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Pre-Premier Review *spoilers*

So if you've noticed most of tonight's premier episode is on VH1 already. I sat through it this morning and I really can't wait to see who they kick off tonight: will it be Drunken Gia who had eight too many, Bizarre Brittaney the sock stealer and "innocent" by-stander, or will it be Ashley who stood up for her friend, while her friend was drunkenly taking her down. As stated by one of the "real chance girls," the "rock of love girls" make them look like angels. I think that if they don't stand out in the challenges the real chance girls are going to fade into the background, if they haven't already. During group time these girls sit off by themselves and observe. I felt like I was sitting with them, more entertained by everyone else, lame! Drama makes a show interesting and these girls are going to be kicked off for poor ratings on their part if they don't step it up soon! Mingle with the other contestants girls! The blondetourage by far is my favorite, falling/groping all over each other while interviewing with one of the deans! French! Opening up the show with an Obama-like voice narrating over the country going bad and no wonder with girls like these is cute but a little gimmicky if you ask me. We have: Marcia "the Brazilian Boozer" who I think is adorable and we all know she loves her tequila, but then who doesn't?, Gia "The Shot Girl" (which from the reunion of Rock of Love bus, she's over a month sober now), So Hood "the horn dog", ok so she's up front who cares?, Farrah "the Girl-Kissing Bandit" and what I think of as the leader of the blondetourage, Bubbles "the Bubble Head" I think the writers could have used some more creativity here...perhaps "the ditzy Dominican?", from RC (Real Chance) we also have KiKi "the instigator" which in the scenes shown from RC she popped off from time to time, KO "the lost girl" but these day's who doesn't have some sob story to tell? Brittanya joins from RoL (rock of love) as "the violent offender", but if you watched RoL...she only reacted that way once which "shocked" everyone, otherwise she was the quite shy type dressed all slutty, so you know she was a contestant on a rock love show. Bay Bay Bay "the loud mouth" typical, Ashley "the Mean girl" far cry from Rachel McAdams though, maybe after Rachel had implants, tattoos, and one too many nights working at the strip club. Rounding it out we have, Risky "The Ticking Timebomb", Natasha "the hot head" who looks like a man, Brittaney "the crazy ex-pornstar" who needs a trip to the psych ward not charm school, and Beverly "the angry drunk" who never had time to sow her wild oates. And so we have our Charm School 3 line-up. Anyone have any favorites yet? I know I do! More to come after the full premier tonight!

love it.

i love it, love it, love it. so much drama.