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Chicago PD Review: Kiss and Tell

Hot and heavy were in the air on  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 10 , with Ruzek and Burgess and Kelly and Erin making a go for lip locking. In a somewhat surprising move, Kelly makes a play for Erin after he comes in to the Unit to help assist in a case to identify a man who clocked Mills on a call. Read more:  //

Chicago PD Review: Protect and Serve

The Intelligence Unit showed signs of fracturing as Stillwell dug his claws deeper into Voight on  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 9 .  Voight's grip on his team isn't as strong as where he left it even a week ago, as Stillwell quickly established that he's not to be messed with. Picking up Voight, putting him in cuffs and giving him an ultimatum - help him or head back to jail - Stillwell showing some major signs of distrust in Voight... and ultimately of his entire team as he begins to narrow his sights on Jay. Read more:  //

Chicago PD Review: New Affairs

Welcome to Chicago, Ian Bohen!  The perennial  Teen Wolf  favorite everyone loves to hate joined  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 8  as Edwin Stillwell - and he quickly got started causing some trouble for the Intelligence Unit.  Stillwell is the latest Internal Affairs agent to go after Voight and he made his presence felt immediately, unlike  his predecessor. Stillwell is not afraid to ruffle some feathers or place his own agent in Voight's team. He comes across as a nice, reasonable guy at first - but his actions reveal a shark underneath.  It's the perfect roadblock to give Voight: a man who's following the letter of the law (so far); Stillwell is working to take down Voight as Voight tries to clean the dirt off himself and use his second chance to really clean up his city. Two men with the same goals, yet their methods are different.  Read More... //

Chicago PD Review: Broken on the Inside

The Intelligence Unit went through another rallying cry on  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 7 , as Justin found himself as the driver to a murderer. This installment shined a spotlight on Antonio and his dealings with Erica. She tried to use Antonio's straight and narrow, good cop morals as best she can to get Voight under her thumb - and at one point it looked like she would succeed. Antonio's trust in Voight is slowly breaking and he's beginning to make plans for a time when Voight isn't going to be around anymore.   Read More... //

Chicago PD Review: Partners in Crime Fighting

Voight likes to think he’s earned the autonomy he needs to run Intelligence the way he sees fit. But, as  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 5  laid out, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. And sometimes those same people are gunning for you.  Read More... //

TV Review: Chicago P.D.

What happens when you take all of TV's rebel cops — those raffish rogues who just don't follow the rules, dammit! — and put them in one place? You'll get something like  Chicago P.D. , the Dick Wolf-produced  Chicago Fire  spin-off where the only people who go by the book are the show's writers. The pilot episode introduces us to the  off-duty J.Crew catalog models  sexy, well-dressed detectives (Jon Seda, Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer) of a newly created intelligence unit. These exemplary badasses were recruited for one reason: They'll do whatever it takes to catch the Windy City's worst perps, even going so far as to hit  and  punch people. And who can blame them when the leader of their pack is the raspy-voiced Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe), an established rule-breaker within the department — and possibly even a Bad Cop. Read More... //,,20773510,00.html

Chicago PD Review: Making the Choice

Every choice has rewards and risks; a small moment of compassion can turn into a life changing moment.  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 4  offered up some big and small choices that a family makes alone and together. Voight’s son, Justin, has a lot of issues going on with him. He’s lashing out, trying to  make out with Erin , and his time in prison may not have given him enough clarity and focus for self-evaluation. He keeps looking to Voight to clean up his messes and be the man on whom he can blame everything. He’s looking for “respect” and quick money from Voight. He’s unwilling to start at the bottom and work hard to begin getting back into society. Read More... //

Chicago PD Review: Conflict Resolution

Maybe Katie can stay in the van for a bit because  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 3  went after gun dealers and getting D’Anthony out of the gang. The final few minutes when D’anthony and Voight talked and waited for his Aunt were almost sugary sweet for Voight as he reassured D’Anthony that he was going to make it and change his life around. It was a great scene. D’Anthony was able to get out of a bad situation with a little rough justice from Voight and it featured the possibility of echoing what Voight has done with Erin and her history. Voight is very much still straddling both sides of being good and bad. There are moments where he teeters: in one scene he’s shown taking money from his gang informant for information and later he’s giving that money to D’Anthony to help get him started. Read More... //

Chicago PD Review: Finding Diego

Voight, working to clear a city of its savages, made The Windy City his number-one priority on  Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 2 . The ending brought back memories of  Chicago PD’s backdoor pilot  last season when Voight admitted he’s “putting himself out there as dirty” to catch some big criminals; The mysterious woman works for some agency, whether that’s IA, isn’t completely clear. What is clear is her distaste for Voight. She doesn’t want Voight’s promises of soon for those big criminals as she yells at him that he works for her. I guess the successful arrest of El Pulpo wasn't enough for her, nor was the catching of big fish required some time before results come in.  Read More... //

Chicago P.D. Review: Welcome to Chicago

Sergeant Hank Voight is a man embedded in two worlds: good cop and bad cop (as the promotions like to point out). The initial impressions he gave off were those of a the latter, as he did whatever he possibly could to Casey in  Chicago Fire  to get his son out from under his drunk driving accident. Chicago PD Season 1 Episode 1  attempted to change this, albeit slowly, as there are still very clear indications that Voight could still be using his status to advantage, but there are times where it's clear that Voight is looking out for his city. Read More... //