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Chicago Fire Review: A Slow Burn

On my drive to class this morning, NBC asked "What kind of hero are you?" during one of the (many) promos for  Chicago Fire  - and it’s a great question... except there’s one problem: to be a hero you need character. Chicago Fire ’s  pilot  just didn’t answer that question as well as it should have. Which is rather surprising considering it’s a show from Dick Wolf. While the multiple iterations of  Law and Order  never had the most amazing characters, they were still fully developed and interesting enough to hold our attention season after season, and if  Chicago Fire  is going to carry  SVU ’s heavy torch it needs to give us that same reason to tune in. Read More...   //

Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Pilot” – Fact And Fiction Create Fiery Drama

Chicago Fire , a show I’ve been waiting on for a while, has finally premiered. As a viewer, the show kept my attention and provided me with a different type of hero than what is usually portrayed on television; if we’re honest with ourselves, there hasn’t been any recent representation for firemen outside of  Rescue Me . As a person with a firefighting family member, however, I was intrigued to see how close it would be to the real thing. According to my dad, Batallion Chief Donald Jones of the Birmingham City (AL) Fire Department , there were a few dramatizations which were made for the sake of storytelling. You’ll learn about those inaccuracies caught by my dad, who will be called Chief Jones or Jones throughout the rest of these recaps. But for now, let’s learn about what happened in the pilot episode. Read More... //