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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 5 Review: I Held Her Hand

One of the interesting things about Chicago Fire is that it's always had a somewhat complicated relationship between its two main characters. Lt. Matthew Casey and Lt. Kelly Severide started the show on rocky ground and the series isn't afraid to take them back there, which is the thrust of Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 5 . "I Held Her Hand" pops right from the beginning. The fire sequence in the teaser is nail-biting to watch, perfectly paced and wonderfully shot. The Chicago franchise really knows how to nail show openings; this one is the best since the train wreck that opened the first episode of Chicago Med . ...Read More...   //

Chicago Fire Review: Saving A Family Nearly Costs Casey His Own

Saturdays are supposed to be easy days, especially when you’re a city worker with the day off. You can sleep, recoup your energy, relax a bit. That’s not the case for Matt Casey, who has not one, but two jobs working for the city. As has been the case lately, Casey’s two jobs intersect this week as a routine inspection puts him in great danger. Normally this is nothing out of the ordinary for a firefighter, but the stakes are raised when you become a parent. Chicago Fire isn’t just about the job, it’s about what’s at stake when you get off the job. READ MORE...

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Nobody Else Is Dying Today

Season 5 of Chicago Fire has not been great for Matthew Casey, but Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 4 puts the character back front and center as the hero fans fell in love with him as. Unfortunately, his fiancee Gabby Dawson is still an outspoken troublemaker who's now causing headaches for other people, so not everything has changed. "Nobody Else Is Dying Today" is a great episode if you're a Casey fan. There's no political mess and relatively little Louie drama, just Casey saving some lives. And he does it in really cool fashion, manufacturing solutions out of Windex bottles and baking soda. It reminds us that first and foremost Casey's a firefighter. ...Read More...   //

Chicago Fire Review: Devastating Consequences You Can’t Control

Going into this week’s episode of Chicago Fire, it seemed like Casey and Severide would be the ones dealing with dangerous consequences in their personal lives. Ironically we worry more about the personal lives of everyone in Firehouse 51 because they’re good at their jobs. Being able to handle life-or-death situations in the workplace is part and parcel for these people, but only so long as they work together as a team. The minute that stops people get hurt, which is the exact disaster the firehouse couldn’t contain. By the end of the episode, one member of Firehouse 51 said goodbye. READ MORE...

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 2 Review: A Real Wake-Up Call

There are moments in most TV shows where you wonder what a character is thinking. Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 2 is an entire episode of wondering what people must be thinking. The title "A Real Wake-Up Call" is fitting, because there are several people here that need one. The major story involves the conclusion of the cliffhanger from Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 1 , in which Stella's ex Grant is rushed to the hospital after Severide defended Stella. He's shocked that she insists on riding in the ambulance with the guy that just threatened her and understandably so. There are Lifetime movies that start like this.   ...Read More...   //

Chicago Fire Review: What Decisions Cost

Chicago Fire‘s always blazed brightest for its bookend episodes, and the Season 5 premiere was no different. Picking up right where Season 4 left off, things spiral fairly quickly. Everyone tries to move forward in their lives, and some do. Others make one single move which could slingshot them so far back its unnerving. It’s anyone’s guess where Firehouse 51 will go this year. Quickly, let’s recap where we left off last season. With the help of Firehouse 51 and political consultant Susan Weller rallying the community, Casey became a City Alderman. While Casey worked to balance his duties as a firefighter and an alderman, Dawson felt an immediate connection to a young boy she rescued from a fire. Dawson went through the process of becoming Louie’s foster mother, despite the strain it put on her relationship with Casey. Faced with the choice of breaking things off with Dawson when Susan hit on him, Casey decided to fully embrace his new place in Dawson and Louie’s lives. Severide started a new romance with his former fire academy student, now Firehouse 51 firefighter Stella Kidd. Their efforts to keep things casual are slowly disintegrating because of the dangerous presence that is Stella’s ex-husband. Last year’s new recruit Jimmy Borelli was welcomed into the team. His connection to the house is what kept him from leaving when his older brother offered him a place at his own firehouse. On a call which both of these houses responded to, Chief Boden allowed Jimmy’s brother to stay in a collapsing building to retrieve one more victim. The building collapsed, killing Jimmy’s brother, and Jimmy’s respect for Boden. READ MORE...

Chicago Fire Recap: Horror Story

Chicago Fires Season 5 premiere had all the trademarks of a horror movie: an unhinged ex who lurks in a dark alley, ominous mood music and a bloody conclusion. Theres a definite air of crazy surrounding Stellas former husband Grant during Tuesday nights episode. Still, she tries to play off the potential threat as no [] //

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Adopted Family Or Firehouse Family?

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 1 does pretty much what it's supposed to, picking up the cliffhanger that ended Season 4 and then getting right back to work. But you'd be forgiven if you were expecting a bigger bang from "The Hose or the Animal" because rather than finish the past plot threads it really just prolongs them. Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) are an official couple now and the episode gives us the obligatory cute morning after moment between the two of them. However, by the end of the episode this pairing seems to be going the way of Severide's many past relationships. ...Read More...   //

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 23 Review: Superhero

It was Grant in the living room with a knife on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 23 . Except this isn't a game, and Grant is a crazy drug addict. Not a good combination. From the second Kidd walked into Molly's, I knew Grant was going to be trouble, except I expected him to show up at the firehouse with a gun.   Read More...   //

'Chicago Fire' season 4 finale react: Where's the drama?

Dawson gets an answer about Louie in an hour that, well, fizzles out   Read More... //