps bugging me about it is that these women think they can have it all. I'm sorry the answerer is NO. When you have risen to the top of you Profession it comes at a price and to the men and women who have this crazy idea that they can have both the successful job and the happy marriage please stop fooling yourself right now. There is a certain reason why they have a saying that you can't have your cake and eat it too it's because it true. So while this show is nice to watch to see these woman try to have it all just like the guys tried to have in Big Shots let's face it we both know that it will never happen like they say "You can't have your cake and eat it too".

Cashmere Mafia: Where's the Va-Va-Voom?

Maybe it's still on the way, but the first two episodes of Cashmere Mafia have left me just not feeling it. Cashmere Mafia's all about the powerful business women who, in "reality" (just like any one of any gender, race, or age), can't really have it all. Where the lovely fearsome-foursome's Sex and the City was fun and witty, Cashmere Mafia and its foursome is all catty undertones and just plain not enough "va-va-voom," as Carrie would say. So, what is Cashmere Mafia and what could make it work? What's not working is the heavy-handed corporate push. Sure, it's great to see the women actually in the workplace and dealing with those issues as that's a huge part of their lives. It is, after all, a problem on shows like Desperate Housewives when the women's work lives slip away into absolutely zip camera time. So, yes! Go workplace drama. But, no, don't go ice-queen main characters that are just not warming up to us on the other side of the screen. If they want to make a splash about strong women, don't show them immediately jumping into cheating on their husbands for revenge, not having a care in the world when their fiances walks out, and having darling pseudo-stay-at-home dads getting hit on by lonely stay-at-home moms. Cashmere Mafia needs to find a better balance of jumping into the action and drama of the show without jumping into stuff that doesn't endear us to the characters. We're not looking for victims here, but some semi-realistic (and juicy) lives of women who truly do have a great, strong circle of friends, success, but problems too. This all sounds like a pretty typical plot to desire, but throw in the interesting twists CM is already trying to bring, it could turn out pretty well. So here's to giving Cashmere Mafia a little more time... let's see how it goes! Full review on Get Reel:

Pilot: Superwomen in the City

Finally something new to watch! Now, first of all, we should probably question why ABC has two new shows focused on the lives of rich professionals with ridiculous relationship problems, aka the male version, Big Shots, and now the female version of Cashmere Mafia. But, all this aside, Cashmere Mafia's premiere episode did not bring what we could call the freshest new TV show, but it did bring a solid group of characters and a good plot-line that just might make a strong name for itself. So these four women, the "Cashmere Mafia" are women in the professional world trying to juggle pressures of work, relationships, family, and their lunch schedules. Blah, blah. And, wait for it... we discovered one of their husbands is cheating. And after the fabulously don't-we-just-have-it-all intro of Lucy Lu's character, Mia Mason, getting engaged to the wonderful man she's also working with, we got the reality check, though way too typical, that he just can't handle a woman more successful than him. But wait! There might be something new here - the sexy blonde, Caitlin, thinks she might be a lesbian! And her brother's a priest, well this is fun. So, after a little bit of drama and introduction to our new characters, we're left with Juliet Draper, a successful woman prepared to revenge-cheat on her husband but stay married to him, Mia Mason un-engaged but about to plunge into a big-time publishing position, Zoe Burden happily married but unhappily nannied and a bit of a failing supermom, and Caitlin Dowd, a woman who knows what she's doing in the office but certainly not in the dating field... especially since that now involves another woman. And so we have the female Big Shots, and of course, what's trying to be the new Sex and the City. So now Cashmere Mafia needs to prove itself big time if these ladies think they can measure up to our beloved Sex and the City gals. Now sure, the SATC ladies were a 4-pack of successful New York women, but their attitudes and lives weren't quite as stereotypical-businesswoman, but women of different professions coming together with what seemed a much more real friendship, and there's something about Cashmere Mafia that just might get dull if they're not careful. Full review on Get Reel: