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Chicago P.D. Season 4 Premiere Recap: Did Lindsay Turn in Voight?

Chicago P.D.s Season 4 premiere on Wednesday night can be summed up as a staring contest between Voight and Lindsay. He watches her like a hawk, waiting to see if shell spill the beans about what he did to Justins killer, and she denies that anythings wrong even though she keeps looking at him pointedly. [] //

Chicago P.D. Season 3 Finale Review: The Final Crossed Line

If you thought this season of Chicago PD was heart-pounding before, you better hold on because it’s nothing compared to tonight’s season finale. It’s been a fantastic ride with gripping stories, including the backdoor pilot to Dick Wolf’s next installment in the Chicago series, Chicago Justice. That case definitely had the Intelligence Unit on the edge of their seats, but in tonight’s episode there is no sitting still. A sequence of events unfolds Voight doesn’t see coming as it is his son who is the victim. READ MORE...

'Chicago P.D.' finale recap: 'Start Digging'

The P.D. tries to keep Voight from the dark side in the last episode of season 3 ....  Read More... //

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23 Review: Start Digging

Wow, that was one intense hour of television. Voighthas never been one to go by the book, but we have never seen him go this far before. No amount of pleading from Lindsay was going to stop him from pulling that trigger on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23 . ....  Read More...   //

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 22 Review: She's Got Us

Could Roman really be leaving? Could we be so lucky? We learned on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 22 that the injuries he sustained could be permanent, meaning he can't return to the streets. What does that mean for him? Apparently it means he might move to San Diego, but he wants Burgess to come with him. It's really early in their relationship to be dropping the "l-bomb" and asking her to move across the country with him.   Read More...   //

Chicago PD Review: Was Chicago Justice Enough to Save Burgess?

The Chicago franchise has flourished because of one very important quality. Even though the circumstances and characters are fictional, the stories are all too real. It would take a powerful team to help Chicago P.D.‘s Burgess out of the predicament she finds herself in during the episode aptly titled "Justice". It’s so important, that Intelligence alone cannot help. They need Chicago Justice. A night out on patrol turns into a bloodbath when Roman and Burgess are attacked in their squad car. Roman is shot, and Burgess shoots the assailant; or who she thinks was the assailant. The boy, Michael Vance Ellis, claims that he was not the one who shot Roman. What’s worse is that by the time Intelligence arrives, no weapon can be found. Voight knows things are going to start moving very quickly now, so they have to be diligent. He has Burgess recount every single moment of the night over in her head again and again while investigating the shooting himself. He also gets an unwelcome visit from Assistant State’s Attorney Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) regarding the shooting, and Stone just so happens to be the man who put Voight in prison. Desperate times indeed. READ MORE...

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Justice

Will you tune in to Chicago Justice? The backdoor pilot on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 21 gave us our first glimpse of the new series and the characters after Burgess' shooting of a young kid is investigated. Thanks to appearances by members of Chicago Fire and Chicago Med , we can basically call this our first four show crossover.   Read More...   //

Chicago P.D. Recap: What's Your First Impression of the Chicago Justice Team?

We finally met the Chicago Justice gang on Wednesday's episode of Chicago P.D. , when Burgess' ( Marina Squerciati ) shooting of a suspect sparks an investigation by the State Attorney's office. Though it initially looks like Burgess may have made the wrong call, the investigation eventually reveals that ...   Read More...   //

Chicago P.D. Recap: Was Justice Served in the Potential Spinoff?

After shots were fired during Wednesday nights Chicago P.D., we got our first taste of theWindy City-set franchises likely next offshoot, Chicago Justice. The crux of the episode involves a shooting, in which Roman is seriously injured. Burgess runs after the assailant and shoots him in the back multiple times. But its hardly case closed [] //

Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 20 Review: In a Duffel Bag

Who would leave a newborn baby in a duffel bag? That's what Intelligence was determined to find out on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 20 . While there were all kinds of shady dealings, no one actually intended to hurt this baby. The case kept me guessing throughout, which is always a good thing. I didn't expect to find out the little boy would be at fault. I get that his dad wanted to protect him, but there is no excuse for abandoning a baby, dead or alive, in a duffel bag.   Read More...   //